The Chance to Grow
5 Vegeta Fores
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The Chance to Grow
Author :Nostalgia_
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5 Vegeta Fores

"Here is some supplies and a general map of the forest. You have to create your own paths. The large landmarks are drawn but thats is. If you get lost, rely on yourself." Shin handed everything to Cloud. "Thanks pops." Cloud took the supplies and ran off in the direction the village was in on the map. "Hehe, do you think I could reach peak apprentice realm by the end of the month?" Cloud's excitement clouded his senses. Behind him multiple pairs of glowing eyes could be seen following him.

"Life forces detected!" Marychan spoke out and warned Cloud. "What? I don't see any women?" Cloud responded. "Turn around idiot."

Cloud spun his head and saw over 10 sets of glowing eyes watching him. The eyes came in closer and soon after, you could see 10 body lines. Each one was unique in one way or another, be it size, shape, color, and etc. The only thing they shared were their glowing human like eyes. Although their eyes looked human like, none of the creatures were human.

A tall and skinny figure was the most distinguishable out of all of them. This figure said, "What should we do with him? We don't have a human in our lineup." Another figure answered,"Humans are too risky to take in. We've all seen what they can do to the forest." A third figure with a busty frame said,"But doesn't he seem familiar in a way?" A fourth who had a similar figure to the third added,"Smells familiar too." "I smell? What do I smell like?" Cloud grabbed his shirt and sniffed it. "Dam... I do smell. Why they got to say it out loud though..." Cloud thought to himself. "So...Who are yall?" Cloud said to the ten figures.

The ten huddled up and and started whispering to each other. "Should we tell him who we are?" "No!" "Hmmm he doesn't seem evil." "I-I don't know. I wish zero was still here." "Alright i'll tell him who I am, but you guys can decide if you want to reveal yourselves or not." After their discussion ended, the tall and skinny figure came forward. "Boy. I don't know why you are here or anything about you. How about you tell us what you are doing." The elf came closer, but seemed like it was on guard.

"Well, i'm looking for a village. Do any of you happen to know of one around here?" Cloud looked at each of the figures wondering if they were all weirdly shaped elves. The figure that didn't want to introduce themselves ran forward with a spear. "What do you want with the village!?" The figure turned out to be a chubby and short dwarf. "Oh wow, a dwarf and elf traveling with each other? Never thought I see that happen." Cloud thought to himself. "Well, i've been assigned with the task of having a breakthrough by my father. I was wondering if there were any "resources", there that could help me." "What's with the emphasis on resources?" The elf asked Cloud. "Well I just wanted you to know that resources are important to me, so important in fact. I'll "use" my "body", to get these "resources". At the same moment Cloud said this, he was winking towards the two.

"We have resources!" Two figures popped out of the shadows. It turned out to be two female twins. If the two were to go back to city's, they would definitely be scouted for an idol group or modeling agency. Each one had their own characteristics though. One twin had white hair while the other had red hair. Both of their eye's were glowing with silver hue. The twin with red hair had a very sexy vixen like outfit, while the white haired girl had a more innocent priestess type look. "We are fairies and we can help you with your resource problem." The two said at the same time. "You really could "help" me though, hehe. I wonder if they know what I really mean." Cloud said to himself. "What do you really mean?" The twin's voices sounded in Cloud's mind. "WHAT THE!" Cloud shouted. "What did I tell you girl's about using telepathy with random strangers?!" The elf said to the two." "Hmph. Sorry human." The twins apologized to Cloud. "It's okay. Just surprised my that's all." It seemed like the two still didn't know Cloud's real intentions. Of course he wasn't going to force anyone into doing it with him, but have their consent.

"Anyways boy, answer me a few questions." The elf looked towards Cloud with concern in his eyes. "How many humans are with you?" "Just me and my father." "So just two that's good. Thought we were compromised there for a second." The elf said under it's breathe. "You idiot! What if he's lying?!" The dwarf shouted at the elf.

"He is not." A fifth figure dropped out of a tree and stood in-between the dwarf and elf. "I've been using my power's on him to make sure he didn't have any negative intent towards any of us." This figure was of the druid race. Dark, smooth skin, with a toned body and abs that just screamed sex appeal. This druid was like a teacher who knew she was hot, and used it to get everyone's attention in her class. "What if he's using a magic that can counter your powers?" The dwarf who even doubtful of his own statement said. "Do you really think that's likely? We've only ever encountered one person who had that ability. That was Zero, but he's gone now." "Every single figure went quiet and looked towards the floor at the mention, of this so called Zero.

