The Legendary Baka Warriors
23 Being Handsome is a Sin
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The Legendary Baka Warriors
Author :Elyon
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23 Being Handsome is a Sin

Kei was awakened by a pair of soft hands that were gently caressing the sides of his face. When he opened his sleepy eyes, the first thing he saw was Shino and Milfa smiling down on him.

Noticing that he had awoken, the two giggled before giving him a kiss on the cheek. This was a new experience for Kei, and the sweet sensation of being kissed upon waking up jolted him fully awake.

A blush appeared on his face as he remembered what transpired last night. His expression earned him another giggle from the girls, and the two gave him another round of kisses.

'This could get addicting,' Kei mused as the two snuggled close to him.

"You girls were taking advantage of this young master while he was sleeping!" Kei said, while the corner of his lips curled into a grin. "What will you do if I get pregnant? Will the two of you take responsibility?"

"Master, Shino had been a bad girl. Please, discipline Shino."

"Handsome young master, this servant has overstepped her bounds, I will accept my punishment."

"Hmmp! You think you can get away with just that?" Kei said. "Kiss me again and don't stop until I tell you too. If you do that, I'll overlook this incident!"

"Yes, Master."

"As you command, handsome young master."

The two of them showered Kei with kisses while the latter had a silly grin plastered on his face. 'Ai~ being handsome is a sin.'

The two girls became bold and their kisses became more sensual. They kissed Kei's cheeks, his ears, his eyebrows, his nose, and they took turns kissing his lips. Kei was a willing victim to their advances and the two of them kissed him until he was satisfied.

Kei hugged their waists and kissed both of them on the cheeks. "Very good, I hope the two of you learned from this lesson."

"Yes, Master. I learned a lot from this lesson."

"Handsome young master, what about tomorrow's lesson?"

Kei patted their heads with a smile. "Let's put that on hold for tomorrow, until then the two of you be good."

Shino and Milfa didn't say anything else and helped Kei change his clothes before going to the other room to get changed themselves. Kei scratched his cheek as he pondered on how he would handle his current relationship with the two beauties that would be staying by his side.

He opened the window in his room and allowed the gentle breeze to caress his face. The warmth of the sunlight seeped through his bones as the chirping of birds heralded the start of a new day.

It was a sunny day just like this when he met his fiance for the very first time. It was two years ago when she escaped from the temple in order to see him. For some reason, she knew which inn he was staying at. She also managed to convince the innkeeper to hand the spare key to his room and waited for his arrival.

Kei was surprised when he found her waiting in his room, but he used this as an opportunity to have a serious discussion with her.

The two of them had a heart to heart talk. Kei tried to convince her that she was still too young to understand what love was, but she was hell bent to make him her fiance. Her 'Guardian' was in cahoots with her and Kei wasn't able to reject her sincere feelings for him. He compromised and told her that after four years, if her feelings doesn't change he would agree to marry her.

Fiona accepted the condition without batting an eye. The two spent the afternoon with Kei telling her stories about overpowered protagonists who only knew how to collect women and add them to his harem.


"Kei, I will allow you to have three wives." Fiona said.

"Only three? How about four?"



Kei grinned as he remembered this scene from two years ago.

His Fiance only allowed him to have three wives and he agreed to it because he thought that he would not get the opportunity to have more than one wife in his lifetime.

The only problem now was that... there were more than three girls who were aiming for his drop dead gorgeous body.

"Ai~ It's not my fault for being born handsome."

His murmuring was heard by two ladies passing on the street below. They were about where the sound was coming from and saw him standing by the window. The two of them gave him a long, hard look before spitting on the street in disgust. It's not your fault for being handsome? Have you ever looked in the mirror? The two ladies hastened their pace as if staying another second in the vicinity would rob them of their chastity.

If Kei heard their words, he would have answered, 'Yes! I've looked at mirrors countless times, but they all break after a few seconds!'

Kei shook his head at the two ladies that looked at him in disgust. He watched their backs disappear from his view before returning to his ruminations. He couldn't be bothered to think about two ugly ducklings right now while his two beauties were waiting for his decision.

When Milfa confessed to him, she insisted that she would not fight for the position of his legal wife. As long as Kei made her his concubine, it would be enough for her. Kei was shocked when he heard her proposal because he didn't realize that Milfa felt that way about him.

Back then, he wasn't able to give her an answer and Milfa didn't pressure him to give one. The two of them resumed their Master and retainer relationship and kept mum about the incident.

Now that a new love rival had appeared, Milfa didn't back down and instead, stepped forward. She was now openly showing her feelings for him through words and actions. If Kei still refuse to answer her feelings, he would not be able to consider himself a man!
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He remembered Grandma Sophie's senile mumbling when they were still in the dungeon.

{Kei, you don't have to worry. Back in my days, having three wives and four concubines was very normal.}

Kei scratched his head anxiously. "I need to talk to Fiona about this."

He was still deep in thought when two sweet voices brought him out of his daze.


"Handsome young master."

Kei turned his head to look at the two beautiful ladies in front of him. Shino and Milfa moved closer and patiently waited for his orders.

He smiled and held their hands before leaving the room. The two girls held his hand firmly as if not wanting to let go. The cloudy haze in Kei's head disappeared as he made his decision.

'Ai~ being handsome is a sin.'


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