The Legendary Baka Warriors
7 Alarming News
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The Legendary Baka Warriors
Author :Elyon
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7 Alarming News

The Harkon Brigade decided to help their seniors reach the 20th floor. They were touched by Grandpa Cloud's undying will to get his two wives pregnant.

"The entrance to the 4th floor is clear!"

"All the mobs had been cleared out sir!

"Very well, let's proceed to the 5th floor," Arnold said. "Continue to be vigilant men!"

The adventurers were very motivated. They made sure that their seniors are securely protected in the center of their formation.

"Gramps are you tired? Do you want me to carry you?"

"No child, I'm fine. Don't worry about me."

"Gramps, are you hungry? We have meat buns here. Do you want some?"

"No child, I just ate. Thank you for the offer though."

"Gramps, are you thirsty? We have fruit juice!"

"No child, but I am very grateful for the offer." Kei refused for the umpteenth time.

He was sweating buckets at the attention he is receiving from the adventurers. Some of them even brazenly asked him questions on how to seduce women.

Tifa and Milfa giggled from the side. They find the scene in front of them very amusing.

"Grandpa Cloud, we are about to enter the 5th floor of the dungeon. Please stay in the center of the formation, this area has minotaurs appearing from time to time." Nick cautioned.

"Thank you young man. You and your guild are the role models of this generation." Kei replied.

He was genuinely impressed by the sincerity and dedication of the Harkon Brigade. Right now, he is feeling guilty for hurting one of their members.

Nick gave a sincere smile, "Don't worry Grandpa Cloud. We'll make sure that you and the grandma's are safe."

Nick entered the passageway to the 5th floor and the rest of the adventurers followed behind him.

The 5th floor of the Dungeon is a typical labyrinth. The maze spans for six kilometers and various monsters like poison spores (poisonous mushroom monsters), Drainlairs (vampire bats), black spiders, and minotaurs spawn in this dungeon floor.

The adventurers of Amaranth have memorized this floor from top to bottom. If there were no monsters present, they can easily clear it even with their eyes closed.

"The scouts are clearing the path ahead. So far, we haven't seen any minotaurs." Arnold greeted them.

"Thanks for your hard work." Kei said.

"The 3rd battalion also needed the training experience Grandpa Cloud. It's a win-win for the both of us."Arnold replied.

Kei smiled and nodded his head. He knew that it would be impolite to turn down their offer at this point, so he decided to let nature take its course.

Their advance inside the labyrinth was smooth. This is the first time that Kei is witnessing a disciplined battalion in action. He was impressed by their teamwork

The adventurers smoothly moved inside the labyrinth while the vanguard clear the monsters on the way. The rear guards are not being idle either. They are vigilant against sudden monster spawns behind their formation.

One of the scouts shouted, "Drainlairs up ahead! Magicians prepare your spells!"

"Mages, use Tiger Formation!" Arnold ordered.

The vanguard joined the main battalion and activated their defense talismans. The mages, on the other hand, charged their spells and waited for the right moment to strike.

Drainlairs like to attack in groups, and sometimes they attack in swarms. They are very resistant to physical attack, and only magic can deal heavy damage to their bodies.

A swarm of Drainlairs descended upon the adventurers. Their screech echoing upon the whole labyrinth. They gazed at the adventurers with bloodshot eyes.

"Open Fire!" Nick ordered.

"Fire Bullet!"

"Earth Bullet!"

"Wind Blade!"

"Water Ball!"

The barrage of spells rained down on the Drainlairs. The mages of the Harkon Brigade had been rigorously trained by Arnold himself. The volley of spells didn't stop, and the Drainlairs were dropping like flies.

Kei was impressed by the firepower of their mage squad. He determined that the rank of the mages are not lower than B-Rank Mages. He watched as the Drainlairs get decimated right in front of his eyes.

'Mmm, not bad.' Kei mused.

"Collection Team, pick all the monster cores!" Arnold ordered.

A team of adventurers deftly separated the monster cores from the dead Drainlairs. Drainlairs are C-Class monsters, and they drop C-Class monster cores. Monster cores below the B-Class are used as currency in some parts of the Kingdom.

Nick commanded, "Scouts, resume your duties!"

The scouts acknowledged the order and advanced forward. The vanguard followed closely behind them. It didn't take long before they reached the passageway of the 6th floor of the dungeon.

"Grandpa Cloud, the 6th floor of this dungeon is a safezone. We will rest for three hours, before we proceed in our expedition." Arnold said.

"Sounds good." Kei replied. He learned a lot from this experience, and he can't wait to use this information to train his own private army.

The 6th floor of the Dungeon of Greed has a forest setting. No monsters spawn in this floor. Because of this feature, the three major guilds decided to transform this floor into their base of operations.

There are inns, taverns, and even merchant shops on this floor. The adventurers of the Harkon Brigade headed straight to their guild residence on the western side of the forest.

The adventurers standing guard on the residence saw their superior officer and gave a salute.

"Open the Gates!"

The giant gate creaked open, and the 3rd battalion entered while still in their battle formation.

"Nick, please lead Grandpa Cloud and his wives to the guestroom." Arnold said.

"Grandpa, Grandma's, please follow me." Nick gestured for them to follow him.

Kei and the twins nodded and followed behind him.

One of the guards approached Arnold and whispered alarming news that they received from the other guilds a few hours ago.

"Sir Arnold, the 6th floor had a Minotaur outbreak." The guard whispered in his ear. "The captains of the other guilds are calling for an emergency meeting in the "Hall of Pride."
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Arnold frowned as he heard the news. The Dungeon of Greed has fifty floors, and it is very rare for a monster outbreak to happen. When a monster outbreak occur, it means that the floor boss has left its boss room.

It also means that the floor monsters suddenly acquired a leader that can command them like an army.

"Very well, tell the members not to leave the residence until my return." Arnold said. "I will head toward the Hall of Pride and discuss this with the officers of the other guilds."

"Sir, Yes Sir!" The guard saluted, and went back to his post.

'Such bad timing.' Arnold sighed and walked out of the residence.

He knew that this is a serious matter, and depending on the outcome of the meeting, they may have to postpone their dungeon expedition.


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