The Legendary Baka Warriors
19 Shino Alstroemeria
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The Legendary Baka Warriors
Author :Elyon
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19 Shino Alstroemeria

On the 50th floor of the Dungeon of Greed the dungeon core was pulsating. A small golden glow was located on its center and glowing with all its might. The rest of its body was covered in black stains, and only that small part remains untainted.

A sigh was heard from the ring on Kei's finger as Grandma Sophie gave her analysis.

{It's 97% corrupted…}

Kei stared with pity at the dungeon core that was on the brink of total corruption. He approached it and put his palm on top of it. The black stains tried to invade him too, but the electric current kept them at bay.

A soft pleading whisper was heard from it, "el…p…"

"Grandma Sophie, I can't stay in this form for much longer," Kei said. "Please tell me the way to help her."

A few seconds passed before Grandma Sophie gave her a reply.

{There is a way, but can you pay the price?}

"What price do I need to pay?"

{You won't be able to use the power of "Exceed Break" for a year and I have to go to hibernation for a few months. }

Kei knew that there were more conditions so he just waited for Grandma Sophie's explanation.

{You will also have to pay a fifth of your lifespan because a dungeon core is a special existence that is created by the laws of this world,}

Grandma Sophie sighed from within the ring, {Kei…is this dungeon core worth it?}

The dungeon core's glow was getting faint, it wouldn't be long before it was consumed completely by the darkness. Kei gently caressed it and gave his answer.

"I don't know if it's worth it," Kei said. "But, I want to save it."

{I knew you'd say that. Very well, we don't have much time. The process needs half a day to complete, we should not be disturbed during that process.}

Kei turned his head to look behind him and issued his orders.

"Guard the entrance of the dungeon, make sure no one will disturb me," Kei said. "Do I make myself clear?"

""As you command, handsome young master.""

Tifa and Milfa obeyed his orders and headed to the teleport gate that would instantly take them to the entrance of the dungeon.

"The two of you, stand guard on the entrance of the 50th floor. If anyone dares to enter, you have my permission to go for the kill."

{Yes, master}

{I hear and obey, my Lord.}

The Lamia and the Quetzalcoatl bowed their heads and left. The two of them had sworn allegiance to him after their battle. Kei thought that it would be a waste to kill the two of them, so he spared their life.

He was also not dumb enough to accept their allegiance at face value, and used a soul contract to bind them. If any of them disobeyed his orders, their souls would cease to exist.

Kei was left alone in the dungeon core room and waited for Grandma Sophie's instructions.

{You are almost at your limit and I doubt you will remain conscious until the end. So pick up the dungeon core, hug it, and lie down. I will do the rest.}

He obeyed without question because he was indeed nearing his limits. He hugged the dungeon core firmly in place and closed his eyes. Grandma Sophie used a special binding spell and enclosed Kei and the dungeon core into a cocoon.

Not long after, Kei lost consciousness and Grandma Sophie performed the cleansing ceremony. The dark blight that had stained the dungeon core suddenly moved in frenzy. It felt a great threat coming from the ring on Kei's finger.

{Hmmp, so it was the work of a Devil King. It seems that some had escaped the purge from a thousand years ago.}

The ring glowed and a powerful beam of light hit the center of the dungeon core. The spiritual form of Grandma Sophie materialized and established a connection.

{Child, can you hear me?}


{Do you have a name?}


{Shino was it?} Grandma Sophie said, gently. {A beautiful name, do you have a last name?}


Grandma Sophie sighed, {Shino, I'll be honest. I don't want to save you.}


{Unfortunately, a stupid boy will be sad if I don't.}

Grandma Sophie glanced at Kei. He looked exhausted and his breathing was labored. She felt guilt in seeing his current condition, so she averted her gaze and spoke to the dungeon core.

{I'm not a charitable person, Shino, so I'll give you a choice. Devote yourself to him or cease to exist,} Grandma Sophie said, indifferently.

The spirit of the dungeon core looked at the man who held her in his embrace. For some reason, she felt safe in his arms, and something deep inside her stirred.


{Very well, but you will no longer be a dungeon core. You will inherit my name and be reborn as my daughter.}

The ring glowed and a drop of blood flew from it. It gently landed on the center of the dungeon core where the final vestige of radiance remained.

The blood merged with the dungeon core, and the black stains writhed in agony. The dungeon core shone brilliantly one last time before it slowly disintegrated.

A corporeal body floated from its remains. It glowed and pulsated like a beating heart.

{It's time for me to take your life force Kei.}

Grandma Sophie placed her spiritual hand on Kei's forehead and chanted a spell. The ancient spell forcefully sucked the life force from his body. The only saving grace was that Kei was unconscious during this process, or else he would be writhing in pain.

Some of the strands of hair on his head instantly turned white as the life drain took its toll on his body. When Grandma Sophie deemed it to be sufficient, she removed her hand.

She made a gesture and the corporeal body of the dungeon core floated towards her.

{I now bestow upon you new life. From this moment on, your name is Shino Alstroemeria!}

With a touch, she transferred Kei's life force to the corporeal form. It glowed and slowly transformed. Grandma Sophie watched in anticipation as the final radiance died out.

The form of a young lady appeared before her. She had long blond hair and her budding beauty was enough to make everyone fawn upon her. Grandma Sophie had no doubt in her mind that when this young lady matured, she would be a peerless beauty that would cause the downfall of a nation.

She gave a brief nod and praised herself, {As expected, my genes are good!}

If Kei was only able to hear her boasting, he would have rolled his eyes at her shamelessness.

The young lady's eyes slowly opened, her adorable mouth parted to intake a breath of air. Her beautiful scarlet eyes gazed at Grandma Sophie unwavering. Not long after, she bowed her head and spoke her greetings.

"Thank you, Mother, for giving me new life," Shino said, respectfully.

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{Oh, I forgot to ask earlier, but how old were you before you were reborn?}

"Two hundred years old."

Grandma Sophie chuckled, {I see, a legal loli. Not bad!}

"Legal loli?"

{Hush dear, we don't have much time. Let's talk about that later,} Grandma Sophie said, mischievously. {For now I'll teach you the art of seduction while that little boy is still sleeping.}

Grandma Sophie started to lecture her daughter on all the ways on how she could make Kei fall in love with her. Shino listened to her teaching and nodded her head. Grandma Sophie didn't know that even without her urging, Shino has no intention of leaving his side.

The shameless mother and daughter pair hatched a plan that would make Kei fall in their hands.

'Hmmp! My daughter deserves the best. I will only approve of Kei and no one else!'


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