The Chief and the Captain
27 twenty seven
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The Chief and the Captain
Author :ekksaress
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27 twenty seven

I stood by the gate for a full minute, took a deep breath and stepped inside. The scent to roasted chicken wafted from the kitchen. I could hear the utensils clattering then another sounded pulled me to the kitchen. Laughter. I hear dad and mom cracking. Dad, a very uptight man who I can't even joke with was laughing, and mom, and another. 

When I entered the kitchen, all my fear and anxiety flushed down. A sight I will never forget, my family and Rick, sharing a glass of wine.  I couldn't help as a smile tugged on my face. 

I cleared my throat and three pairs of eyes looked at me. 

"Oh, hi son." 

Rick stood up from his seat and walked to me. He wrapped his arms around my shoulders and gave me a swift kiss. 

"We met your partner." Dad continued and motioned me to come close. 

I looked at mom and she smiled at me. 

"I-i thought?" 

"Hon," she started. "We are your parents so whoever you chose, whoever you are, we would love you."


"It's fine." Rick whispered to me. "I already had a long talk with them."

I eyed him suspiciously. "How long have you been here?"

"Long enough" he chuckled. 

"Come" my dad called me. I walked slowly, Rick guiding my path. I sat on a chair beside him while Rick stood by my side. 

Dad looked at me intently then pulled me in an embrace. 

"You know, I don't always act like one but let me be a father to you at least just this once. " He heaved a sigh. "You are the only one your mom and I have. You found someone, then now we have two." He gave out a hearty laugh. 

"Ok let's eat, this is getting cheesy." He suddenly said, letting me go. I sat down, across mom and dad, and Rick on my side. For the first time in a while I was glad to have a family, to be surrounded by people. All these years I thought I was not loved, but I was wrong. I have a family, and now I have Rick, nothing could go wrong. 

"Just keep it down ok?" Dad teased when we were headed to my room after dinner. "There's school tomorrow, so sleep early." 

I raised a brow at him "really?"

"Ha.ha. keep it down, I mean it." I could hear his laughter in the hallway. 

"Goodnight kids."

"Night Mom."

It  was not the first time Rick came to my room but it feels different today. Maybe because he's here as my boyfriend, not just a classmate? I was just glad he's here. 

"So what now?" I ask himas he was stretching in the middle of the bed. "I spoke with Jess today and she told me about your dad."

I waited but all I got was silence. 

"You do know I'll be with you whatever happens right?"

Rick sat up and looked at me. 

"It doesn't matter, Alvin"

"What doesn't?"


"Them? Your dad? What about Raymond?"

He mention of his brother's name made him flinch. 

"It doesn't matter because I won't listen to him, he'd be leaving us anyway. Id take my brother with me if I have to. "

I sat beside him and took his hands. "I really appreciate you coming here tonight. I was so scared of mom and dad, I didn't know if I would have the courage to come out to them. But finding out you were here, you held my hand all throughout, I found the courage that I needed." I planted a kiss in his forehead. "Let me do the same for you." We'll go to your father, together."

Rick pulled me closer to him

"Ok."he whispered and gave me a light kiss. 


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