The Legendary Baka Warriors
15 Exceed Break Activate!
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The Legendary Baka Warriors
Author :Elyon
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15 Exceed Break Activate!

The Bakunawa began to squirm in the air. Its erratic movement was similar to an earthworm that was sprinkled with salt. The adventurers roared in glee as they saw the monster trying to claw its throat in agony.

"See?! I always believed in the handsome young master!"

"That arrogant snake thought that he already won! What an idiot!"

"As expected of one of the Overlords! He planned on destroying that monster boss from within!"

"So Awesome! So Cool!"

'I think that he's just taking a dump inside the monster's throat…' Alexander scratched his head.

He knew that if he voiced out his opinion the other adventurers would just scoff at him. So he decided to stay mum and watched the battle from the city walls.


Inside the Bakunawa…

Kei was holding on for dear life as he tumbled inside the throat of the Boss Monster. It was a good thing that he secured himself with grappling hooks before he started doing his business.

Kei shouted and cursed the Bakunawa for being an unreasonable host, "Damn! I still haven't wiped yet!"

{Oi! Don't you dare use your right hand to wipe it! I'll fight you to the death!}

"Grandma…you're already dead!"

{You unfilial boy! Oi! I told you not to use your right hand!}

Kei grudgingly complied and used his left hand to wipe himself clean. It was hard, but he managed to properly do it despite the tumbling caused by the Bakunawa. Once his business was done, he decided to move to the second phase of the plan.

"Grandma Sophie, are you sure this is going to work?"

{Quit your nagging and just do it you bum!}

Kei took out a small hand grenade from his storage pouch and firmly gripped it in his hands. This was another invention of his best friend, Little John, called the "Extra Spicy Super Hottie!"

It's a hand grenade filled to the brim with refined extract of the most exotic spice in the continent of Edelweiss called the "Angry Bird." It was called the Angry Bird because this ingredient was the favorite food of Thunder Rocs, and only grows on the cliffs near the forbidden areas of the continent.

If there was someone foolish enough to pick it up, a swarm of Thunder Rocs would descend from their nests and rip the intruder to shreds. Their angry screech could be heard for miles and thus the name Angry Birds came to existence.

"Hah! Let's see if you'll be able to resist the power of my Extra Spicy Super Hottie!"

Grandma Sophie cackled in delight, {Aiya~ This gonna be good!}

"Oh wait, I need to wear my protective mask first!"

Kei wore his protective mask and activated the [Fresh Air] feature using a high grade monster core. He aimed towards the tonsil of the Bakunawa and threw the hand grenade with all his might.

"Fire in the Hole!"

The hand grenade hit its designated target and exploded in a shower of super spicy mayhem. The Bakunawa's eyes rolled in its sockets as the spiciness over-rode its ability to think. It thrashed, swiped, flailed, and squirmed in agony hitting nearby monsters in its wake.

It slammed down on the Dark Snake Lord and attacked it with unbridled fury. The Dark Snake Lord was caught by surprise and received heavy damage from the rampage of the Bakunawa.

It fought back and both boss monsters battled like two blood thirsty gladiators in the arena. The adventurers cheered at this unexpected turn of events, and some of them even used this opportunity to place bets on who would win.

Kei on the other hand was breathing through the mask and thanking the high heavens for this invention. If he threw the hand grenade without this breathing mask, he would have suffered the same fate as the Boss Monster.

The adventurers became more motivated and attacked the monsters climbing the city walls with gusto. Their blood was boiling from the heroism that Kei had shown them.

"Look at that! Do you still insist that the handsome young master is merely taking a dump?!"

Alexander lowered his gaze in shame, "I-I was mistaken. I should have known that an Overlord like him doesn't think like a normal person."

A middle aged adventurer patted his shoulder, "At least you know when to admit your mistakes."

"Yeah! You're going to be a great adventurer someday! Hahahaha!"

Alexander sighed and helped the adventurers clear out the monster army by casting spells from the safety of the city walls.

The two boss monsters fought with everything they had. In the end, the Dark Snake Lord stepped over the corpse of the Bakunawa and roared towards the heavens. It didn't know that Kei was busy extracting the monster core from within.

"Hahahahaha! Boss Monster Core Get!" Kei said, happily. "Mmm, Grandma Sophie, your ideas are the best."

{Ahem! Back when I was younger, I even trampled a horde of…}

Kei coughed in order to cut her off. Grandma Sophie liked to boast about her adventures and her story telling could last for hours. He doesn't have that leisure at the moment and decided to finish what he started.

"Grandma Sophie, please activate the first seal."

{Very well, but only for ten minutes,} Grandma Sophie said with worry.


Kei crawled and positioned himself right under the Dark Snake Lord. Grandma Sophie guided him to this location because she had the ability to sense everything in a one mile radius.

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{It's now or never, remember only ten minutes!}

Kei raised his hand and channeled his meager amount of magic power into the ring on his finger.

"Exceed Break Activate!"

[Voice Recognition Confirmed]

[Scanning Current Status]

[Kei Frieden | Human]

[Body Physique: D]

[Magic Power: D]


[Activating First Seal]

[Kei Frieden | Child of Thunder]

[Body Physique: A]

[Magic Power: A]


Kei felt power surging through his body and small sparks of lightning danced on his fingertips. He wasted no time and channeled mana into the palm of his right hand. He chanted a spell that he hadn't used for a long time and and felt exhilarated.

"The power I wield would obliterate one and all. Pierce through the darkness and hear my call!"

[Thunder God's Wrath!]


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