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The Chief and the Captain
Author :ekksaress
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16 sixteen

**bleep alert** but I kept it within bare minimum 🤭🤭


"Who should we tell first?" Rick asked. He was lying on my bed, munching on a potato chip.

"Jessie of course" I said.

He nodded in agreement. "Yeah, that's right."

I rolled my eyes. "Don't eat on the bed." I grabbed the pack he was eating but, Rick being stronger than I am, managed to pull me instead. I landed on top of him, inches from his face.

He smiled teasingly and I felt my cheeks getting hot. His hands traveled down my waist and the other at the back of my neck and he pulled me in a kiss. He started slowly, pecking me lightly on the lips, the cheek, and back to my mouth. His tongue traced my lips asking for more. I opened my mouth and let his tongue play with mine. His kissed grew deeper as I gasp for air. I tightened my grip on his shirt and let out a soft moan.

Rick rolled me to my back so he was on top of me. He took off his shirt and I got a good view of his toned muscles. I touched his chest down his stomach and tugged the waist band of his pants. He looked at me under hooded eyes, a smile spread on his face.

He went back and kissed me on the cheek and down to my throat while his hands went under my shirt. Slowly, he started rubbing himself on me and I felt myself growing harder in each movement.

"Rick, s-stop" I pleaded. Instead he was grinding harder, faster.

He pulled his pants and let his manhood free. He did the same for me. He pulled my pants down and took me out. I gasped in his touch. His lips found mine again and he started to kiss me passionately while he rubbed both of us together.

"Rick. I'm gonna..." I was breathing hard. We both are. I felt him tensed.

He rested his face at the crook of my neck as his hands moved faster. My whole body was shaking as I climaxed, Rick too was panting. I wrapped my arms around Rick as I try to settle my breathing.

"Next time give me a heads up if you're planning on doing this okay?"

He chuckled. "Ok, well can I do it again?"


He kissed the tip of my nose and down to my lips. He nibbled my lower lip while his hands traveled down my waist.

"I can do this all day with you." He whispered.

"Well I can't." I said unconvincingly.

He touched my starting erection. "Somebody's saying otherwise. "

I groaned and I gave in to his kisses. He pulled my shirt up so we're both looking at each other's naked body. "Beautiful" he chimed.

Rick's hands in mine, his body pressed to my chest, the sweet taste of his lips, everything fits perfectly, like he was meant to be in my arms. I tasted him, inhaled him, took him in. Right at this moment, he is mine, he is my world, he is my everything.

I have longed to feel secure and wanted and loved. and right now, in his arms I feel those and all. I want to keep this to myself. is this what it's like to be selfish?

"hmm..?" Rick was still lying on top of me, his face rested in my cheeks. "I can sense your smiling."

He looked up to me and I started back in his brown eyes. The beat of my heart doubled. I wonder when will I get used to all of this? But I loved the fluttering feeling in my chest. Maybe I don't want to get used to this.



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