The Legendary Baka Warriors
-1 Class Classifications
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The Legendary Baka Warriors
Author :Elyon
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-1 Class Classifications

[Body Physique Classes]

E - Normal Body Physique (Commoners)

D - Slightly above normal.

C - Stronger than normal men.

B - Enhanced Physical/Magical Abilities

A - Has a bloodline ability.

S - Inborn special abilities from physique/bloodline. Can have more than one bloodline ability.

SR - Has a special physique/bloodlines akin to mythical/legendary beasts (Example: Dragon Bloodline, Phoenix Bloodline, Lightning Spirit Veins, Fire Spirit Veins, etc. ). Able to use the advance power of their bloodline abilities.

SSR - Pure Bloodline/Physique. Able to wield the full power of their bloodline abilities and Body Physique abilities.

Black - Bloodline/Physique of Deities or what you call Lesser Gods


[Magic Power Classes]

E - Unable to use magic power.

D - Very little magic power. Just enough to use storage items like storage rings, storage bags etc.

C - Is able to cast basic magic spells. (Example: Stone Bullet, Fire Bullet, Water Bullet, Air Bullet, Cure etc.)

B - Able to cast second level spells. (Example: Fireball, Stone spikes, Water Ball, Air Slash, Heal etc.)

A - Has the ability to feel and harness the flow of mana in the surroundings. Can use the mana to enhance their magic power to cast advanced third level spells.

S - Larger mana pool and able to cast spells simultaneously. Can use 4th level magic spells. (Example: Fire Wall, Stone Wall, Hydro Ball, Air Blast, Great Heal.)

SR - Able to fly in the sky with the use of magic power in the environment. Can summon Elementals to fight for them and use 5th level magic spells. (Example: Fire Elemental, Mass Healing, etc.)

SSR - The Pinnacle of the Mortal Realm. The power they wield are able to destroy cities. Can use up to 7th level magic spells. (Example: Summon Lord Class Elementals, Greater Mass Healing, Fire Storm, Lightning Storm.)

Black - Breaks through the boundaries of the Mortal Realm. The powers they wield are akin to Deities or what you call Lesser Gods.


[Guild Rankings]

Class E - Beginner

Class D - Intermediate

Class C - Experienced

Class B - Veteran

Class A - Elite

Class S - Champions

Class SR - Emperor/Empress

Class SSR - Sovereigns

Class Black - Supreme


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