The Legendary Baka Warriors
6 Old Ginger is Spicier
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The Legendary Baka Warriors
Author :Elyon
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6 Old Ginger is Spicier

Kei and the twins are headed towards the main attraction of the city, the Dungeon of Greed. The city of Amaranth is one of the few cities in the kingdom that is built around a dungeon. Dungeons bring wealth and opportunities to people who are brave enough to enter its depths.

Of course, it also bring danger. Anyone can lose their life, especially when they're going to the lower floors, but the temptation of riches outweighs the risks involved.

"Handsome young master, there seems to be a group of people following behind us," Tifa said.

"Mmm? Ignore them. We'll lose them once we enter the dungeon."

"Handsome young master, I recognize one of them. It was the adventurer that tried to attack you earlier," Milfa whispered.

"Mmm? You're right. Oh, F*ck, he brought a hundred men with him. Girls, let's hurry and enter the dungeon!" Kei ordered.

The three of them hastened their pace and entered the portal leading to the first floor of the dungeon.

Not far away from them, a group of adventurers arrived at the portal leading to the entrance of the dungeon.

"Wow! Those twins are gorgeous!"

"Did you see their bodies? Damn so hot!"

"Boss, I'm liking this job more and more!"

"Shut up! We didn't come here for a picnic!" Arnold said. He regretted bringing these horny rookies to help him finish this mission.

"It would be best if we leave half of our men to guard the entrance," Nick suggested. "That way, even if they find a way to escape our pursuit our men would be waiting for them here.

"Very well," Arnold agreed. "Let's do that."

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"Half of you stay here, the rest will follow us inside the dungeon." Nick ordered.

"Boss! Let me go inside the dungeon with you!"

"Pick me boss! Pick me!"

More than sixty adventurers volunteered to enter the dungeon with them.

Arnold hollered, "Shut up! You bunch of horny brats!"

He spent five minutes forming a fifty-man team to join the dungeon exploration. The rest encircled the only entrance and exit of the dungeon.


Inside the first floor of the dungeon…

Kei handed the twins the "Special Masks" that he bought from the craft artisan shop. The masks has a special enchantment that will change the appearance and body structure of anyone who wears it.

A high grade monster core is consumed to make the enchantment work, and the effect only lasts for ten hours. Kei tried to bargain with the shop owner, but the latter refused to lower the prices. With no other choice, he bought five masks for 5,000 gold.

"Girls, let's go with operation [Spicy Ginger]," Kei said.

"Understood handsome young master!" the twins replied.

The three took off their outer clothes and wore plain traveler clothes. They wore their masks and their transformation took place in less than a minute.

The twins turned into old women with different facial features. Milfa had a crooked nose while Tifa had a big mole on her cheek. The two of them glanced at each other and giggled.

Kei turned into an old man with average features. He did some basic stretches to get used to his new body. It didn't take long before the three of them heard sounds of uniformed footsteps in the distance.

Kei gave the twins a wink and the two nodded in acknowledgement.

Kei howled, "Aiyo~ my back hurts!"

"Dear! What happened to you?!" Milfa embraced him from behind and supported his body.

"Darling! What's wrong?!" Tifa said, looking distraught.

The footsteps arrived at their location and the band of adventurers looked at the old folks with concern.

"Excuse me seniors, what happened? Can we be of assistance?" Arnold asked. The years of being a good Samaritan was engraved in his bones. He had developed a habit of not turning a blind eye to people in need.

"Ah, what a good child you are. We're fine, my back pain is just acting up again," Kei replied.

"Gramps, you shouldn't go inside the dungeon at your age. It's very dangerous here," Nick said. "Why don't we escort you outside?"

The adventurers all nodded at Nick's suggestion. They looked at their seniors hoping that they would accept their captain's goodwill.

"Dear, we should listen to them. We're not that young anymore," Milfa advised. "Our years of adventure is far behind us."

"No! I gave you my word that we would spend our honeymoon on the 20th floor of this dungeon!" Kei howled. "I will not go back on my word!"

"Darling, we could just go to a peaceful place to have our honeymoon. We don't need to risk our lives here." Tifa argued.

"Sister is right dear. We can make love under the moonlight and let the heavens witness our undying love for each other." Milfa said.

Arnold and Nick almost spat blood at the same time. They can't believe that the old man's reason for going inside the dungeon is to spend a honeymoon with his wives. The two looked at each other in dismay.

"But, there is a flower in the 20th floor called the [Flower of Passion]. It will give us the vitality to have twenty rounds of hot, steamy, and vigorous lovemaking. Are you sure you don't want to experience that before we pass away? Kei lamented.



"I know that this may sound far-fetched, but I'm hoping that the two of you can bear my children one more time."


The fifty-man team sucked in deep breaths as they bear witness to the old man's shameless declaration of love.

"Hisss! The old ginger is still spicy!"

"Damn! This old man's libido is second to none!"

"Fck! He dragged his wives inside the dungeon for a honeymoon? So hardcore!"

"Such shamelessness! But, it's romantic in it's own way!"

"Che! If I can only get a loyal wife, I'd die a happy man!"

"Dungeon play is very common among adventurers, but this is the first time I've heard of old couples doing it!"

"Bro! They even plan to do it on the 20th floor! That's the 20th floor! That's insane!"

The adventurers have mixed feelings about the determination of the old couple in front of them.

Nick and Arnold were touched by the old folks love for each other.

"Bro!" Nick stared at Arnold with a look of pleading.

"Say no more brother! I understand!" Arnold wiped a tear from his eye. He was touched by the display of affection by the seniors in front of him.

Nick shouted, "Men! What say you?!"

"For Honor! For Glory! The Harkon Brigade Will pave the path to Victory!" The adventurers roared.

"Seniors, please allow the Harkon Brigade to escort you to the 20th floor!" Arnold said.

"Huh?! No, it's fine. We just need to take a little rest. You don't have to trouble yourselves with old people like us." Kei replied.

"Don't worry Gramps we got your backs covered!"

"Anything that stands in our way will be beaten to a pulp! You can leave the rest to us Grandpa!"

"We will make sure that your honeymoon will be a success gramps!"

"Yes! We'll make sure that the two grandmas get pregnant!"

Tifa and Milfa almost choked when they heard the adventurers' cheerful encouragement.

"No! You don't have to do this! I feel better now! See?" Kei did some basic stretches in front of the adventurers.

Nick roared, "Men! If our seniors lose even a single strand of hair in this expedition, all of you will undergo hellish training!"

"Sir! Yes! SIR!" The adventurers replied in unison.

The three "seniors" glanced at each other. Kei didn't know whether to laugh or cry at their current situation.

'I got carried away in my acting again...'

Kei sighed and allowed the adventurers to escort them to the lower floors of the dungeon.


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