The Legendary Baka Warriors
3 Tavern Brawl
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The Legendary Baka Warriors
Author :Elyon
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3 Tavern Brawl

Milfa woke to the sound of birds chirping. She had the habit of waking up at this time of the day due to her duties as her young master's retainer. She glanced at her twin sister Tifa, who is still sleeping beside her.

'You're the older one, shouldn't you wake up earlier than me?' Milfa sighed.

'But, if that were to happen, then I'll probably lose one of the things that make my mornings complete.'

Milfa slowly stood up from the bed and did some basic stretches. She stopped after she felt that her muscles are no longer stiff from sleep. She gave her sister one last glance and left the room. She headed towards her young master's room with a slight spring in her step.

She opened the door and headed straight to the bed. Her young master is still sleeping like a pig. She giggled at the sight of his messy black hair and wiped the drool that is coming out from the side of his mouth.

"Handsome young master, it's morning. Time to wake up." Milfa said.

She opened the curtains and sunlight poured down from the window.

"Mmm." Kei stirred in his sleep.

Milfa sat on the bed and caressed his cheeks. She knew that her young master will be waking up soon, so she took this opportunity to get some skinship. Her young master's face is rough to the touch, but she did not mind.

Kei slowly opened his eyes. He felt someone caressing his cheek and knew that it was Milfa who have come to wake him up. While he won't admit it in the open, waking up in this manner makes him happy.

"Just ten more minutes." Kei said.

"If that is your wish, then this humble servant dare not disobey."


Kei closed his eyes one more time. He was very tired because he stayed up late last night writing letters. Milfa stood up from the bed and organized the letters that her young master wrote last night. She will have to send them by messenger hawks on her young master's stead.

True to his word, Kei lazily stood up from the bed after ten minutes. He yawned and did his morning stretches. While doing so, he glanced at Milfa who was only wearing a one piece night dress and frowned.

"You know, you shouldn't go out of your room wearing only a night dress. Even if our rooms are just right next to each other."

"Understood handsome young master, it won't happen again."

"Mmm, as long as you understand."

Milfa smiled at Kei. "But, can I wear this to wake you up when we go back to the Frieden Estate?"

"Of course you can." Kei said. "After all, I am a healthy young man. Who wouldn't want to see a beauty like you in her lingerie?"

Milfa gazed at her young master. One of his thick eyebrows were raised and his thick lips formed a nasty grin. If other women were to see his current expression, they would be already be running for their lives.

She giggled and winked at her young master.

"All you need to do is give the order handsome young master, and I'll happily wear anything for you."

Kei chuckled and waved his hand.

"Go and wake your older sister, let's have breakfast together." Kei said.

"As you wish, handsome young master."


Kei watched Milfa leave the room. After making sure that she is gone, he rubbed his cheeks in order to erase the silly grin on his face.

'Ai~ Milfa's feelings towards me hasn't changed. I better give her a proper answer soon.'

He washed his face and wore his clothes. He waited for the twins to knock on his door and the three of them went to the tavern together.

The tavern was filled with adventurers during this time of day. Some of them are preparing for their raid while others are just lazing around waiting for their party members to show up.

The moment Kei's party entered the dungeon, all eyes focused on the two beauties beside him.

"Whoa! Such beautiful twins!" an adventurer in his early twenties exclaimed in delight.

"Damn! Why are they accompanying a goblin? They're better off accompanying someone like me!" An adventurer with with above average looks gritted his teeth in envy.

"Two beautiful flowers placed in a pile of dung! What a waste!" A middle aged man lamented.

Looks of envy and hate were directed at Kei. He just smiled and arrogantly raised his chin.

"Will you look at that girls, I'm so handsome that all the men can't help but give me envious looks." Kei said.

The adventurers glared at him. Some of them ogled the two beauties beside him.

Kei sighed while striking a pose that irked the adventurers in the tavern even more. "Hah~ Being handsome is a sin."

The bartender spat in disdain. 'What?! you're handsome? What part of you is handsome? Your nose? You fool!'

"The handsome me will grace this tavern with my presence. All of you are lucky to have this opportunity to gaze upon the handsome me." Kei said.

The eyes of the adventurers went bloodshot and some of them stood up in anger. They've seen shameless people before, but they never saw someone this shameless. It would had been fine if he really is as handsome as he proclaim to be.

But, someone with a face that is slightly better than a goblin dares to call himself handsome? Even if the gods allow it, they will not allow it!

The adventurers were raring to give Kei a good beating. Seeing the situation play out the way it did, Kei raised his chin arrogantly and spoke.

"I know the handsome me have a drop dead, gorgeous, sexy body, but I only like women! I don't like men! So all of you boys can just vent your frustrations on each other!"

With a shout of anger and frustration, a teenage adventurer ran towards Kei's direction with a wooden chair in his hand.

The teenage adventurer screamed, "You bastard! If you're handsome then there's no handsome men in this world!"

The other adventurers followed suit and ran toward Kei with the intention of beating him to a pulp.

"You-You crazy guys I just said I don't like men!" Kei said.

"Just roll over and die you bastard!" the teenage adventurer was about to smash the chair on Kei's head when he was sent flying with a kick by Tifa.

"Handsome young master, please step back." Tifa said.

"Let us handle the rest, handsome young master." Milfa stood in front of Kei and glared at the adventurers.

Kei sighed and crossed his arms on his chests.

'Mmm, go get them girls.'


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