The Chief and the Captain
25 twenty five
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The Chief and the Captain
Author :ekksaress
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25 twenty five

I woke up when my phone started buzzing. Last night I missed 5 phone calls from Rick but when I tried calling him, he wouldn't answered. I peeked on my phone hoping it was my boyfriend but another name registered on the caller ID.

"Hello?" I greeted groggily.

"Where are you?" Jessie said with urgency.


"Is Rick there?"

"No. But he's suppose to be here for dinner."

"Shoot." She said and disconnected. She didn't even bother saying bye. 

But after she hung up, something washed over me. I felt nervous, scared,like something bad was bound to happen. I tried to call Rick but his phone was turned off. I sent him a text just in case.

"Call me when you get this."

I changed into a clean shirt and jeans and pocketed my wallet and my phone. The sudden movements made me wince in pain but I didn't care. I passed by Janet going out. I gave her a wave and told her I'd be back. 

"Dinner will be at 7." She said. Then I went out.

I stood in front of our house not knowing what or where to go. Why did I suddenly get out? He tried to call me yesterday and now I can't reach him. And that call from Jessie..


I called Jessie. We agreed to meet at the coffee shop near the school. I sat quietly in a corner, drinking a macchiato. I watched as the cafe served breakfast to Mostly couples having an early coffee and pastry. Couples, normal pairs. I wondered what it looks like to them if they have their breakfast at a cafe, seeing a couple like me and Rick. Not usual, not normal. 

I clenched my chest as I feel sweat trickling down my temple. I couldn't breathe. Relax. I told myself. Then I felt a hand on my shoulder.

"Are you ok?" Jessie sat down on the empty seat in front of me.

I nodded.

"Rick, he's missing." It was like a punch in the gut. Before I could even recover, I received another blow.

"W-what, how did it happen?" 

Jessie looked away and heaved a sigh.

"He had a fight with his father." 

I stared at her silently. 

"He told him about you and his plan to go to A-uni instead of the state college."

I almost dropped my cup when she said it. I knew it was a mistake. I shouldn't have succumbed to desire, to what my heart told me. It's not normal, me and Rick. He had a life ahead of him, and me entering the equation changed everything, his college of choice, his varsity scholarship, his father's dreams for him..

"I-i should apologize." I looked at her. "This is all my fault."

Jessie shook her head. "It's never your fault. "

"It is." I wrapped my arms around me to stop myself from shaking.

"It is not." Jessie snapped, in noticed a few eyes darted towards us. "It's not your fault it was not your choice who you fell in love with. It happened."

She took my cup and took a drink. "You love each other, and I haven't seen Rick look at someone the way he looked at you.."

She reached across the table and took my hand. "Not even when we were together. He loves you, you just have to trust him."

"But, what should I do?" I murmured, almost inaudible. 

Then my phone started buzzing


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