The Legendary Baka Warriors
11 Have no fear, your Daddy Kei is here!
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The Legendary Baka Warriors
Author :Elyon
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11 Have no fear, your Daddy Kei is here!

Ethan appeared at their headquarters and immediately rushed to the Guildmaster's quarters.

"Sir! We have an emergency!" Ethan said almost knocking the the door off its hinges.

The guildmaster of the Exodus Knights, Jeff Wilson, was busy writing a letter to one of his acquaintances when Ethan came barging in. He looked at his Vice Guild Master and immediately understood that something was terribly wrong.

He decided to cut to the chase, and asked the most important question first.

"What happened?"

"A full dungeon outbreak is upon us!"

"Crack," The pen in Jeff's hand snapped into two as he listened to Ethan's reply. "Ethan, are you sure about this?"

"Sir, I am willing to put my position and life on the line," Ethan said. "Please, contact the Duke, time is of the essence!"

Jeff didn't waste any more time and retrieved a small box from his drawer. He tapped it twice and the box started to transform.

[Commencing Identification…]

A beam of light scanned Jeff's eye pupils.

[Identification Confirmed…]

[Guildmaster of Exodus Knights: Jeff Wilson]

[Special Privilege Activated]

[Long Distance Communication Commencing…]


Capital of Windsor Serenis…

The Duke of Windsor, Thormund Windsor, was standing in front of a communication crystal in his office. An emergency communication was established from the city of Amaranth and it came from the guildmaster of the Exodus Knights.
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He was about to accept the call when two more notifications from Amaranth arrived. Thormund waved his hand to activate the [Conference] feature to better understand the situation.

The faces of the three Guild Masters appeared before him. All three of them had grave faces which made Thormund frown. 'Something big must have happened in Amaranth.'

"My Lord, a full dungeon outbreak is about to fall upon Amaranth," Jeff said, anxiously.

Jack Megan, the Guild Master of the Harkon Brigade sighed, "Please, send the Army of Windsor to help contain the outbreak."

A beautiful woman in her late thirties gazed at the Duke. She was the guildmaster of the Terra Riders, Sarah Haven. She had a reputation for being a fearless woman in the battlefield.

"We will hold the outbreak for as long as we can in order to give the citizens time to evacuate," Sarah said. "Make sure to send reinforcements as fast as you can."

Thormund almost didn't believe what he heard. If not for the fact that all three of the top Guild Masters in Amaranth were telling him that a full dungeon outbreak was about to happen in his Dukedom, he would never believe it.

"Try to hold for as long as you can," Thormund said. "I will send the army at once!"

The three Guild Masters nodded and cut off the connection. Thormund activated another communication crystal. It was a crystal that allowed him to communicate to all the cities within this Dukedom.

"Citizens of Windsor, today I greet you with grave news. The Dungeon of Greed in the city of Amaranth is about to unleash a full dungeon outbreak."

He paused for a few seconds to allow the citizens to digest the news.

"I am calling for all the Mayors in each city to send reinforcements and assist in protecting Amaranth from this disaster," Thormund said. "The Army of Windsor will be dispatched, but it will take some time before they arrive at the city of Amaranth."

The citizens of the Dukedom listened to their Duke, and waited for his next words.

"Until then, pray to the Gods to bestow their mercy upon the citizens of Amaranth."

Thormund cut the communication and immediately had an emergency meeting with the general of his army. Orders were issued and more than half of the army was mobilized.

They started their march in haste and headed towards the city of Amaranth. Thormund and the General both agreed that an Elite Squad should be dispatched ahead of time. Their mission was to assist the guilds in confronting the monster army that would soon appear from the Dungeon.

Thormund decided to personally take command, and gathered the Elites of the army. They used teleport scrolls in order to reach the city as soon as they could. Even so, they would only arrive at City Amaranth after two hours.


Sounds of weapons clashing against each other echoed on the third floor of the Dungeon of Greed. It didn't take long for the monster army to break through the Earthen Wall that Arnold used to block the exit of the fifth floor.

The monster horde rushed to the lower floors and caught up with them on the third floor.

All the able bodied adventures blocked their advance, while the injured ones continued their escape to reach the surface.

"Retreat!" Nick ordered. "Bring the injured to the surface!"

Nick was taking deep breaths as he forced himself to stand his ground.

He couldn't even lift his left hand due to exhaustion, and he was barely able to fight using his right.

Rayfield and Arnold were not far away from him and keeping the strong monsters at bay with a barrage of spells and sword skills.


A barrage of homing stone bolts pelted the advancing monsters and obliterated them.

Arnold was close to his limit and he could already feel the side effects of mana exhaustion. He clenched his teeth and gulped another mana potion. This was his last mana bottle, and at most he could only cast two more third tier spell, or one fourth tier spell.

[Air Time!]

Rayfield used his signature move and wrecked havoc to the battlefield. [Air Time] allowed him to freely fly and move five times faster than normal. It was his ultimate move and a Master Swordsman with this ability was a terrifying enemy to meet on the battlefield.

Unfortunately, this ability only lasted for ten minutes and he wouldn't be able to use it again for an hour. He hacked all the monsters in front of him and kept them at bay. The monsters hissed at him, but didn't continue their advance.

Nick, Arnold, Rayfield, as well as a dozen adventurers who decided to hold the line glared at the monster army in front of them.

"Do you think Ethan reached the surface?" Nick asked.

Arnold coughed and massaged his chest, "You don't have to worry about him. He knows what he needs to do."

"I'm sure that all the guilds have been informed by now," Rayfield replied. "They're probably making a defensive line at this very moment."

Nick laughed, "I guess, this is where we make our last stand huh?"

Arnold and Rayfield simply chuckled. They knew that there was no hope for them to escape their fate. The other adventurers also laughed in the face of eminent death. They planned to take as many of these bastards to hell with them.

The two parties were raring to clash with each other when a screech was heard behind the monster army.

A giant winged serpent appeared from behind the dungeon monsters. It was like a crossbreed between a Serpent and a Dragon. The adventurers subconsciously stepped back the moment they saw it.

"Bakunawa, the boss of the 20th floor of the Dungeon," Nick cursed. "Fck…"

Arnold made hand seals and charged his final spell [Last Stand].

Rayfield brandished his sword and readied his sword skill [Man and Sword].

The Bakunawa snorted and was about to command the monster army to advance when it stopped in its tracks. Its pupils narrowed at a spot a hundred meters away from the adventurers.

The adventurers were surprised by the sudden action of the Dungeon Boss. They also turned their heads in the direction the boss was looking.

They saw a man with black hair, thick eyebrows, and thick lips in a pose that would want to make anyone, even monsters, spit at him in disgust.

"Have no fear, for I your daddy Kei, the handsome young master is here!"


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