The Chance to Grow
4 Some “Action“
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The Chance to Grow
Author :Nostalgia_
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4 Some “Action“

NSFW WARNING: lol not my fault if you get into trouble.

Shin looked ferociously at his son Cloud,"ATTACK ME NOW!" "Even my genius sister couldn't do a damn thing against you... I'm not ready to die!" Cloud ran into the backyard of his traditional Japanese style home. Shin let out a smirk and raised his left toe. As Cloud tried to hop over the backyard fence, his father appeared before him. "You're even weaker than your sister! I knew I shouldn't have left when I did!" The large man said in his deep and menacing voice. Cloud backed up and was about to take off in the other direction but failed to, as his father's gaze froze up his whole body. "Hehe, time to learn to listen to your elders little twerp." Shin picked up Cloud by his neck and threw him into the air. "God, i'm sorry for everything i've done. Please help me!" Cloud prayed in his mind as he was still rising. When he reached the top of the stratosphere, he started to fall back down. As he looked towards his home, it seemed to be very tiny, like the size of an ant. Cloud was dreading the fall and prepared his body for the impact of the floor and him, but he never fell. "Hey kid, what are you doing up here?" A strange high pitched voice from above, asked Cloud.

"GOD? Are you here to answer my prayers?" Cloud looked around himself wondering if Ariana Grande was right and God really was a woman. "I'm not a god, or the guy you know as the God. I'm just a fellow cultivator trying to find my master." The voice said. "Alright then, where are you?" Cloud asked back.

Snap*. Everything went black. "Are you going to reverse r*pe me? I mean i'm flattered and all, but you haven't even asked for my name yet." Cloud said both excitedly and embarrassed. "W-w-what? You're too weak to even think about things like that with me." The female voice said as her small body outline with large ample breasts and ass appeared. "OH SHIT! AN ACTUAL LOLI! I wonder what naughty things she'll do to me." Cloud said in his mind. "Really? You just got kidnapped and that's what your worried about..." A feminine robotic voice said with disdain in Cloud's head. "Hehe, a guy thinks, what a guy thinks. You would never understand." Cloud retorted.

Back at Cloud's house. "I don't think I threw him that hard. Only enough for him to reach the height of jets." Shin said trying to calm down his worried wife. "It's been ten minutes. You sure he didn't just land somewhere random?" Rose asked with worry plastered on her face. "I'll go up there and check." Shin's body shot up and soared into the sky.

"You seem to have a hint of my master's qi on you." The loli mentioned. "Master? How am I supposed to know who your master is?" Cloud said back. "Well he's a tall and muscular middle aged guy that always looks angry. Also kinda looks like you I guess." The girl said. "Like me? And always angry?" Cloud thought, while still being stared at by the loli. "WHO DARES KIDNAP MY SON!" The black room shook and disintegrated. Shin rushed forward and attacked the loli. "DIE YOUuuuu... Inara?" Shin stopped and questioned the loli. "Master? Why are you here?" The loli named Inara asked. "That's my boy you kidnapped." Shin answered. "So no reverse ****?" Cloud asked in his mind disappointedly.

The trio returned to Cloud's home. "This is my disciple, Inara." Shin said to his family. Rose shook Inara's hand with a smile, while Miku coldly nodded towards her. "It seems you've already met my pathetic son Cloud." Shin asked. Right there and then, Shin swung his leg out at lightning speed and kicked Cloud's back. Cloud instantly dropped to the floor. Rose stood there and smiled while Miku walked away in both sadness and anger as she still hated her father but knew she couldn't help her brother in his situation. "Inara, can you take care of him please." Shin said to his disciple. "Of course master."

"I feel so warm." Cloud felt something on his lower half being moved around. "Why is everything so hot and wet?" Cloud had been put into the large pool sized bathtub by Inara and was currently being "attended" to by her. Cloud opened his eyes. "OH FUCK..." Once again a mini nuke imploded in Cloud's mind as he watched Inara's busty tanned chest move up and down on his penis. "Uhm, i'm loving this and all but, why?" Cloud asked the loli who was of course of age. "I always loved your father, but after I found out he had a wife he wholeheartedly loved. I knew I never had a chance, and since I can't have him. I'll just take you!" The sexy smooth skinned loli said as she lowered her head onto his penis. "Nghhh, nghhh." Inara licked and slobbered all over Cloud's cock. As Cloud saw her beautiful face continue, his lust reached it's peak and he lifted her up and bent her over. "You ready?" Cloud asked Inara. "Anytime!" Inara responded seductively. Cloud's penis was sliding into Inara's pussy. Out of nowhere, Cloud's cock grew to it's max, nine inches. "AGHH!" Inara instantly came. Her pussy juices were flowing out of her vagina as Cloud waited for her to calm down. "FUCK ME!" Inara yelled towards Cloud as she wanted to feel the pleasure of being rammed by his monster of a penis. Cloud unleashed all of his qi and thrusted his hips as fast as he could. If anyone else saw this scene, they would say they were fucking like rabbits. "It's coming!" Cloud was ready to burst and his body started to heat up with that sensation. "Pull Out!" Inara shouted and got onto her knees. She started to slurp on Cloud's cock with as much passion as her mouth allowed. "AHHH!" POP* Right at the moment Cloud came, something in body his exploded. Instead of feeling exhausted, Cloud felt another wave of passion hit him, reinvigorating his sex drive. Cloud's cock stayed hard in Inara's mouth. "Oh? Ready for round two?" Inara hopped onto Cloud and put her arms around his neck. Cloud held the bottom of her thighs and gripped Inara's firm round ass. Cloud inserted his cock into Inara again, "NGH, you're still so hard!" Cloud then started to slam his cock harder and harder into Inara until to voices sounded out in unification. " AHHH!" "NGHHH!" Both Inara and Cloud came at the same time. "Wow, that was..." POP* POP* POP*. Once again something popped in Clouds body, but this time continuously.

