The Legendary Baka Warriors
17 Battle Through the Heavens PART 1
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The Legendary Baka Warriors
Author :Elyon
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17 Battle Through the Heavens PART 1

"Said West, Only My Perfection!"

The ring on his right hand vibrated and Grandma Sophie cursed Kei for being reckless.

{Damn you! You little bastard!}


[Voice Recognition Confirmed]

[Scanning Current Status]

[Kei Frieden | Child of Thunder]

[Body Physique: A]

[Magic Power: A]


[Activating Last Seal]

[Kei Frieden | Child of Thunder]

[Body Physique: SSR]

[Magic Power: SSR]


Dark clouds appeared above the city of Amaranth. The sudden weather change caught everyone by surprise. Peals of thunder echoed in the heavens, and the tingling sensation of electric currents coursing through their bodies made them gasp.


Tendrils of lightning surrounded Kei. They were similar to snakes that slithered within a five-meter radius from his body. Tifa and Milfa retreated to a safe distance and waited for their master's order.

His eyes glowed as the power of lightning flowed through his [Lightning Spirit Veins]. It was as if every fiber of his body waited for this day to arrive. The power sleeping within his body stirred as the overflowing mana moved unhindered.

The feeling of Euphoria made Kei shiver. It was like a drug that he couldn't get enough of. He knew the consequences of using this power, and the price he had to pay was steep. However, he didn't hesitate because he knew that this was the only way for everyone to survive.
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He raised his hand and the brewing storm above him rumbled in delight. Thunder answered his call and roared with fury. Lightning danced in the heavens awaiting his jury.

"Tifa, Milfa, please evacuate from the city," Kei said without turning his head to look at the two of them. His attention was focused on the Lamia and Quetzalcoatl in front of him.

"Understood, handsome young master," Tifa replied.

There was a tinge of hesitation in her voice, but she knew that her young master need to fight freely without thinking about their safety.

"Handsome young master, please be careful," Milfa said, anxiously.

"Don't worry, these small fries are not even enough for my warm-up."

Kei glanced at the adventurers, "All of you leave the city and stay as far away from here as you can."

"Let us fight with you handsome young master!" Jack Megan said. His blood boiled in anticipation to fight side by side with one of the Overlords of the Federation.

A soft cough was heard a few meters away from him and Sarah, the guild master of the Terra Riders, stepped forward.

"Please let us participate in this battle as well. Amaranth, is our home, and it is our duty to protect it."

"We too would like to participate in this battle, please allow us to do so," Jeff Wilson, the Guild Master of the Exodus Knights, expressed his intention to fight.

Kei admired their bravery, but he knew that he wouldn't be able to fight using his full power if they were around. He steeled himself and did what he had to do.

"Fight with me? Aren't all of you being delusional?" Kei said, mockingly. "All of you are merely ants that would die instantly if I were to lightly step on you."

His overbearing words made the adventurers flinch, and some of them flared in anger. They knew that what he said was right, but they had their pride as adventurers.

Kei looked at their unwilling expressions and sneered at them.

"Know your place you pieces of trash!"

He waved his hand, causing a powerful shock wave which blew everyone away from the city walls. They were like dust in the wind that fell a mile away without the strength to resist.

The adventurers gasped in shock. They believed that the handsome young master of Ravencourt, one of the Overlords of the Federation, was a powerful existence. However, they were not aware that he was this powerful!

The outrage that they felt earlier for being mocked and ridiculed was replaced with awe and reverence. They finally understood that this battle was not something they could participate in.

They would merely get in the way if they stayed in the city and Kei was kind enough to bring them to a safe place. The three guild masters commanded their members to retreat another mile away from the city.

When they thought they were far enough, all of them looked back and waited. They waited for the great battle that would be etched in their memories for the rest of their lives.

"Handsome young master, we will go now." Tifa said while half-dragging her sister. She knew that Milfa was very worried about their young master, but they would only hinder him if they stayed.

Milfa also understood this, so she turned her back to him with regret. The two of them chanted the spell of [Zephyr] and flew away.

"It's just you and me Grandma Sophie."


A powerful gust of wind formed when the Quetzalcoatl flapped its wings and flew in the sky. Red Lightning enveloped its body and its intelligent eyes locked down on Kei. It paid no heed to the storm brewing above.

It was a creature born from a lightning tribulation, so it was not afraid of thunder and lightning. In fact, it could also wield lightning to a certain extent. The red lightning that enveloped its body shone in defiance.

Kei closed his eyes as the pleading voice once again whispered in his ears.


"Wait for me… I'll come for you soon," Kei whispered, hoping that the source of the voice would be able to hear him.

He took a step and instantly appeared in the middle of the battlefield. The Boss Monsters voiced out their command and their minions charged at Kei fearlessly. Kei flexed the fingers in his hand and chuckled.

"Heaven's will to destroy all living… descend now and do my bidding!"



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