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The Chief and the Captain
Author :ekksaress
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3 three

"Jessie!!" Rick was annoyingly pounding at the PubRoom door.

     "She's not here." I opened the door enough to see him standing by the door in his jersey, obviously on his way to the gym. His bag hanging on his muscular shoulder, and a basketball on his hand. He leaned closer and I could smell a faint scent of mint. "Need anything else?"

     He didn't answer. I was about to shut the door on him but he already invited himself inside.

     "Heard you got accepted to A-University." he said.

     I nodded, walking back to my seat

     "Watcha doing?" He sat at the empty chair beside me.

     "Hmm. Don't you have practice?"  After yesterday, I can't really stand being too close to anyone, especially Rick my heart can't seem to calm down. I try my best to make him go away without actually pushing him out. I want to make him feel that I do not want to be disturbed, and I really hate being bothered while working but this guy's so dense.

    I looked at him from the corner of my eye and saw him staring at the bulletin board hanging on the wall. His hazel eyes gazing blankly, deep in thought.

   How can someone look so good without so much effort?

   I kept quiet for a moment, continued writing my editorial. I was really glad for the distraction because Rick's presence is throwing me off balance. If I continued looking at him, his face will burn in my memory, and that's something I want to avoid.

     The door opened and Jessie came in carrying a bag of chips and a bottled water.

     "Oi Rick, why are you here?" She asked. She sat across me. "Go back to your club."

     "You're so mean." He smiled at her. Ricky's serious expression was suddenly replaced by a huge smile. But I noticed something off. His smile didn't reach his eyes.

     "Heard you're single again." Jessie started. "What happened? Only after a month?"

     Rick leaned forward on the table and sighed. "She's cute, nice, but that's it.

     "Why do you even bother courting girls if you'll just break their hearts in the end?" Jessie's got a good point  but I kept silent.

     "I did not court her, she came and confessed. Plus it lacks the spark!" Rick chuckled. "When I dated you it's full of fireworks!" He laughed

     "That bull about fireworks again. Why can't you stick to one girl? A girl's heart doesn't deserve to be trampled upon." Jessie stressed her point. I noticed a glitter in Jessie's eyes that I haven't noticed before. Was it because of Rick? Was she still in love with him?

     I glanced at Rick's direction if I could see the same sparkle. Half expecting him looking at Jessie with loving eyes, I caught him looking at me instead.

      "I just wanna fall in love, Jess, you know that." He said.

    I felt my face growing hot. My heart was also screaming in my chest. I can't stand this, I can't listen to them talk anymore.

     "I know, but you're too picky." Jessie answered him.

     He nodded. "I guess I am."

     I stood up. I couldn't listen any longer. It would be bad for my heart, the way Rick makes me feel and the guilt when I look into Jessie's loving eyes. I went out of the PubRoom and walked slowly to the cafeteria. I brought a chocolate bar and a coke and walked back. I took my time hoping that they've changed their topic the moment I return.

    Jessie dated Rick two years ago. I remembered her telling me how it started. Since they were neighbors, Jessie hangs out a lot in his house. One day Rick just asked her if she can date him. Jessie jumped the gun and said yes. Their relationship didn't last long. Only a week, exactly 7 days but she said it was the best week of her life. In the end they knew their friendship would last longer than romance.

     I opened the door and saw that Jessie already left.

     "You're still here?" I asked Rick who's still seated where I left him. "Jessie already went home?"

     He nodded. "I was waiting for you."

     My heart, again, started racing. I unconsciously grabbed my chest, afraid it would fall out of my ribcage.

     He stood up and placed a hand on my head. He towered over me and smiled warmly but again, his smile didn't reach his eye.  Part of me wanted to push him away and brush him off; the other half wanted to wrap him in an embrace. He looked like he needed comfort, but still, I kept my distance.

     "Why?" I asked.

     "I need help with english."

     I sighed. I hate myself for having strange thoughts.


     "Thanks! You're a lifesaver."

     He picked up his bag from the chair he vacated.

     "By the way, congrats on making it to A-Uni"


     "I'm going to the State college. I plan on getting a varsity scholarship."

     I didn't ask but I looked at him thoughtfully.

     He walked towards the door but stopped and looked back at me. "Or I could follow you at A-Uni." He smiled and went out.

     I was left at the room. My chest wouldn't stop beating so loud. I'm glad I was alone. I sat and leaned back on my chair. I closed my eyes but Rick's smiling face was flashing on my mind.

     "I think I better go home and rest." I told myself. "I'm getting nuts."


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