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The Days of Being in a Fake Marriage with the CEO
Author :Aromatic Peach Blossoms
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447 Stop Messing Around 4

Despite it being such a trivial matter, this made Mu Huan even more concerned and upset. And if she wasn't afraid that Bo Junyan would be angry, she would be even more upset than she currently did. As the number of times she felt upset increased, it would only make her more unable to take it!

And each time, if she were to get angry when she saw this, she might always argue with Bo Junyan. Because Bo Junyan liked her, he would allow her to be that way three times, four times, five times, or even more. However, he was such a busy person. No matter what, he would not allow Mu Huan to keep throwing a tantrum over such a small matter. He felt there was no need for her to worry about such trivial things.

In this way, his love for Mu Huan would be greatly reduced. The two of them had just gotten married and did not have deep feelings for each other. Once their love started to be reduced, the two of them would be over very soon.

When Mu Huan heard that Bo Junyan was very angry, her own anger subsided. No matter who it was before her, because of what he said just now, she'd always keep in mind that her safety was the most important.

"Alright, I'm not angry anymore. I get it now anyway. From now on, I'll just be as close to other guys as you are to other women. As long as you're not angry!" The angrier Mu Huan was, the more charming she smiled.

Bo Junyan's expression darkened. "Stop messing around!"

This little girl was getting bolder and bolder. She even dared to threaten him!

"I'm not messing around. This is called looking at things from the other person's perspective. We're husband and wife, and we live in the modern world. We're not in the ancient era where men can have one wife and four concubines. We're equal. You can't tell me to do as you say and not as you do. If you can open the door for your childhood friend and lend her your clothes, I can do the same thing with other guys in a purely platonic way!"

"There's really nothing between me and Ling Wei. Why are you so angry over such a small matter?" Bo Junyan knew that she was not just saying that and would really do it, just like how she'd put on another boy's coat when she saw him putting his on Ling Wei today.

Bo Junyan really didn't understand why she couldn't get past this hurdle. He had promised her repeatedly that this was nothing, but she was still so angry over this matter.

Bo Junyan had always said whatever he wanted to say, and he only needed to give his promise once. He had already made an exception for Mu Huan. In order to appease her, he had emphasized many times that there was absolutely nothing between him and Ling Wei. He had also kept a distance from her. He had limited the times he met her and would limit their interactions. As long as they were as far apart as possible, he felt that he had already fulfilled his promise to his wife.

"I know there's really nothing between you and Ling Wei. I can also guarantee that there won't be anything between me and other guys!"

"How is this the same?" Bo Junyan felt a headache coming on as he faced her.

"Why can't it be the same? Also, think about what happened last night. Gu Chenyi had only hugged me for a while and you were already so angry! You know that there's nothing between us, and I'll never do anything to let you down. If you already knew this yet you're still so angry, wouldn't you be even angrier if you applied your earlier logic on me?"

Bo Junyan: "…"

"If you yourself can't control your anger, why isn't it okay that I can't control my temper? It's still the same saying: if you will just be obedient and not get angry, I can also do whatever I want with another man's husband! It's fine as long as I say there's nothing between us! So, if you don't want that kind of wife, you also have to keep your distance from other women! Especially Ling Wei! I've said it before. I don't care if she has any ulterior motives or not, I just can't bear to see such a scene!"


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