The Legendary Baka Warriors
20 Cooked Rice Cannot Be Uncooked!
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The Legendary Baka Warriors
Author :Elyon
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20 Cooked Rice Cannot Be Uncooked!

Kei stirred from his sleep. He winced in pain as a throbbing headache assaulted his senses the moment he regained consciousness. He tried to open his eyes, but he found that he was unable to.

He tried to move his hand, and other parts of his body, but it was to no avail. More like, he couldn't even feel his body.

'Sleep paralysis?'

There was a possibility that this condition was caused by sleep paralysis. However, he had not experienced this sensation before, so he could not be certain whether this was accurate. He organized his thoughts and another conclusion came to mind.

'Side effects of using the Exceed Break…'

{Eh? Not really.}

Kei's consciousness trembled the moment he heard Grandma Sophie's voice. He didn't think that she would be able to hear him in his current state.

'Grandma Sophie, what happened?'

{I took some of your life force, so your body is still recovering from the life drain.}

Grandma Sophie's voice was tinged with exhaustion.

{The cleansing ceremony was a success, the dungeo- I mean, Shino is safe.}


{Ahem! She's my newborn daughter! She's a real beauty you know!}

'I see, then we succeeded. That's good.'

Kei felt relieved when he heard the news from Grandma Sophie, and decided to wait until the side effect of the Life Drain came to an end.

{Kei, I'll leave her in your care,} Grandma Sophie said, mischievously. {I will be sleeping inside the ring for a few months, so make sure to take good care of her.}

'Of course, you can count on me.'

{She was 200 years old before she was reborn, so despite how young she looks, she's perfectly legal!}

Kei wasn't stupid. The way Grandma Sophie addressed her newborn daughter was like a merchant trying to sell her wares to her customers. He had the impulse to grab a broom and slap her for being an irresponsible parent. Unfortunately, his paralysis prevented him from doing so.

'Grandma Sophie, are you trying to play matchmaker?'

{Hmp! You got a problem with that?}

'You already know my current circumstances…'

{Aiyo~ of course I know!} Grandma Sophie said in annoyance.

{You already have a Fiancee, then you have Milfa, and that little sister of yours is making her moves on you as well. Even though she tried to hide it, it wasn't able to escape my eyes!}

Grandma Sophie started cursing him for being a womanizer, playboy, lady-killer, lady's man, and so on and so forth.

{I forgot, you also have that slave in the Central Empire of Sparta. You lolicon!}

'Oi! Grandma, I'm not a lolicon! I'm a member of the Lolita no Touch Faction!'

{Hmp! Your fiancee, your sister, and that slave of yours were all fourteen-years old.} Grandma Sophie said, indignantly.

{If that's not being a lolicon then what the hell are you?! A new breed of rabbit?}

'I didn't do anything ah! This is unfair ah! I didn't make any moves on them ah!'

{All of them are underaged…but, my daughter is 200 years old. Perfectly legal yo~}

If Kei had full control of his body, he would have already spat a mouthful of blood at Grandma Sophie's shamelessness. She berated him for his fiancee, his sister, and his slave, because they were all under-aged. Yet, she pushed her daughter on him like it was perfectly normal.

'Ai~ being handsome is a sin.'

{Hmp! I will admit that you didn't do anything and yet those girls pushed themselves onto you. However, that doesn't change the fact that you didn't reject any of them! Silly boy, do you think I don't know that you've always wanted to have a harem?}

'You're forgetting something Grandma, my fiancee agreed that I can have three wives. I'm also waiting for her to be of legal age before marrying her.'

{Hehe, three wives you say?} Grandma Sophie said in disdain. {You have your fiancee, your sister, your slave, and Milfa. That's already four! Since you already have four…adding one more wouldn't make a difference!}

Kei wanted to roll his eyes at Grandma Sophie's shameless attempt to push her daughter on him. He sighed knowing that her words held truth in them. His fiancee agreed that he could have three wives.

He still didn't count his sister, and his slave as bride candidates, because they were still too young and Kei believed that they still didn't understand what love really was. He intended to wait for them to grow up, and perhaps they would realize that the love they felt for him was the love towards a family member.

Right now, there were only two ladies that he intended to have a serious relationship with, his fiancee, and Milfa. Not to mention, Grandma Sophie was hell-bent to add her daughter to the mix.

{Kei, you don't have to worry. Back in my days, having three wives and four concubines was very normal.}

'Grandma Sophie…'

{Fine, since you don't want the soft approach time for plan B!}

'Plan B? What Plan-'

Kei was not able to continue what he was going to say because he suddenly felt his sense of touch return to him.

Something soft was caressing his chest and Kei focused all his attention on that feeling. He could tell that it was a pair of small hands and they were clumsily groping his body.

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'Oi! Grandma Sophie! Wha-What are you planning?!'

{Hehe, Kei, do you know that cooked rice cannot be uncooked?}

'Oh Shi-- Don't tell me!'

{Just lie down and enjoy, you don't have to do anything yo~} Grandma Sophie said, chuckling. {Your sense of touch has returned, so you understand what's coming up next right?}

Kei was unable to see and unable to move, but because of his current condition, the sensitivity of his body was heightened. His sense of hearing chose that time to return to him and he was just in time to hear Grandma Sophie talking to someone.

{Yes, that's the way to do it. Slowly, but surely.}

Kei felt soft hands caress his body in a gentle massage. The soft hands felt good and the warmth they brought made him shiver. Her movements were clumsy, but the comfort they brought seeped through his very bones.

He realized that the reason why his sense of touch returned was because of this clumsy massage. He concluded that Shino was trying to revive his body and Grandma Sophie was only teasing him.

Kei relaxed and before he knew it, he drifted back to sleep.


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