The Legendary Baka Warriors
24 The Weight of a Promise
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The Legendary Baka Warriors
Author :Elyon
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24 The Weight of a Promise

With the deed of the city of Amaranth securely in his hands, Kei held a meeting with all the adventurer guilds in the city. The officers of the different guilds--including the major guilds like the Harkon Brigade, Terra Riders, and Exodus Knights--went to the Estate of the City Lord to answer his summons.

Some of them already had intentions of leaving the city and going to the other 'dungeon cities' in the Kingdom of Edelweiss. However, they were also curious about what the new Lord of Amaranth had to say, so they decided to postpone their plans until the meeting was over.

Kei stood on the terrace overlooking everyone who heeded his summons. He could see the admiration, worry, anxiousness, fear, and contempt on their faces. He knew that time was of the essence, so he cut directly to the chase. He cleared his throat and started his speech.

"As you may already know, I destroyed the core of the Dungeon of Greed," Kei said while looking at them in an arrogant manner. "That also means that this city's main attraction is no longer here."

The adventurers had grim looks on their faces. They knew that without the dungeon, their means of livelihood was also gone. Faint murmurings were heard every now and then, but the guild masters of the Three Major Guilds didn't say anything and waited for Kei's next words.

The side of Kei's lips curled up. He knew what the adventurers were thinking, so he decided to throw a bait.

"Two months ago, the Earldom of Ravencourt discovered a dungeon."

He paused for a while before taking a pose and flipping his hair.

"It is fairly new and we need experts to explore it."

The moment the adventurers heard the phrase "discovered a dungeon" all of them closed their mouth to listen. There was a pin drop silence and even Kei was surprised by how attentive they were. Their eyes were bloodshot like they were high on aphrodisiac and Kei was a beautiful, naked, girl that was enticing them to ravage her.

His original goal in Amaranth was to talk to the three major guilds in order to convince any of them to migrate to their Earldom. The dungeon outbreak was truly unexpected, and Kei now had a perfect opportunity to get not only the three major guilds, but the other adventurer guilds as well.

He arrogantly raised his chin and roared at the crowd. "Those who are willing to explore this new dungeon, raise your hand!"

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He looked at the crowd before him and his smile grew wider. 'Interesting.'

The adventurers stood straight, but none of them raised their hand. They stared at their guild masters waiting for their decision. Kei was very impressed by their discipline, and he was now more determined to bring them under his wing.

"A very interesting proposal," Jeff Wilson, the Guild Master of the Exodus Knights said in a relaxed manner. "Are you perhaps trying to recruit all of the guilds of this city, Your Excellency?"

"I am," Kei said without batting an eye.

Jeff nodded and stepped forward. "The Dungeon Core has been destroyed, and the Dungeon of Greed had ceased to exist…"

He stared at the new City Lord with a calm gaze.

"If I didn't see your excellency's heroism in the battlefield, then I would say that everything that has happened here… was just one big coincidence."

The hidden meaning behind his speech created a spark and the murmuring from the crowd started once again. Kei ignored these murmurings and yawned before giving his reply.

"So you're saying that the Dungeon Outbreak was all part of my plan?" Kei asked with an amused look.

"I wouldn't dare your Excellency," Jeff said while shrugging his shoulders. "After all, I can't possibly accuse one of the Overlords of the Federation."

He paused before spreading his hands helplessly.

"Nor can I say that his Excellency destroyed the Dungeon Core for his own benefit."

Tifa, Milfa, and Shino were standing behind Kei. They glared at Jeff, but the Guild Master was unperturbed. He even gave the three of them an arrogant smile which ticked the three of them even more.

'Luke, Lily, make sure to teach that guy and his guild a lesson when they leave the city.' Shino was still the one who created the two boss monsters, so she could communicate and give orders to them directly.

'Don't forget to steal their guild treasures too!' Kei added.

