The Legendary Baka Warriors
16 Said West, Only My Perfection!
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The Legendary Baka Warriors
Author :Elyon
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16 Said West, Only My Perfection!

"The power I wield would obliterate one and all. Pierce through the darkness and hear my call!"

[Thunder God's Wrath!]

A powerful lightning nova exploded with Kei at the center. He pierced through the body of the Bakunawa with a spear made of lightning. The Dark Snake Lord didn't even have time to react before its head was severed from its body with a single strike.

If it was in its prime condition, Kei wouldn't have succeeded with his sneak attack. It was quite fortunate that the Boss Monster was already heavily injured, and single blow from his lightning bolt was enough to kill it.

Kei took the severed head and immediately placed it inside a storage bag. Everything within 10 meters of him were burned to a crisp by stray lightning bolts that freely roam his body.

{Retreat back to the city walls hurry!}

[Lightning Steps!]

Kei conjured a lightning bolt in his hand and jumped. Sparks of lightning appeared on his feet which allowed him to hover in mid-air. He zigzagged through the Monster Army shooting down enemies with bolts of lightning as he passed by.

The adventurers were awed by the overwhelming display of power he unleashed upon his foes. Kei was like a God of War wielding lightning bolts that obliterates everything in his path.

He safely reached the city wall and landed right next to his retainers. Tifa and Milfa shot him worrying looks, but they both knew that they can't approach their young master right now.

Kei smiled at the two of them to ease their worries before looking back at the Monsters Army. He channeled the remaining mana in his right hand and chanted another spell.

"Heavenly bolts that bring ruin and death, smite them all till their final breath."

[Chain Lightning!]

A powerful lightning bolt shot from his hand and it transformed into a lightning dragon. It roared once and slithered on the battlefield reaping countless lives as it passed unhindered.

It successfully killed a fifth of the monster horde before a powerful monster stopped it in its tracks. The lightning dragon disappeared in a shower of sparks when a feathered serpent blocked it using its hand.

Kei raised an eyebrow and appraised the new monster that appeared on the battlefield. Their two eyes met and the feathered serpent snorted in disdain. Clearly, it was not impressed by Kei's show of power.

"My God! The boss of the 50th floor has appeared!" Arnold said while the hands holding his staff trembled. "Quetzalcoatl!"

The three Guildmasters flinched at Arnold's announcement. The legendary boss monster of the Dungeon of Greed has finally made its appearance. No one has been able to clear the 50th floor, and everyone who dared to challenge it never returned alive. There was only one exemption, and that is the current Duke of Windsor, Thormund Windsor.

He brought over two hundred elites in order to fight the boss monster, and he was only able to survive because of their sacrifice. He was heavily injured and was bedridden for three months.

When he opened his eyes, the first thing he did was to tell the tale of this Mythical Beast that showed overwhelming power against an army of elites. He cautioned everyone to never step on the 50th floor unless they have a death wish.

The Duke personally painted a portrait of Quetzalcoatl. He donated it to the Museum of the City of Amaranth. The top guilds of the Kingdom were invited during the exhibition, so that they can create copies of the painting.

Now, the monster on that painting has come to life, and staring at them in disdain. Its overwhelming presence cannot be ignored and the adventurers felt genuine terror for the first time in their lives.

Nick gulped and looked at his guildmaster, "Sir…"

"Say no more." Jack said, frowning.
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The adventurers felt despair, they knew that this monster is not something that they can beat even if all the guilds worked together. Some of them were already running for their lives the moment they saw the boss monster appear. Only the members of the top three guilds in Amaranth stood their ground.

They waited for the orders of their Guildmasters because they knew that they will not sacrifice them, and be used as cannon fodder. Jack, Jeff, and Sarah, the Three Guildmasters of Amaranth, simultaneously looked at their only hope.

Kei Frieden, the fourth son of the Earl of Ravencourt, and one of the Overlords of the Eastern Federation stood arrogantly on top of the city wall. He was having a glaring competition with the Quetzalcoatl and the boss monster looked at him without blinking.

A minute passed and one side of his lips curled up to form a sneer.

"Hah! You dared to fight me in a staring match?!" Kei said, mockingly. "You are a hundred years too early!"

The Boss Monster roared in defiance. There was a hint of unwillingness in its roar proving that what Kei said was right. Another form appeared beside it and it was none other than the boss of the 40th floor, Lamia.

"Another troublesome foe has appeared," Sarah said while making a gesture for her members to wait for further instructions.

"Handsome young master, I think we should retreat." Tifa said while looking at her young master with concern.

Milfa anxiously stood by his side and pleaded, "Handsome young master, you still haven't recovered from last time…"

{Listen to them Kei,} Grandma Sophie Said. {We've already bought time for the evacuation. The citizens were able to escape safely.}

'Grandma Sophie, can you hear it?'

{Hear? Hear What?}

'The cry of a young girl asking for help,' Kei said while closing his eyes.

Grandma Sophie strained her ears to listen within the ring on Kei's right hand.

{I can't hear anything...}

Kei sighed and opened his eyes. He caressed the ring on his finger and looked at the two Boss Monsters in front of him. There was no fear in his eyes, only determination.

"Grandma Sophie, please activate the last seal."

{NO! I will not!}


{No! No Means NO!} Grandma Sophie shouted in exasperation. {You still haven't fully recovered since the last time we unlocked the last seal!}

"Sorry, Grandma Sophie, I made up my mind," Kei said. "I will unlock it, with or without your permission."

{Kei STOP!}

Kei made an arrogant pose and closed his fist. He extended his middle finger at the Quetzalcoatl and shouted.

"Said West, Only My Perfection!"


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