The Legendary Baka Warriors
18 Battle Through the Heavens END
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The Legendary Baka Warriors
Author :Elyon
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18 Battle Through the Heavens END

"Heaven's will to destroy all living… descend now and do my bidding!"


Thunder rumbled in the heavens, and lightning rained down from above onto the monster army. The adventures that were two miles away from the city saw the spectacle and felt goosebumps all over their body.

If Kei didn't blow them away, then they would have also found themselves in the center of that killing zone. They praised him once again for showing his benevolence and mercy upon them.

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Tifa and Milfa looked at the battle from the sky, this was not the first time they saw their young master fight using his full power. There were no signs of amazement, nor reverence in their eyes. There was only worry, and helplessness, for not being able to stand by his side during this difficult time.

The monster army was decimated and burned to a crisp, the lightning bolts that fell from the heavens were like the harbingers of death. No one was spared, and those who were not strong enough immediately turned to ash the moment a lightning bolt fell upon them.

Kei waved his hand and a whip made of thunder coiled around the Lamia. He gave it a gentle tug and the Lamia found herself heading in his direction. A sneer appeared on Kei's face as he delivered a heavy kick to her abdomen sending it hurtling towards the sky.

The Quetzalcoatl immediately moved to catch his companion in mid-air. Kei took a step forward and appeared behind the boss monster. He casually placed his hand behind his back, and whispered to the ear of the Boss Monster.

"Ants should know their place," Kei whispered, mockingly.

The Boss Monster didn't have time to react as a strong kick hit it from behind. It slammed towards the ground helplessly. The impact was strong enough to form a dust cloud, and Kei looked down in disdain.

"So, the Legendary Boss of the Dungeon of Greed is only this strong? Pathetic."

The Quetzalcoatl heard his words and howled in rage. It flew towards the sky to fight him. The red lightning in its body formed a giant spear. It charged fearlessly to confront his nemesis with the intention of impaling him.

Kei yawned as he watched the boss monster approached him in fury. The look of indifference in his face made the Feathered Serpent angrier, but he didn't mind. In his eyes, the Boss Monster was just like a baby trying fighting an adult. How can a baby possibly win?

The two were only ten meters apart when the Quetzalcoatl stabbed his spear forward. His spear craved for blood, and he craved for this person's life. This was the first time that someone dared to humiliate him in his long years of existence.

He needed to wash away the shame and only the death of this man would pacify his anger. It stabbed with all its strength and waited in anticipation for the blood shower that would immediately follow.

Kei smiled and raised his index finger. The point of the spear and his finger collided. The scene that the Boss Monster anticipated didn't happen. Instead, it stared wide-eyed at the scene in front of him.

Kei's index finger completely blocked his attack with ease. The Quetzalcoatl's gaping jaw made Kei chuckle. He deftly moved his thumb and pinched the spear to hold it in place.

The boss snapped out of its daze and pulled its weapon. However, no matter how hard he pulled, his spear was firmly locked in place.


"Oh? So you can talk using telepathy, impressive."

{Who are you?!} The Quetzalcoatl said using telepathy. {What are you?!}

It refused to believe that an ordinary human could make it suffer defeat this easily. He glared at Kei and demanded an answer.

"Me? I'm your Daddy Kei, and I'm here to spank you for being a bad kid."

{What are you?! Answer ME!}

Instead of answering, Kei smirked and arrogantly raised his chin.

"A Quetzalcoatl is born from a lightning tribulation so that makes you resistant to lightning right? Let's put that resistance of yours to the test."

Kei pinched the lightning spear and it disappeared in a shower of sparks. The Boss Monster immediately retreated a hundred meters away from him. It thought it was safe when it heard a voice from behind.

"I am the conqueror of the Heavens," Kei said and a black lightning bolt descended from the sky. It hit the Quetzalcoatl on its chest making it scream in pain. The Boss Monster realized then and there that it had no hope of winning against Kei.

The feeling of fear gripped its heart and for the first time in its life, the thought of escape crossed its mind. He was a mythical beast, a blessed creature born from the powers of the dungeon core.

It was the Supreme King, the lord of the dungeon. Unchallenged, unsurpassed, and had everyone at its beck and call. It was content living inside the dungeon, but it had no choice but to leave because the dungeon core had undergone corruption. If it stayed, it would had been corrupted too.

{If only my master didn't undergo corruption…}

Kei's arrogant voice brought him out of his daze.

"I need no introduction."

A chain of purple lightning coiled around the Boss Monster and held it in place. Kei looked at the Lamia on the ground and bound it with purple chains as well.

"Equal of Heaven, loved by the Gods."

Peals of thunder rang out from the sky. Their thunderous roars were enough to deafen anyone who were close enough to hear them. It was as if they were shouting in joy to proclaim the name of their lord.

"I am Kei Frieden, the Child of Thunder!"

Black Lightning fell down from the sky and caressed Kei's body in a loving embrace. The Quetzalcoatl stared at him without blinking. It had surrendered itself to its fate. The only thing that it wanted to do right now was to engrave Kei's face and voice in its memory.

"You can rest. I will save your master for you."

Those arrogant and overbearing words were the last thing it heard before the Wrath of the Heavens descended and bathed him in a shower of lightning bolts.


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