{Yes Mistress!}

{I hear and obey, My Lord.}

The murmuring from the crowd of adventurers became louder. Jeff Wilson turned his head to look at the officers of his own guild. All of them nodded their heads and Jeff gave them a brief nod before glancing back at Kei.

"The Exodus Knights will go to the Dukedom of Sepiroth. I apologize for not 'falling into your hands', your Excellency."

Kei rolled his eyes at Jeff's reply. An old face appeared in his mind and he couldn't help but curse the Old Fox for being two steps ahead of him. 'He sent an invitation while I was still unconscious inside the dungeon. He got me really good.'

Kei narrowed his eyes and observed the other guilds. He was now sure that some of them received similar invitations from the other lords of the Kingdom.

"Very well, I pray for your success in all your endeavors," Kei said while magnanimously waving his hand. 'I pray that you get athletes foot too!'

Jeff frowned. For some reason he felt an itch on his foot, but he decided to ignore it. He left the estate of the City Lord with his men and some of the other guilds followed behind him.

Kei watched them go with indifference, but deep inside he was still cursing the Old Duke of Sepiroth. A sudden movement brought him out of his daze as he saw a beautiful woman stepped forward to give him a greeting.

It was none other than Sarah Haven, the Guild Master of the Terra Riders.

"Your Excellency, I am interested in your offer," Sarah said. "My Guild and I will head to the Earldom of Ravencourt if you promise to answer my question honestly."

"Only one question?"

"Yes, only one question, your Excellency."

Kei nodded his head. "Ask your question."

Sarah narrowed her eyes and used [Telepathy].

{The young lady standing next to you. The one with blond hair and scarlet eyes,} Sarah glanced at Shino with a smile. {Is she the former Core of the Dungeon of Greed?}

Kei raised his head to look at the heavens. He was tempted to say 'No', but he gave a promise and the promise of an Overlord carries weight. He stood their gazing at the sky as if the clouds passing by were beautiful ladies waving at him. He neither affirmed nor denied anything.

"I like men with principles." Sarah said while sighing. "I, Sarah Haven, humbly accept the invitation of the Fourth Son of Ravencourt."

Kei's body trembled. He looked at Sarah with a look of confusion. The latter smiled and gave him a wink.

"Please take good care of me, and my guild, handsome young master."

Kei's jaw dropped at the playful look that Sarah gave him. There was a subtle invitation hidden behind the words and Kei understood her intentions. He grinned at her and didn't notice the two hands that landed on his waist.

A sudden pain brought him out of his daze when the two hands pinched and twisted the side of his waist with a vengeance. Kei almost yelled out loud, but managed to hold it in just in time.

"Master, there was an insect. I killed it for you"

"Handsome young master, please be more careful from now on…"

Kei's body went stiff. He didn't dare turn his head to look at the two ladies beside him. He focused his attention on Sarah and cleared his throat.

"I am very happy to welcome you and your guild to Ravencourt. I will do my best to assist you in any way that I can."

Sarah didn't reply but covered her lips with a hand. The slight tremble on her shoulders was enough to tell anyone that she was trying to hold back her laughter. She gave Kei another wink before turning her head. Her men followed behind her and left the Estate.

Only the members of the Harkon Brigade remained and Kei was very interested in hearing their reply.

"The Harkon Brigade will head off towards the Earldom of Ravencourt after we make the necessary preparations," Jack Megan, the Guild Master of the Harkon Brigade said with a smile. "Handsome young master, we are in your care from now on."

"I promise you that you will not regret your decision," Kei said.

The two shook hands to finalize their agreement. Kei was smiling ear to ear when all the adventurers left the estate. Although he didn't manage to get all the guilds in Amaranth to explore the dungeon in their Earldom, he was very satisfied with the results.

Later that night, two jealous hug pillows ignored Kei and left him alone to sleep. It was their way of protesting his fickleness. Kei helplessly shook his head and lie down on the bed alone. It was one of the coldest nights he experienced during his travels away from home.


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