"Woah!" Cloud woke up on his bed, his head on a soft warm pillow. He saw Inara above him giggling. "Gimme a break, Inara." Cloud said flustered as he instantly remembered what happened. He sat up as he was using Inara's lap, as a pillow. "Cloud, you lazy bum. Who knew that you would start snoozing the instant we finished." Inara said teasingly. "No! This thing popped in my body and everything went black! I couldn't breathe! I couldn't..." Wack* Inara hit Cloud's head. "Are you still dreaming?" Inara asked Cloud with a smile on her face. "It wasn't a dream, or was it." Cloud said. "Whatever it was, it was so bizarre." Cloud said. "Yeah, sure." Inara hopped out of the bed and stumbled to the door, apparently her legs weren't 100% yet after their session. "Maybe, I should use you as a lap pillow for a few hours?" Inara said to Cloud.

BANG* The door to Cloud's room flew open. "Boy. Do you want to grow stronger?" A large man in the doorway asked Cloud. "Pops, you could've just opened the door." Cloud responded. "Why are you in here?" Shin asked Inara. "You told me to take care of him." Inara responded with the talent of an S ranked actor. "Come with me boy." Shin ignored Inara and grabbed ahold of Cloud, the two then teleported to an area with a vast amount of trees. "Where are we?" Cloud looked towards his father. "This is where I grew up. Vegeta Forest." Shin answered. "But, why are we here?" "You are going to live here for a month, with me. Everyday you will cook for yourself, wash your own clothes, and hunt down the Qi Beasts in this forest. If you are not doing that, you will be sparring against me." Shin said looking at his son. "Will I die?" Cloud said looking concerned and a bit scared. "Well that depends on how fast you can grow your cultivation. Right now you are very weak, student level fi... Peak student rank? How did you hide your cultivation from me?" Shin said stupefied. "PEAK STUDENT RANK?" Cloud said to himself. Cloud then remembered the scene's of popping noises when he and Inara had finished together. "Could I have improved then?" Cloud asked the system. "It seems like your cultivation manual allow for your cultivation to increase by having sex with women." Marychan answered. "AMAZING! Show me my stats please!" Cloud was faced with his new VR like stat sheet in front of him.

Money:90000 dollars

Cultivation LVL: Rank 10 Student (+2 to combat stats each level up)

Power:OP Ass System,

Bloodline:Rich ass grandpops

Free Points: 20 (+4 free points each level up)

Strength:22 (-/+)

Agility:22 (-/+)


Willpower:22 (-/+)

Intelligence:22 (-/+)

Spirit:22 (-/+)

Charisma:22 (-/+)


Body Looks and Growth:


Free points: 5 (Free points path discovered! Have intercourse to earn points.)

Height: 6ft (189cm) (-/+)

Weight: 168 (76kgs) (-/+)

Penis Length: 9 inches (15.24cm) (No pointed needed/Free transform)

Penis Girth: 5.5 inches (9.31cm) (Free Transform)

Looks (affects charisma): 8/10 (-/+) (0 being equivalent to an ogre who had been stepped on by several horses,10 being a godly model) (Upgrade system to get higher scale)

System Upgrade needed to unlock:


In the corner of the screen it read. "Points Gathered for System Upgrade: (1/8)" "Points? How did I earn this point Marychan?" Cloud asked. "It seems to stem from the intercourse you just had." Marychan answered. "What the... Nasty ass Grandpops." Cloud responded in his mind. "Hey Cloud. What you dazing off for?" Shin's voice made Cloud realized his situation again. "Anyways, I don't care how you did it, but if you don't break through to apprentice stage by the end of this month. I can't allow you to go to Yaleous with your sister next year." Cloud looked at his father and once again fell into a daze, this time not about his stats but how hard he knew having a breakthrough was. "It's not that hard. Just find some girl and have sex with her. Your cultivation manual will allow you to breakthrough that way." Marychan said in Cloud's head. "Do you really think there are any women in this forest?" Cloud responded. "I sense life forces about 50 miles away." Marychan answered back with what sounded like a proud voice. "Pops, are there any villages nearby?" "Yeah, why?" Shin looked to Cloud's face to see a smile on it. "No reason." Cloud kept smiling seemingly innocent.


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