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The Chief and the Captain
Author :ekksaress
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14 fourteen

The students flooded the halls after class especially now that three seniors from the basketball team were standing by the booth. Rick, Josh and Benedict were taking photos with anyone who wants to, no exceptions. The booth ran for two hours before we called it a day.

    "That was exhausting." Lloyd, the photographer sank on a chair, hands already shaking from fatigue.

      "Great job, man." I patted his shoulders. "You did great."

     He gave me a thumbs up and a wide smile.

    Rick came behind me and put his arms on my shoulders, making me carry his weight. "I'm tired too." He mumbled.

     I gave him rub in the head. "Good job to you too."

     Click. Click.

    I turned my attention to Lloyd who had his camera pointed at us. "Heyy..." I exclaimed. But I couldn't move from my spot because Rick was still hanging on my back

     "Gimme a copy of that, ayt?" Rick pointed at Lloyd who gave him a salute.

     "Yessir, I will." He smiled to me then ran away.

      Rick released me from his embrace and turned me towards him.

    "Are you going home now?" He asked.

     I nodded.

     "Can you spare me a few moments then?"

     Again I nodded.

     His smile widened and pulled me towards the parking lot.

     "Jessie, I gotta go." I shouted at Jessie who was busy cleaning up with the rest of the staff.

     She gave me a wave.

    Rick half dragged me to the parking lot, not towards any vehicle but behind it. At the far end of the parking lot was a  small gate enough to fit one person. We squeezed ourselves through the small opening and we were welcomed by a wide field. Chickens and ducks ran about alongside a little beagle. Huge mango trees lined the field but what's most amazing was the sun setting in the horizon.  Orange and blue melted together and darkness slowly creeped in.

     Rick held my hand and led me to a small area with little patch of grass to sit in but and with a great view of the setting sun. We sat down, hands still intertwined.

"Didn't know this place exists." I said without looking at him. I clutched my chest with my free hand. This feeling in my heart that I finally understand, the beauty of the sun painting the sky, the sound of the dog barking, and these warm hands holding mine making me feel safe, wanted, needed. This moment, if only I could hold on to this forever, is perfect.

     "Perfect." I whispered.

"Yes you are." Rick answered back.

     He reached for me and gently pulled me by the chin so

I could face him. The beating of my heart doubled, I could hear it's pounding in my ears. Slowly, he leaned closer and gently pressed his lips in mine. I was caught between want and need. I gave in to him too easy. I wrapped my arms around him and pulled him closer to me.

     The beautiful sunset, the wide field with the chickens and the duck running, the dog barking and the kiss - this was the best Valentine's gift I have ever received.

     We stayed there until dark. The colorful sky now replaced by a starry blanket. I was lying on my back with Rick's arms around mine.

     "Coffee if you don't have practice, mint if you do." I murmured.

      He rubbed the top my head. "You noticed that?"

     "Yea, I told you, you always stand too close."

     He laughed. "But you said it doesn't bother you."

    "Nope." I snuggled closer. "I kinda like this."

    "Yea, I like you too."

    I sat up and looked at him. I gave him a smile. He pulled my arm so I'm lying on top of him.

"So can I assume you like me too?" He asked, his face inches from mine.

     "Yeah." I softly whispered and we sealed our confession with a kiss.


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