The Great Thief
1876 Karazhan
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The Great Thief
Author :Boating Lyrics
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1876 Karazhan

The equipment was indeed exquisite and Lu Li could wear it without taking off the Ring on his left hand. Although it had no other strong attributes and wearing it would cause his overall strength to decrease, the assistance it would provide to the team was obvious.

There were two lines written at the bottom of the equipment.

"Time is a kind of poison. This item will drop upon death."

It was similar to the Battle Standard that Lu Li had acquired before, which was also dropped upon death. As such, it was best not to carry this item if you were going to be in danger. If you were in an Instance Dungeon, you had to ensure that the person holding it would not die or that you picked up the item as quickly as possible.

There had to be some kind of drawback for equipment like this, otherwise, it would be overpowered.

However, Lu Li had no idea how Garona would react if he lost this item. He was quite curious, but it wasn't something he wanted to experience.

"Thank you, teacher. I will definitely come back safely, but I am unsure of what you need help with."

This seemed like it was leading up to a quest. Lu Li also didn't want to feel indebted, and wanted to repay her as soon as possible.

"You are still not strong enough. You shouldn't bite off more than you can chew," Garona said.

"Okay, I will work hard to grow stronger."

This was all Lu Li could say. With such a great item, Lu Li had no idea how long it would take to repay her. The sheer number of Demons and Undead that he would have to kill would be staggering.

Moreover, there was only a small portion of those kinds of monsters in Karazhan.

"By the way, there is also this one. I hope you will be willing to learn it, but don't it force you to change your style," Garona said as she stood up and walked through the library to grab a book.

"An enhanced skill?"

A guy like him who didn't lack Reputation would never turn down an Enhanced Skill Book.


Garona shook her head.

Lu Li took it and found that it was a skill book with the name 'Dual Swords'. This was a peculiar item, as he hadn't needed to be taught to use weapons. Lu Li had deliberately chosen to play with two daggers, and could already use a one-handed weapon the moment he picked it up.

Once he learned the skill, Lu Li saw something new had appeared in his skill panel.

Dual Swords: Passive. Mastery over dual-wielding two one-handed Swords. When dual-wielding swords, attack speed is increased by 5%, block rebound damage is increased by 5% and Off-Hand weapon damage is increased by 5%. The restriction of skills on the swords has now been removed. Learning Requirement: Agility above 2000.

After seeing this skill, Lu Li finally understood why Garona, an Assassin type Thief, was dual-wielding swords.

Once he had learned the skill, the primary issue of dual-wielding swords had been solved with the bonus attack speed. In addition to the block rebound bonus, increased damage to Off-Hand weapons and the generally high damage of swords, the overall benefits of dual-wielding swords now outweighed dual-wielding daggers.

Now, all Lu Li needed was two swords with high attack damage!

"This is the style of Ravenholdt Manor. You should be an expert in both swords and daggers. Use swords in a frontal assault and use daggers when attacking from behind," Garona explained. She used two swords herself and Lu Li had seen her style.

After bidding Garona farewell, Lu Li returned from his rewarding journey.

To protect himself from losing Death's Memory, Lu Li withdrew some equipment from his personal warehouse and the guild warehouse that would keep him alive. He spent a lot of money on potions, and even applied some poison on his daggers to further increase his damage while reducing his aggro generation so that a Boss wouldn't randomly decide to attack him.

Everything had gone smoothly, and the fight for Karazhan officially commenced.

During this time, he had opened Treasure Chests in various maps and was easily able to navigate through Karazhan.

The interior of the Instance Dungeon was dark and gloomy. This tower had originally belonged to a guardian mage that had been living here silently for many years. In the beginning, with the help of Khadgar and Garona, Lothar led a raid on Karazhan and killed Medivh, who was a former close friend of his.

From that day, a horrible curse fell on the tower and the surrounding area. A dim shadow fell on Deadwind Pass and the forest to the west was also affected, becoming the Twilight Forest that they knew today.

The tower was silent, but that didn't mean it was motionless.

In the embrace of the night, silent figures were floating in and out of the windows. There were various illusions dancing along the walls as lights reflected off them.

It was not appropriate to call them ghosts. They were better described as afterimages of the past.

These old figures were unleashed because of the madness of the former owner of the tower. Now, a terrible curse compelled them to re-enact a past situation over and over in this forgotten tower. They were forced to perform in this production without an audience.

In recent years, some nobles of the Twilight Forest had ventured into the Deadwind Pass to investigate the strange smell of death wafting from there.

They entered the tower in the darkness, but none returned.

In fact, some eyewitnesses insisted that the dead souls of those nobles still lingered within Karazhan. They too now suffered under the torture of the curse, unable to leave the halls of the tower.

There were some other ghosts that occupied Medivh's creepy laboratories. These were demons that had been summoned by the mad mage.

Regardless of all the rumours, one thing about Karazhan was for sure…

Once you entered, you might never be able to come out!

However, for the players, no matter how exaggerated the descriptions were, as long as there was a chance for exquisite equipment to be dropped, they would enthusiastically charge forward.

After entering, there were a few strange humanoid and horse shaped creatures. These were horses and humans that had turned Undead.

"I've got new equipment. Let me show you its attributes," Lu Li said, revealing the attributes before continuing, "Lets practice it a few times first. Listen to my instructions and lead all the monsters within an 8-yard range. Everyone, make sure you use your damage reduction skills."

"Dammit Lu Li, did you sell your kidneys? Where did you find such a good item?"

Azure Sea Breeze was quite surprised.

As a regular of Instance Dungeons, he understood the mechanisms of Instance Dungeons just like Lu Li did. He could already tell that this was an exquisite item at a glance.

"It was given by my mentor. You already knew that my mentor had a certain relationship with this place," Lu Li answered, not hiding how he had acquired it.

It didn't matter if this item was known to outsiders. He was Garona's only disciple and there was only one of these items. The other clubs couldn't get their hands on it even if they sold everything they had.

The practice wasn't too complicated, and they managed to get it right after a few waves of monsters. The main thing was to listen to the instructions, judge where you could gather the monsters and use the terrain to help you execute this. Then, all the team had to do was cast their area of effect skills.

Karazhan was a magical place, and its first Boss had a certain probability of dropping a mount.

However, it was very unlikely!


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