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The Legendary Baka Warriors
Author :Elyon
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1 Prologue

Today is a special day for the citizens of Edelweiss. The hero of the kingdom, the handsome young master of Ravencourt is about to arrive at the city gates. Rows upon rows of beautiful women lined up on the sidewalk to gaze at the fabled handsome young master of Ravencourt.

It didn't take long before a grand procession arrived at the city gates. Taking the lead was a young man riding a white horse. He was dressed in black clothing that matched his elegant demeanor. His carefree smile instantly captured the hearts of all the ladies present.

A pretty girl dressed in noble clothing screamed from the side of the city gate. "Kyaaaah! Kyaaaaah! It's the handsome young master!"

The young man casually flipped his shiny black hair as if to tell everyone "Go on ladies, praise me more."

A busty lady in her early twenties gasped, "He's so dreamy! So handsome!" She pushed the crowd in front of her to have a better look.

"Handsome young master! I love you!" A teenage girl with cute curls shouted from ten meters away.

The young man winked at the teenage girl and blew her a kiss. The teenage girl was overwhelmed with emotion causing her to faint with a smile on her face.

A beautiful middle-aged woman threw him seductive looks. "Handsome young master, I want your child!"

The young man chuckled and it made the middle-aged woman's legs turn to jelly. She helplessly flopped down on the ground as her pupils turned into hearts while staring at him.

An old woman wearing a pink dress broke out from the crowd and ran in his direction. "Handsome young master please marry me!"

Her sudden action made her legs cramp, and she fell helplessly face first on the hard cobblestone street.

She closed her eyes, and braced herself. She waited for the pain to come, but it never did. Instead of the hard cobble stone hitting her face, something soft and warm replaced it.

The old lady slowly opened her eyes, and saw the hero of the kingdom cradling her in his embrace. He smiled at her, and asked in a worried voice.

"Grandma, are you hurt anywhere?"

The hero of the kingdom was just too handsome, and the old lady was mesmerized by his looks. "N-no, I'm fine. Thank you for saving me."

She forcefully averted her gaze to the side. Looking at his sincere and beautiful brown eyes made her heart pound like crazy. Her wrinkled face turned beet red. This was the first time that a man managed to capture her heart.

The handsome young master lifted her in a princess carry, and carried her towards the priests who was part of his entourage.

The young ladies who saw this scene was filled with envy. They cursed themselves for not running towards their hero, and accidentally "trip" in order to get his attention. They lost the chance, and they were not shameless enough to make another scene in front of the crowd.

After making sure that the priests are looking after the grandma, the handsome young master took the lead once more and walked on the street. He held the reigns of his horse as he waved at the crowd. His elegance and charisma made the ladies go wild with fervor.

A beautiful lady wearing seductive clothes jumped up and down from where she stood. "Kyaaaah! He smiled at me! He waved at me!"

"No! he smiled at me!" The pretty girl standing next to her refuted.

"No! He smiled and waved at me!" Another girl joined their conversation.

"Wanna fight?!"

"Hah! Bring it on!"

The handsome young man saw the commotion and decided to intervene. He coughed a few times and it caught the crowd's attention. The argument died down, and everyone gazed at him.

"Girls, there is no need for you to fight among yourselves because," the handsome young master paused and struck a cool pose, "I love all of you equally." he added.

The ladies weren't able to stop themselves and screamed in delight. Some of them threw their shame away and ran in his direction.

"Handsome young master, make me your concubine!"

"Handsome young master, please give me your baby!"

"Handsome young master, make me your slave!"

"Handsome young master, make me your pet!"

"Handsome young master, ravage me!"

The handsome young master didn't brush them off. Instead he encouraged them to embrace him.

"Girls, come into my arms, and let the handsome me make your dreams come true!"

"Handsome young master!" The beautiful ladies went wild because of his declaration.

He was showered with kisses and they caressed every part of his body. Nothing escaped the ladies clutches, and their hands wandered freely. The handsome young master sighed in bliss at the sweet sensation of soft hands caressing his face.

The soft hand caressing his face felt familiar. It was a hand that he had held so many times in the past.

"Handsome young master, it's morning. Time to wake up." A voice spoke in his mind.

He slowly opened his eyes and gazed at the beautiful lady lying beside him.

"Just ten more minutes." He said.

"If that is your wish, then this humble servant dare not disobey."


And with that, the handsome young master closed his eyes one more time. He has ten more minutes to embrace the beautiful ladies in his dream.


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