"Uhm, so next question." Cloud decided to speak as the atmosphere felt really awkward. "Oh right. Do you have any abilities? Like the ability to create a medicine of some sort." The elf asked.

"Uhm..." In his head Cloud asked,"Do I have that ability?" Marychan answered,"You have an alchemy option idiot. Of course you do."

"Cough* cough*, I uh, yeah I do have that ability." The elf looked towards the all the other figures and nodded. POOF*. Ten figures, each with a different look to them. Encircled Cloud. "Oh, hey what's up guys. How was your day." Cloud scratched his head and asked, as he could tell what was about to happen next. "Don't resist kid, it'll only make things go bad." The druid said towards Cloud. All of a sudden, a hand chopped at the back of Cloud's neck. Once again, Cloud passed out. "6 and 7, take him to the village." The elf ordered. "Sure thing boss." The twins answered.

"Not again..." Cloud awoke from his "nap" and felt like he was having deja vu. "Hello there boy." Cloud looked to his right and saw the druid lady in nurse's uniform. "Uhm where am I?" Cloud's eyes squirmed around the druids body. "Do that again and you'll go blind." The "nurse" threatened Cloud. "Yes mam!" "Anyways, you're in our village. The one you said you wanted to go to back in the forest." "Marychan, did they do anything to me?" Cloud said in his mind. "Besides putting some sort of aphrodisiac in you, nothing." A voice answered in his head. "APHRODISIAC? Am I gonna die if I don' bust one right now?" Cloud forgot he wasn't alone and said this out loud.

"Hmmmm, you seem to be a smart boy to be able to figure that out. What's your name anyways? Around the village, I am called Three. I am third when it comes to power." The druid said. "Well, first off. My name is Cloud and second, WILL I DIE?!" Cloud emphasized the last part of his sentence. "Of course you will, if you don't get the "cure" to it. After a week you're penis will expand to much it'll explode. The explosion will be big enough to destroy most of your organs if not all of them." The druid answered with sexy smile on her face. "Then what must I do to get this cure?" Cloud looked towards the druid with a confused and concerned look on his face. "Well, you said you were able to make medicine earlier. So make medicine." The druid grinned even larger than before and said. "Aren't you a nurse? Why can't you make some?" Cloud's eyebrows raised up in frustration and confusion. "I just like dressing the part, I'm not actually one. Matter of fact, my job is the exact opposite of what a nurse should do. I'm what you call a torture specialist." Cloud's forehead started to sweat with the thoughts of what Three would do to him.

"Alright, what kind of medicine is this?" Cloud asked. "Well, let me take you to your new patient." The two got up and started walking together. Three opened up a door and inside was a child encased in ice. "This is One's daughter. She has some sort of cancer, but we don't know how to cure her. The only thing we know is that if we freeze her, all of her cells will slow down. Causing the progress of her cancer to slow down." Three said with a tear falling from her blue diamond like eyes. "CANCER? THIS BITCH THINK I CAN CURE CANCER?" Cloud was shocked and shouted this to Marychan. "Open up the Alchemy option." Marychan answered. Cloud clicked on the alchemy option in his VR like system. The option turned into even more options like, medicine, buffs, poisons, and etc. Cloud clicked on medicine and a list of ingredients popped up with an arrow next to them pointing towards what a certain mixture of ingredients could create. Going down the list, Cloud saw. "Cure to Cancer." "WHAT THE!? For so long, everyone thought we would never find the cure to cancer, but here it was the whole time. Just sitting in a system created by my gramps and a homeless man." Cloud said to himself. "The cure was not made by those two, but given as one of the gift's by God." Marychan said. "That makes sense. My grandpops was not a selfish man, if he did discover the cure to cancer, I don't know why he wouldn't share it with the world." Cloud said to himself. Cloud tried to click on the option but was not able to, instead a pop up came, and read. "Alchemy skill too low." "Shit...I'm gonna die now." Cloud cursed.

