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The Legendary Baka Warriors
Author :Elyon
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8 Evacuation

Nick led Kei, Tifa, and Milfa to the guestroom of the Harkon Brigade on the 5th floor of the Dungeon of Greed.

"Grandpa Cloud, please rest here for a while," Nick said. "I will come to fetch you later when we resume our dungeon expedition."

"Thank you child. May the gods bless you and your guild." Kei replied.

Nick smiled and left the three of them to rest. Kei waited for a few minutes to confirm that no one was around and glanced at the twins. Tifa and Milfa nodded their heads to assure him that the coast is clear.

Kei scratched his head and sighed. "Any ideas how we can get out of this mess?"

The twins glanced at each other and giggled.

"Mmm? Did I say anything funny girls?"

"Handsome young master, you say you want to get out of this mess, but you have a smile on your face." Tifa said.

Milfa giggled and winked at him. "Handsome young master, If I'm not mistaken you want to see how this little play of yours end right?"

"Was it that obvious?" Kei was unable to refute, because it was the truth.

"Handsome young master, you always wear that smile when something interesting happens." Tifa said, chuckling.

Kei scratched his head. He knew that he really can't hide anything from his most trusted retainers. Since they understood his intention, he took out three high-grade monster cores from his storage bag.

"The two of you, use these to recharge your masks. Let's do it now while we have time to spare."

""As you command, handsome young master.""

The high grade monster cores turned into particles of light as the mask consumed their mana.

'It took us five hours to get here with the help of the Harkon Brigade. I wonder how long will it take for our group to reach the 20th floor…'

Kei was a bit worried because he only has twelve high-grade monster cores in his storage bag. After recharging their masks, their party has roughly 15 hours remaining until their transformation wears off.

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"Handsome young master, why don't you take a nap?" Milfa said. "I'll wake you when they come to fetch us."

"Mmm, that sounds like a good iea. Then please wake me when they arrive Milfa."

Milfa gave him a respectful bow. "As you wish, my dear."

Kei chuckled at her reply before going to the bedroom to rest. In truth, the dungeon expedition made him exhausted because the adventurers kept on pestering him with questions. Whenever the battalion takes a short break, they will come to him in swarms just to get some tips on how to woo women.

'Ai~ being handsome is a sin.'

This was the last thought that came to his mind before he closed his eyes to sleep.


Meanwhile inside the Hall of Pride…

More than twenty people are inside the Hall of Pride, and they are all seated on a round table. They have grave expressions on their faces which signifies how dire the situation is.

"The scouting team that we sent to check the situation had not returned. I'm afraid they had encountered the monster army." A man wearing red armor with the emblem of the wolf spoke with grievance.

"I just arrived so I don't know the full situation. When did this monster outbreak happen?" Arnold asked.

"It happened two days ago." A man wearing a white robe answered.

'If the outbreak started two days ago then the floor boss has taken control of all the monster in the 7th floor by now.' Arnold frowned when he heard the news.

The man wearing red armor glanced at the white robed man and asked a question. "Ethan, did you manage to make a divination?"

The man named Ethan sighed and shook his head. "Rayfield, Arnold, I'm afraid we have to consider evacuating our members out of this dungeon."

"The situation is that critical?" Rayfield said, surprised.

He didn't doubt Ethan's premonition, because among the core members of the Exodus Knights his intuition is second to none.

"Yes, I feel that something beyond our control is about to descend from the sixth floor. Every fibre of my being is telling me to get away from this place as fast as I can." Ethan said while wiping his forehead.

Everyone's faces in the room turned grim. Ethan has a reputation for being accurate in his divination. Even the guildmasters of the Harkon Brigade and Terra Riders asks him to do a reading for them from time to time. Both of them attest to the accuracy of his prediction.

Arnold stood up from his seat and glanced at his two acquaintances.

"Let's announce the evacuation. The Harkon Brigade will act as the rear guards. I will have to ask the two of you to make sure that the rest of the people on this floor reach the exit of the dungeon safely."

"Arnold, the Terra Riders will also stay to protect the rear," Rayfield said. "Ethan, I will entrust the evacuees to the Exodus Knights."

Arnold nodded his head. "Let us all meet up at the passageway leading to the 5th floor in two hours."

"Take what you can and leave the rest behind." Ethan said. "We can't afford to waste more time than this."

The three captains nodded and left the Hall of Pride. They need to inform their members about the evacuation as soon as possible.


Milfa shook Kei anxiously. "Handsome young master, please wake up. Something seems wrong."

Kei opened his eyes and yawned. "Mmm? Is it dinner time?"

"No," Milfa said. "Handsome young master, I can feel a sudden tension in the air."

Kei's expression turned serious. Milfa's instincts are very accurate and it had saved his life many times in the past.

"What do you feel right now?"

"I feel like something ominous is coming."

"Something ominous?"

"Yes, as if…a heavy pressure is weighing down on my chest."

Tifa appeared inside the bedroom. "Handsome young master, someone is coming."

Nick opened the door in a hurry. His body language is showing how anxious he was.

"Grandpa Cloud, we are evacuating the 6th floor. Please, join the others and head towards the passageway leading to the 5th floor." The serious expression on his face made the three of them realize that Milfa's hunch is correct.

"Understood, we will evacuate. What is your guild planning to do?" Kei said.

"The Harkon Brigade and the Terra Riders will act as the rear guard. The Exodus Knights will lead everyone to exit the dungeon. Please follow their instructions Grandpa Cloud."

Kei nodded and Nick escorted the three of them to the evacuation spot. He even assigned ten members of the brigade to ensure their safety.

"Grandpa Cloud, Grandma's, take care on the way back."

"Thank you for everything you had done for us. You and Arnold better return safely. I plan to make the two of you the godfathers of my future children."

Nick laughed and nodded his head. He was about to say something when the sound of horns being blown was heard in the distance.

"I have to go. Men, make sure to protect our seniors!"

""Sir, Yes Sir!""

Nick ran towards the assembly point of the rear guards. The tense atmosphere gripped the people on the evacuation site.

"Everyone, my name is Ethan! I am the captain of the Exodus Knights. I am tasked with leading each and everyone of you to reach the exit of the dungeon safely." Ethan said. "Make sure to follow my orders!"

Suddenly, sounds of spells being unleashed was heard. It is coming from direction of the passageway leading to the 7th floor.

Ethan waved his hand and the vanguard of the Exodus Knights entered the passageway leading to the 5th floor.

"The Harkon Brigade and the Terra Riders are acting as our rear guards. Make sure that their sacrifices will not be in vain! Everyone follow me!" Ethan entered the passageway.

The rest followed in an orderly manner. The Exodus Knights has spread out and protected the evacuees in the center of their formation.

Kei looked at the direction where the battle was taking place one last time before entering the passageway.

'Don't die Arnold, Nick.'


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