The Chief and the Captain
28 twenty eigh
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The Chief and the Captain
Author :ekksaress
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28 twenty eigh

It has been a week since my parents met Rick and they have been supportive. But since by then, Rick hasn't talked to his father according to Jess. She would see Rick get home and go straight to his room which was "right across her room" she said, so she'd know. 

"You have to ." I argued with him. "It's two weeks before graduation, we'll be moving out soon. If you plan to take Raymond with us, you have to let your father know."

"I's just.." 

He finally gave in. We decided to go talk with his father on Friday night. We took a quick drop on my house and took a few clothes for the weekend. I gave Janet a kiss and left. 

It was the first time he brought me home. It was a two storey, three bedroom house. The living room and the kitchen were spotless, something I didn't expect from a house full of men. Rick pulled me upstairs to his bedroom which was at the end of the hall. 

"Dad's not yet here, he usually gets home at dinner." He closed the door behind him the moment we stepped in. His room was neat. He's got posters of basketball players on his white walls. His bed was neatly tucked and his clothes were stacked at the corner. 

"My dad's girlfriend is a bit OC." He smirked. 

He went to his bed and stretched, the way he usually does on my bed. I dropped my bag on the floor and jumped beside him. 

"Where's your brother?" I asked. 

"It's Friday, he's got club."

" is he?" 

"He got accepted to A-HIGH, he already agreed to coming with me. Guess he didn't like the idea of being sent to a dorm school like the original plan."

"That's good then. My mom already got us a house near A-UNI." I turned and looked at him, a smile etched on his face. "I told them about your brother so they got us a three bedroom house."

I heard him chuckle. 

"A two bedroom house would have sufficed." 

"Yeah." I agreed. "We can rent it out."

He turned and laid on his side, his face was inches from mine. He started stroking my hair, just staring at me. 


"Nothing. I'm just happy."

And with that, his lips met mine and I found myself wrapped in the safest place I could be, in his arms. For a while I have forgotten the reason why we were here,  that we were to confront his father and make him accept us. But his arms in mine makes me lose track of time. The next moment I opened my eyes, it was already dark. I was asleep by in Rick's bed but he was nowhere to be seen. I rolled to my stomach and inhaled his familiar scent from his pillow. For a minute I was unmoving, trying to absorb him. When I turned to my back, I suddenly heard a noise.

I strained to hear but it was getting louder and louder..

I could hear footsteps, then banging, then screaming. I shot right up and jumped towards the door. When I turned by the knob, I was faced with Rick and his family, and my stomach dropped. 


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