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The Chief and the Captain
Author :ekksaress
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10 ten

"Hello school." Patrick shouted at the gate of LHigh. He was so excited we arrived at school earlier that I normally do.

     "We gotta go to the principal first." I dragged him down the hall to the principal's office and left him there.

     "I have class, text me if you need anything." I waved at him and head to class.

     Jessie met me at the door. "Where's the guy with you this morning?"


     "Uh-huh." She raised a brow at me. "You are so lazy when it comes to talking."

     "Sorry." I smiled at her and sat down. I unconsciously looked to my left, Rick's already in his seat, his head On the table probably sleeping.

     Jessie sat beside me and talked in a low voice. "That guy was asking me who the kid is."

     I looked at Rick then Jessie. "He's a classmate from gradeschool, he came back from Australia for a foreign students program project or something like that. He will be here for two days."

     "Oh." Still not satisfied, she continued. "What's his name?"

     "Patrick Recto."

     Jessie's eyes brightened. "Patrick Recto, the son of Dean Recto from A-uni?"

     I nodded. Speaking of ...

     Patrick entered the classroom with the principal.

     "Class, Mr Patrick here is from Australia and will be joining the class until tomorrow." The principal, Mr Zavalla introduced. He nodded to Patrick and left.

    Patrick immediately spotted me and ran to my side. He wrapped his arms around around my neck. "Why did you leave me? I was so scared I thought I'd get lost." He whined.

     "I told you, text me right?"

     He let me go. "Right." He suddenly turned to Jessie who eyed him suspiciously. He then, turned his attention to her. "Hey beautiful, I'm Patrick" he held a hand to her.

     "Jessica." She reached his hand but instead of shaking, he gave it a kiss. I didn't miss the blush that formed in her cheeks.

     I turned to see Rick woke up from his nap, our eyes met for a moment but he didn't smile or even frown. He just looked then he slumped back to his table and went back to sleep.

     "Who is he?" Patrick pointed at Rick. "Rick Fernandez"

     Patrick clicked his tongue. "Hmm.."




    "So..is she your girlfriend?" Patrick asked me when we were having dinner.

     "No." I flatly answered.

     "So it's him then?"

    "W-what?" I stammered.

     "The way he looks at you" he murmured. "Makes me feel uneasy."

     "what do you mean?"

     "You know what I mean."

    "You never strike to me as the observant type." I chuckled.

    "No really, I'm serious. Is she your girlfriend or is he your boyfriend?"

    "No and no." I left it there. I'd rather not answer any more questions, I might end up saying too much.


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