The Legendary Baka Warriors
26 Fated Encounter Part 1
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The Legendary Baka Warriors
Author :Elyon
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26 Fated Encounter Part 1

Tifa and Milfa found a good spot to make camp and made the necessary preparations. Shino was with Kei and made sure that he was sleeping comfortably. She ordered Luke and Lily to scout the surrounding area to see if there were bandits that lurked within the forest.

After a few minutes, the two returned and gave their report.

{Mistress, aside from a few Spirit Beasts there are no other creatures that pose any threat to our party.}

{Mistress, should we continue to scout or should we remain here and guard the camp?}

"Good work the two of you," Shino replied. "Please guard our camp. I give you permission to subdue any threat that comes our way."

{As you command, Mistress!}

The two disappeared and Shino resumed her duty of watching over Kei. A soft rustling was heard and Milfa walked over carrying two bowls of soup.

"How is he?" Milfa asked.

Shino accepted the bowl of soup that Milfa offered. "Still the same."

Milfa sat beside Kei and caressed the side of his face. Her hand moved upwards to gently brush the white strands of hair on his head with her fingers.

"Are you not going to ask me what happened inside the dungeon?" Shino asked.


"You're not curious?"

Milfa raised her head to look at Shino. "Since the young master didn't tell me anything that means that he doesn't want me to know."

Shino stared at Milfa and the two ladies nodded both their heads in understanding. They quietly ate their dinner and resumed their vigil.

Shino laid down beside Kei and decided to start a conversation. "Can I ask you a question?"

Milfa gently poked Kei's cheek and felt its roughness. "Go ahead."

"How did you and your sister met Master?"

"That is a long story. Are you sure you want to hear it?"

"Yes, please!"

Milfa laid down beside Kei as well and snuggled close to him. If Kei was awake, he would be smiling ear to ear knowing that two beauties were by his side.

"It all started eight years ago," Milfa said. "The young master was only ten years old at that time and we were twelve."

Milfa closed her eyes as if trying to recall that fateful day that changed their lives forever. "Our village was attacked by a group of bandits and all the people were killed except for the women and children…"


"Tifa! Milfa! Run!" An old man with graying hair hacked a bandit using a broadsword.

"No! We will stay with you Grandpa!" Tifa insisted with all her might.

"Listen to me!" Their Grandpa said while looking at her in the eye. "Take your sister and leave the village! No matter what happens, don't look back and run!"

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"Grandpa! Come with us!" Milfa cried while grabbing his hand. "Let's run together!"

The old man hugged the two of them and kissed their foreheads. "I will only drag the two of you down. I will stay here along with the other adults to give all of you time to escape."

"You are the oldest, so take care of your sister," Their Grandpa said while taking out a storage bag and gave it to Tifa. "No matter what happens, don't let them find you or else the two of you will suffer miserably because of your bloodlines."

"Our bloodlines?"

"Yes, the two of you have…"

A loud shout was heard outside the house and the sound of weapons clashed not far away.

"Go! Take the hidden passage!" Their grandpa said as he ran outside the house without looking back. 'Goddesses, please have mercy on my grandchildren I beg of you!'

"No! Grandpa!" Milfa wailed and tried to run after him, but Tifa grabbed her waist and dragged her to the hidden passage.

"We have to go!" Tifa said with tears flowing down her face. "Don't let Grandpa's sacrifice be in vain!"

Milfa bit her lip and unwillingly nodded her head. The twins entered the hidden passage and closed the entrance firmly behind them. It was dark, but they had used it so many times in the past that they could navigate their way in the darkness.

A few minutes after they left the door was smashed open and a burly man carrying a great axe came in. He observed the scene in front of him and sniffed the air.

"Two rats were able to escape," The burly man said while looking at the entrance of the hidden passage.

A woman carrying a staff appeared beside him.

"The fighting force of the village has been subdued, but there were a few children that managed to run away," the woman with the staff said with a smile. "This village is a treasure trove for hidden bloodlines. Although we lost half of our men, the gains were worth it."

"Did you find anyone with the bloodline of the Vanari in them?"

"No. There were rare bloodlines, but none had the bloodline of Myths."

The man with the great axe turned his head. "Release the hounds, let's try to get as many stragglers as we can."

"Very well."


"We have reached the end," Tifa said while tapping the walls of the passageway. Her hands were able to touch a lever and she gave it a tug.

The sound of a wall sliding open was heard and light broke through the darkness. The exit of the hidden passage was a cave that was a mile away from their village. The twins ran out from the cave and immediately headed to the forest.

They knew that they were still in danger and their only hope was to reach the nearest town of Veritas.

"Do you think Grandpa is safe?" Milfa asked.

"Yes," Tifa said. "Grandpa is strong, he will be able to protect himself."

Both of them knew that they were lying to themselves, but they still held to that small ray of hope. Tired and hungry, the two of them made their way to the forest while their pursuers where hot on their trails.


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