The Legendary Baka Warriors
14 Grandma Sophie“s Suggestion
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The Legendary Baka Warriors
Author :Elyon
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14 Grandma Sophie“s Suggestion

"Grandma…" Kei almost choked as he heard Grandma Sophie's idea.

{Hmmp! If you have any better ideas then go ahead!}

Kei thought long and hard. He weighed the pros and cons of other options, but Grandma Sophie's idea was the best among the rest. He clenched his teeth while thinking of other ideas.

The battle was raging as the adventurers on the city walls bombarded the monster army with spells, arrows, and other projectiles. The Bakunawa was being forced back by the combined efforts of the top three guild masters of Amaranth.

"Don't let them climb the walls!" Jack said while casting fireballs left and right. "Kill them all!"

A mage that had been tasked to monitor the entrance of the dungeon shouted, "Sir the floor boss of the 30th floor, 'Dark Snake Lord' has appeared!"

The nine meter tall dungeon boss hissed at the city and conjured shadow serpents to join the battle. These serpents were fast and able to dodge magic spells with ease. They crawled the wall effortlessly and unleashed chaos on the adventurers guarding it.

Sarah, the Guildmaster of the Terra Riders, managed to cut a few of them down. She was using an upgraded version of [Air Time] that allowed her to freely fly and move ten times faster than normal.

This effect lasts for half an hour, but the downside was that she wouldn't be able to use it again for five hours after the spell ended.

Jeff Wilson, the Guildmaster of the Exodus Knights sighed in frustration, "Ethan, I hate it when you're right."

"Sir, there are times when I hate myself for being right," Ethan said while blasting a Shadow Snake from the city wall with a spell.


"Tifa, Milfa listen to me," Kei said. "I need your help."

"What is it young master?" Tifa replied.

Milfa waited patiently by his side.

"I need the two of you to catapult me towards the Bakunawa using a spell."

"As you comm…huh?" Tifa was dumbfounded by her master's unreasonable command.

"Can you please repeat your order, handsome young master?" Milfa asked, anxiously.

"Mmm, I want the two of you to use a spell to catapult me towards the Bakunawa," Kei said. "I want to fight it one on one."

The twins shivered at the same time. This was not the first time their young master ordered them to do something crazy, but fighting a dungeon boss alone? They glanced at each other with worry.

"Relax girls, don't you trust me? I promise I'll be safe."

"Handsome young master, this…are you sure?"

"Please reconsider, handsome young master."

Kei smiled at the two of them to ease their worries.

"Fine, I'll compromise," Kei said. "Cast [Zephyr] on me."

The twins anxiously looked at each other. They nodded their heads and chose to believe their young master.

'Please hurry girls, I don't know how long I can hold it in…'

Grandma Sophie chuckled, {Aigoo~ this is funny!}

Tifa started to chant, "Glide like there's no tomorrow, leave behind all the pain and sorrow."

'Yes, I want to leave the pain and sorrow behind…please hurry!'

Milfa finished the spell and pointed at Kei. "Give him the power of flight, aid him in his current plight!"

{Your plight! Hahahahaha! Very funny!}


Kei felt his body became lighter. He didn't wait for a moment longer and flew towards the Bakunawa. The adventurers gasped at his action. They watched as he dodged the other flying monsters and fearlessly headed towards the Bakunawa alone.

"So fearless! As expected of one of the Overlords!"

"Maybe this battle was too boring for him, so he decided to single-handedly fight the boss monster?"

"Too badass!"

"Did you see the expression on his face? It was like he was constipated or something…" A young adventurer voiced out his opinion.

"Bah! What do you know?! He uses that expression when he feels pity towards his enemies!"

"Really? It doesn't look that way to me…it's more like he wants to take a dump."

"Hmmp! That's the reason why you're still a Rank D Adventurer! You don't understand Awesomeness!"

"Uh…maybe you're right."

"Yeah! Just survive this battle and learn newbie!"

The adventurers watched in admiration except for the young Rank D Adventurer. His name was Alexander, an orphan who wanted to be an adventurer. He was being sponsored by the Harkon Brigade because of his talent in magic.

Kei flew and zoomed in on the Bakunawa. The boss monster recognized the one who is approaching him and roared in fury. It flapped its wings in a frenzy, it couldn't wait to vent its frustrations on him.

The Boss and one of the Overlords was about to collide in mid-air. All the adventurers, even the monsters paused to see the result of their collision. The Bakunawa opened its mouth with the intention of ripping Kei to shreds.

Kei waited for the right moment and exponentially increased his speed, catching the Boss in surprise. Instead of ripping him to shreds with his teeth, the Bakunawa unintentionally swallowed him whole.

The adventurers had a look of disbelief on their faces as they watched their idol get eaten in front of their eyes. The Bakunawa recovered from its surprise and looked at the adventurers mockingly. The mirth in its eyes couldn't be hidden by its monstrous appearance.


Meanwhile inside the Bakunawa...

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"Hah! Stupid snake! You think you can outsmart this handsome young master!" Kei said, chuckling. "You are a hundred years too early!"

Kei was stuck in the throat of the Bakunawa using hooks that his best friend, Little John, had made for him. He secured himself in place and decided to finish his mission.

"PURURURURURUT!" He shivered in ecstasy after the long awaited release. He never thought that the feeling of doing a 'number two' inside a boss monster would feel this good. He was not in a rush to finish his mission. His only thought right now was to properly empty his bowels.

The Bakunawa was still mocking the adventurers when it felt a burning sensation in its throat. It tried to ignore it, but for some reason its instinct was telling him that something disgusting was happening inside him.

It's strong sense of taste and smell identified the source of its worries. The boss monster's face turned blue then green from the discovery.

If it could imitate human speech, only one word would be coming out of its lips at the moment and that word would be…



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