The Legendary Baka Warriors
13 Kei“s Dilemma
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The Legendary Baka Warriors
Author :Elyon
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13 Kei“s Dilemma

'A corrupted Dungeon Core?'

Kei frowned as he listened to Grandma Sophie's explanation. The sad and pitiful voice that was asking for help was still fresh in his mind.

{I know what you're thinking, but it's too late,} Grandma Sophie said. {For now, focus your attention on escaping the dungeon.}

The pleading voice spoke again and Kei clenched his fist in frustration. He knew that grandma Sophie was right, but the voice filled with suffering and pain was so heartbreaking that he had the urge to turn back and look for the dungeon core.

As if understanding his thoughts the ring on his hand vibrated.

Grandma Sophie sighed, {Child, there are things that you can change, and things that you can't.}

'I understand Grandma Sophie.'

It didn't take long before the adventurers reached the exit of the dungeon. They flew towards the portal and appeared at the surface. What they saw outside gave them hope.

A defensive line by all the guilds of Amaranth could be seen from in front of the city wall. The guild masters were surprised to see more survivors escape from the dungeon. Jack, the guildmaster of the Harkon Brigade was overjoyed to see that Nick and Arnold were safe.

Kei and the adventurers landed on the city walls. The effect of the spell [Zephyr] wore off the moment they landed.

"Nick! Arnold!" Jack hugged the two of them with unrestrained joy.

Kei smiled at the touching reunion and glanced at the two other guildmasters of Amaranth. The two of them were looking at him with admiration. He thought that they were just overwhelmed by how handsome he was, and decided to turn a blind eye to their respectful gazes.

Kei looked at Jack and made an inquiry, "Did you inform the Duke?"

"Yes, the army of Windsor is on it's way."

"Mmm, that's good."

Kei scanned the members of the different guilds of Amaranth and frowned. He didn't need to be a genius to know that this line-up would not be able to hold the monsters at bay for long.

Jack saw the concern on his face and sighed, "I wish that we could have met each other at a much earlier time, handsome young master of Ravencourt."

"Oh, you know of me?"

"Of course, your fame spreads far and wide in the Eastern Federation."

Nick and Arnold were dumbfounded at this sudden discovery. They glanced at each other and shook their heads helplessly. To think that their target was the famed 'handsome young master' of Ravencourt. Even if they had thousands of men in their battalion, they wouldn't dare touch a single strand of hair on his body.

Capture one of the Overlords of the Federation? Couldn't you choose a less painful way to die? This was the thought that was going through their heads as they looked at the famous young master of Ravencourt.

Noticing that the two were staring at him, Kei smiled and gave them a wink. Nick and Arnold smiled like two idiots that had just received a pardon from the Gods.

Arnold glared at Nick as if saying 'You bastard, just wait until all of this is over, and I promise not to skin you alive!'

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Nick returned his glare with an innocent look as if saying "Bro, don't look at me like that ah! I didn't know ah! I was not informed ah!'


The loud screech of the Bakunawa coming from the dungeon snapped everyone to attention. The magicians began to chant their spells in preparation for the battle. The guildmasters returned to their posts and gave out orders. Everyone was looking at the entrance of the dungeon with bated breath.

"Handsome young master, your orders?" Tifa stood on his left side, and Milfa positioned herself at his right. The two of them waited for their master's order.

"We will stay here and help hold the line until the army of Windsor arrives," Kei said.

The guildmasters of the different guilds were paying close attention to him. When they heard his words, they felt excited. Fighting side by side with one of the Overlords of the Federation was a very rare opportunity. They became more motivated and decided to give their best in order to give him a lasting impression.

Kei arrogantly raised his head to look at the sky. The adventurers were mesmerized by how cool he looked.

"Damn, that is his signature looking down at his enemy pose."

"To be able to see one of the Overlords in action! I have no regrets even if I die!"

"If only he didn't look like a goblin, I wouldn't mind becoming his girlfriend!"

"Che! With your looks? Dream on!"

"I now understand why he has two gorgeous twins by his side. Damn! I'm so jealous!"

"That arrogant look, that arrogant pose! Too arrogant! Too awesome!"

The adventurers looked at his pose with admiration while Kei was having a serious dilemma.

'I need to take a dump, but I can't leave now…'

Sweat was forming on his forehead as the feeling of release crept closer by the second. He maintained his intimidating pose and gently caressed the ring on his right hand with his thumb.

{Just take a dump, why are you holding it in?} Grandma Sophie said, anxiously. {Make sure not to use your right hand when wiping it do you understand?}

'Grandma, can't you think of something? People are looking at me right now, I need to act cool!'

{You bastard! Just find a place and get it over with!}

'Grandma, I can't move,' Kei was sweating buckets. 'If I move now…it will come out.'

Grandma Sophie didn't know whether to laugh or cry the moment she heard his reply. She thought hard, but no solution came to mind.

{Can't you just…do it while standing up?}


While the two of them were arguing the Bakunawa and the dungeon monsters finally made their appearance. They roared and shouted their war cries towards the adventurers. More powerful presences appeared as the other dungeon bosses made their way outside the portal.

"Hmmp! No matter how many of you appear, as long as handsome young master is here we have nothing to fear!" A middle-aged man shouted at the monsters.

"That's right!"

"Come here you big snake! This daddy will hack you to pieces!"

"Fight! Fight!"

Kei wasn't paying attention to his surroundings because he was busy keeping the call of nature at bay while arguing with Grandma Sophie.

{Aiyo! I have a great idea!}

'Really?! You're a life saver grandma. Please tell me, hurry!'

{This is what you need to do….}


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