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The Chief and the Captain
Author :ekksaress
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13 thirteen

The highly anticipated Monday arrived and the school seems to be in high spirits. Especially the girls, who were always giddy at this time of the year. And because of that, we the press people put up a photo booth for all the couples out there. And because we love gossip, this was the best platform to know who's dating who.

    With the cooperation of the student council and economics club, who gave out chocolates, we put up the booth at the school lobby where everyone was sure to pass by. Girls dragging their boyfriends started to file in. Some went in groups, others as couples and those who were single went with their circle of friends.

      "Looks like we're a blockbuster hit." Jessie commented. Lloyd, our photographer has been continuously taking photos for almost two hours.

      "We have to go to class too so let's resume later at 3." I told her. She gave me a thumbs up and shouted commands.

      As my associate editor, I was really lucky to have her. She understands me well enough and fills in on what I cannot do, - like talking really loud. I smiled at the thought, such a pretty face but a really loud mouth.

     "Watcha smiling at?" An arm was suddenly around my shoulders And the familiar scent of coffee filled my nose.

     "Hmm.." I gave Rick a smile. He flushed red and I couldn't hold a laugh.

     "Don't smile at me like that." He murmured

     "Why not?" I frowned.

     "Don't frown either."

     I gave another hearty laugh.

     "Really now, I don't know how to look at you anymore." I said.

      He tightened his grip on my shoulders. "Now I wouldn't want that."

      I nodded.

     "Well I'd rather see you smile." He continued.

     Now it was my turn to blush and Rick's turn to laugh.

     "Oh yeah, I have a favor to ask." I suddenly had an idea that would be useful for us.

     His eyes brighten. "Anything for you."

     I clutched my chest. I would probably get a heart attack before the day ends.

     "Can I have a few members of the basketball team to man our booth later at 3?" I asked politely. "That is if you don't have practice."

      "Me and the seniors won't be joining the practice anymore." He grinned at me. "That is if you're ok with me, then I'd be happy to."

     "You're perfect." I was surprised at what I answered but I meant it literally and figuratively.

     Rick who was equally surprised bowed his head and grabbed my hand that's still clutched to my chest. He gave me a gentle squeeze and stared at me with his hypnotic, hazel eyes. "Then I'll see you later?

     I nodded and wrapped my fingers in his. "I'll be waiting."

     "Later." He said then left. I watched his back as he walk away, back to the chaotic hallways towards the classroom.

     "That's interesting." Jessie beamed at me and I was suddenly pulled back to reality. I looked at her but she turned her back at me. "We're all good, see you later." She gave me a wave and just like Rick, she blended with the other students and disappeared from my view.


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