"What do you mean?" Three asked Cloud. "Cancer is complicated, and I need to create somer experiments with some ingredients to create a cure for it." Cloud answered trying to buy himself time. "Marychan what level does my alchemy skill have to be to create the cure?" "Three." Marychan answered. "What a coincidence. How do I get there?" He thought. "Just create cure's for other sicknesses and ailments that are meant to be created by beginners and those with low levels. Your exp points will rise from that and raise your level. If you start now you might be able to reach level three in 5 days."

"Three, I am gonna need the ingredients on this list." Cloud handed three a piece of paper with the names of a bunch of ingredients he got from his system. "Alright, I'll give this to the quartermaster and get them delivered to your allocated home." "I have a home?" Cloud asked. "As long, as you comply with our orders. Anything you need and want will be provided for you, so yes you have been given a home for now." The sexy druid answered. "Anything? Even things like, aaah. 'Special Services', perhaps?" Cloud said with a blush on his face. "Depends you who ask for... I'll be glad to "help" you. If you are able to live and complete your task of course." The druid answered with her large and toned booty popping out. "Promise?" Cloud asked. Three then licked her finger seductively and walked out the room and said,"Of course, now get to work."

Cloud was in his assigned home, attempting to create different types of low leveled medicines. At first, he was horrible at it. Wasting all of the resources with each attempt. After a day of pure medicine grinding he was able to have a 90% success rate. He reached level 2 the second day as well. Once he tried to make more advanced medicines and buffs, he only had a 10% success rate. Like before he wasted so many materials, until eventually he reached a 70% success rate and hit peak second level. "I've been at peak second level for a whole day now! I was able to hit peak second level in just two days. Now i'm not even able to progress a tiny bit. Marychan do you know why?" Cloud asked. "To breakthrough into level three alchemy, you need to be at least first level apprentice rank." Marychan answered. "Are you fucking kidding me..." Cloud was doing all of this to breakthrough into apprentice rank, now he had to do it without the help of Three like he had planned at first. "Soooo, what can I do about this?" Cloud asked. "Well either cultivate like a normal person, or..." "Or what?" Cloud asked Marychan. "Find someone else that is willing to have sex with you." "Hmmm, but I haven't talked to any women besides three and... THOSE TWINS!" Cloud ran out of his home and started to walk towards the twins home as they were neighbors.

*knock *knock *knock. "Hello! Anyone home?" The door opened up and in the doorway stood the twins. "Hello Cloud! What are you doing here?" The white haired girl, Seven asked. "I'm here to ask for your guys' help." Cloud said. "Oh? What do you want us to help you with, Mr.Medicine man? We know nothing about medicine." The red haired girl. Six said. "Well, let's just say you do this. You basically guarantee that One's daughter will be saved." Cloud answered. "Really! Alright let's do it! What do you want us to do?" Seven asked. Six pushed Cloud inside of their home, where all three sat down on a couch.

"Well it's like this, in order to advance to the next level of medicine. I need to breakthrough into apprentice realm, and the best way to do that for me. Is through intimate contact with (legal and consenting) women." Six spat out her tea. "PFFFFFT, and you're asking us to help you?! GET THE FUCK OUT!" Six grabbed Cloud by his legs and dragged him out into the front yard. "You better not come back here Perv." Six went back into her home and slammed the door shut. "Six, he just wanted to hold our hand's right? What's wrong with that?" Seven asked Six. "Intimate contact is more than just holding hands Seven. It's... it's. Never mind. Just go watch some t.v. or something. Oh and don't talk to that perv Cloud." Six walked upstairs still fuming over what just occurred.

Cloud sat outside the twins house thinking to himself. "What do I do now?" He thought. Suddenly, he hears the twins front door open. Out comes Seven looking innocent like always running towards Cloud. Her ass unintentionally bouncing up and down. Her breasts were still a bit underdeveloped as she was still a young woman, but was still legal at the age of 19 (in America, the age to be able to give consent to sex is 18) of course. "Cloud. I'm willing to help you breakthrough!" Seven with her innocent little mind had created a misunderstanding between the two. "Really? I thought you would be like Six and think i'm a perv or something." (Author: Don't worry, Seven will understand what sex/intimate contact really is before they end up doing it, so it's not **** as she will still consent to it.) "Come on! Let's go to your house to do this!" Seven ran into Cloud's house with Cloud chasing after her excited and nervous at the same time, as this would only be his second time having sex.


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