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The Chief and the Captain
Author :ekksaress
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11 eleven

I sat in a corner of the PubRoom, exhausted. Patrick has been following me all day and it's giving me a headache. I wasn't as used to being around him or anyone for a long period of time. Moreover, Patrick talks non stop.

     It's already the afternoon and classes just ended but Patrick insisted he needs to watch the basketball team while they practice. Needs, not wants, he insisted. So he's probably at the gym with Jessie. I begged Jessie to take Patrick away so I could have some peace and quiet. She reluctantly agreed.

     I flipped through my math book to study a little when my phone buzzed.

     "Hey." I answered.

      "Your school's team is really good." It was Patrick who called. "Dontcha want to watch? That captain is really good too."

     The mention of Rick gave me the urge to go and watch.

     "Maybe I will." Then I hung up.

      I walked to the gym and quickly spotted Patrick and Jessie. I sat beside them and turned my attention to the practice game. Again, the longer I watch the more Rick captivated me, the way his passion for basketball shows and his teammates respect for him is amazing.

Patrick lightly elbowed me. When I looked at him, his eyes were dark it made me shudder. "I wanna go home."

     I nodded and we left. I didn't even get to say goodbye to Jessie.

     The walk home was silent and awkward. Patrick wasn't paying attention to me or saying anything which was rare.

     "What's the matter?" I asked him when we got home. I dragged him to my room so Janet wouldn't hear us

     "You. And him."

     "Me and who?" I asked, although I know exactly who he was pertaining to.

     "Basketball captain. I asked you to go to the gym to confirm what I thought. That guy, the way he looks at you makes me pissed. I went to the gym with Jessie, the first thing he did was look for you. What is your relationship with him?" He blurted out.

     I was surprised at his sudden outburst. I walked to the bed and sat at the edge. I looked at Patrick but before I had the chance to answer, he wrapped me in an embrace and he quietly sobbed. I put an arm around him and stroked his hair. "I've always seen you as my little brother although we're of the same age, even now when you're taller than me."

     He pulled himself away and sat down. "But I don't want to be your brother. I love you."

     "I love you too Patrick, but not the way you want to, I'm sorry. I am in love with another person, and it's Rick." I reached out to touch his hand but he stood up and distanced himself from me.

     "I understand." He nodded and went to the bathroom.

     I sighed and stretched in bed. I never thought I'd have to deal with something like this. All I want is a quiet life.


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