The Legendary Baka Warriors
22 Do as you Wish
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The Legendary Baka Warriors
Author :Elyon
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22 Do as you Wish

Thormund Windsor was having a headache, the person responsible for saving his Dukedom was in front of him and enjoying a feast of delicacies. His lips twitched as he watched the shameless display of affection between Kei and his entourage.

"Master, say ah…"


Kei chewed the buttered prawns in delight. Shino were using her hands in feeding him and he enjoyed the feeling of intimacy.

"Handsome young master, please say ah…"


The delicious taste of crab soup assailed his taste buds. It has been a while since Milfa volunteered to feed him. The affectionate look in her eyes warmed his heart.

Tifa was looking at her young master with a smirk. She noticed that all the food that Shino and Milfa were feeding him were all crustaceans. She decided to keep mum about it and waited in anticipation for the night activities that follow after.

When the feast finally ended, Thormund's eyes were bloodshot. He sighed in relief and gestured for the servants to clear up the table. The time to talk business has come and he waited for Kei to take the initiative.

Kei leisurely cleaned his teeth using a toothpick and gave the Duke of Windsor an arrogant look. He was seated like a king with Shino and Milfa by his side. Kei held their waist and dragged the two of them closer to him.

The two complied and snuggled beside him. It made him look like a hero protagonist. Unfortunately, his facial features that were only slightly better than a hob goblin ruined this picture perfect setting.

"Let's cut to the chase, Duke of Windsor," Kei said with arrogance written all over his face. "How much are you going to compensate me for saving your Dukedom?"

"How much do you want?" Thormund said without batting an eye.

"I want a city."

"Which one?"

Kei grinned and winked at the Duke, "Amaranth."

The Duke frowned and organized his thoughts. He knew that without the Dungeon of Greed, the city of Amaranth won't have much value, but Kei wanted it. This means that there is more to this city than meets the eye.

Thormund stared at the young man in front of him. He knew that this Overlord was the most devious among the Five in the Eastern Federation and dealing with him requires careful thought and planning.

'There must be something in this city that has piqued his interest, but what could it be?'

"Of course, you can refuse my offer." Kei said with indifference. "But, I will let the entire Federation know that the Duke of Windsor refused to compensate the hero that saved his Dukedom."

Thormund snorted because he knew that he couldn't take this threat lightly. If Kei was going to use this incident to blackmail him, then the consequences could be unimaginable. Besides, making an Overlord as his enemy was a very stupid thing to do.

Kei was being aloof and he ignored the Duke who was staring at him. He patted Shino's head and caressed Milfa's waist while waiting for Thormund's decision. He was the hero of Amaranth and this fact couldn't be denied.

The King of Edelweiss would also need to pay lip service and award him with a few treasures. The King needed to do this to show the citizens that he was fair and generous to those who did meritorious service to the kingdom.

Nobles and Royalty care about their reputation, and Kei is an expert when it comes to taking advantage of others.

Thormnund heaved a sigh of frustration, "If I were to agree to your condition, what would you do with this city?"

Kei didn't reply and merely chuckled. 'Tell you what I'm going to do with this city? Dream on.'

The Duke held the bridge of his nose and thought long and hard. A few minutes passed before he finally agreed to Kei's demand.

"Very well. I will turn-over the deed of the City in your hands."


Thormund took out a scroll from his storage ring. It was the deed for the City of Amaranth and although he have mixed feelings about turning it over to Kei, it was a small price to pay for stopping a dungeon outbreak.

Kei gazed at the worn out scroll and examined it carefully. He estimated that it was over a thousand years and the writing has almost faded with time. He carefully placed it inside his own storage ring and smiled at the Duke.

"Since our business is done, I will now take my leave. Have a good day Duke of Windsor." Kei said.

Thormund stood up and approached Kei to shake his hand. "I hope that the two of us can be close friends, Kei of Ravencourt."

'Why the hell would I want to get close to you?' Kei returned the handshake with a grin. 'Sorry, I don't like old men.'

The two parted not knowing what each other were thinking. Kei and his entourage looked for an inn to stay because he still haven't fully recovered. The City of Amaranth didn't receive much damage from the battle because Kei tried to minimize the damage as much as possible.

The city walls may had been destroyed, but the core of the city was still intact. The citizens of the city had also returned after the Duke announced that it was safe. He met with Tifa and Milfa two days ago and confirmed that the crisis had been resolved.

Although he was curious on what Kei was doing inside the dungeon, he decided to not pry any further.


Kei took a bath in order to relax and wash away the fatigue on his body. He spent the whole day writing letters because he needed to inform his family and a few others on what transpired in the City of Amaranth.

He was worried that it was the prelude for something bigger and without his powers, he would not be able to offer his assistance. He wanted the other Overlords of the Federation to be wary of possible dungeon outbreaks in their respective territories.

It didn't take long before he finished bathing. When he returned to the bedroom, Milfa was there waiting for him. She helped dry his hair with her magic and helped him wear his pajamas.

For some reason, she didn't leave the room as if waiting for something. Kei thought that she was waiting for him to fall asleep so he decided to lie down on the bed.

As if waiting for that moment, Shino entered the room. She was wearing a black one piece, frilly lingerie, and it looked good on her. Kei gulped when he saw the young lady approach him. She gave him a kiss on the cheek and lied beside him.

"Master, I am your hug pillow." She said with an adorable smile. "You need to hug me when you sleep."

'Grandma Sophie…you and your little schemes.' Kei sighed internally. He didn't want to make her cry again so he decided to play along for now.

He hugged Shino and was surprised on how soft she was. She had a sweet floral scent and Kei assumed that she just finished taking a bath herself. It took a while before he found a comfortable position and closed his eyes.
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Not long after, someone hugged him from behind. He almost melted when he felt two soft peaks pressed against his back. It could only belong to the other person that was still in the room with him, Milfa.

"Master, I want to be your hug pillow too." Her sweet voice tickled his ears and Kei wasn't able to reject her proposal.

A blush appeared on his cheek. He was a healthy young man and to be sandwiched between two beautiful ladies made him feel embarrassed and happy at the same

"Do as you wish." He barely managed to make an audible reply, but Milfa was able to hear it.

She smiled and hugged him tighter. Kei relaxed and allowed the two ladies to do as they pleased. the two in turn, snuggled closer to him.

'Hug Pillows are the Best.'

This was the last thought in his mind before he finally closed his eyes to sleep.


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