The Legendary Baka Warriors
28 Fated Encounter Part 3
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The Legendary Baka Warriors
Author :Elyon
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28 Fated Encounter Part 3

Milfa screamed as they neared the waterfall. She looked at her sister and found her trying to reach out to her. She stretched out her hand, but Tifa was a few meters ahead of her. She watched helplessly as her older sister fell on the waterfall right before her eyes.

"Sister, don't worry I'll be with you soon." Milfa said as a tear fell from her eye. 'Sorry Grandpa, we failed.'

Those were her last words before she fell face first in the waterfall. She closed her eyes and surrendered herself to her fate. She estimated that the height of the waterfall was over a thousand meters.

Halfway down the waterfall, she heard a youthful voice that was carried by the wind.

"Glide like there's no tomorrow, leave behind all the pain and sorrow."

"Give us the power of flight, aid us in our current plight!"


Not long after, she felt something grab her waist and playful voice of a boy whispered in her ears.

"Hang on tight."

Milfa forcefully opened her eyes and saw a young boy that looked similar to a goblin grinning at her. She instinctively knew that it was a 'human', and she hugged him as if her life depended on it.

"Don't worry, you're safe now." The young boy said.

They floated down the waterfall and Milfa felt her consciousness fading from the relief and exhaustion that she had experienced. She unconsciously hugged the young boy tighter which made him yell in pain.

"Sister! Not so tight! I can't breathe!"

Milfa wasn't able to hear his voice as the darkness caught her in its embrace. The young boy gritted his teeth and softly landed on the riverbed. The moment his feet landed, Milfa's weight pinned him down and he fell unto the ground.

He tried to push her away, but she held him in a death grip.

"Sister! Wake up!" The young boy gently tapped her cheeks, but nothing happened. 'Why are you so heavy? Are girls supposed to be this heavy?'

The young boy didn't know that her clothes was made from a special material that was as sturdy as a leather armor. The only downside was that it gets heavier when soaked in water.

He was gasping for breath when he heard a voice not far away from him.

"Oi! Kei! Did you manage- Pffft!"

Kei looked at his best friend who was laughing at his misfortune. He was holding a girl in a princess carry that looks similar to the one that was on top of him.

"Ah! Little John! Help me ah! This girl is heavy ah!"

Little John's reply was another round of laughter. "What kind of man are you? You can't even carry a girl?!"

"I'm just a boy ah! Not a man ah!" Kei said. "She's heavy ah! Like a pig ah! Help ah!"

Little John walked over in large strides, and Kei even heard him introduce himself to the girl he was carrying.

"My name is not a giant. My name is Little John."

Kei watched him carefully helped the girl stand on her own before going to his aid.

Little John looked at the current situation and scratched his head. "I'm afraid I can't help you Kei."


"She is holding unto you too tightly. I might break her bones if I used too much force to separate the two of you."

The other girl approached Kei and looked at her sister anxiously. "I'm sorry, she has this habit to hold on tight to something when she's feeling scared."

"What's your name sister?" Kei asked.

"My name is Tifa, and the one holding you is my little sister Milfa."

"So this pig sister is called Milfa."

"Pfft!" Tifa covered her lips with both of her hands. This was the second time she laughed after escaping their village and she felt the relief and exhaustion wash over her.

She fainted and fell on top of her sister.

"Nooooo!" Kei screamed. "Little John Help! I'm gonna die! Help!"

Little John chuckled and carried the unconscious Tifa away. "I'm afraid you need to stay like that until she wakes up."

"At least, bring me back to our camp. I can't stay here."

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Little John picked up Kei and Milfa like a sack of grain and carried them on his shoulder. He placed Tifa on his other shoulder and headed towards their camp.


Three hours later…

Milfa slowly opened her eyes and the first thing she saw was a goblin drooling in his sleep. The gears on her head started to turn and she realized that she was holding unto him.

She hastily released him and pushed him away. The young boy rolled off the bed and banged his head on the floor.

"Ouch! What?! Where?!" The young boy said in surprise. "What's Happening?!"

Kei grudgingly stood up and looked at the girl who was still in the bed looking anxiously at him.

"Who are you?" Tifa asked. "Where am I? Where is my sister?!"

"First and foremost, please calm down sister. I'm not a bad person. Do you want a lollipop?" Kei said. "Mine is long, sweet and delicious! If you taste it once you would be begging me for more."

Milfa looked at the boy in front of him and remembered that he was the one who saved her. She blushed in embarrassment and averted her gaze. "I'm sorry for pushing you away."

"Also, thank you for saving me," she added.

The young boy scratched his cheek. "It's fine. My name is Kei and you don't have to worry about your sister. She's safe."

Milfa glanced at him and her face still had a tinge of redness. "Thank you, I promise to repay this kindness in the future."

"You don't have to do that."

"No, I insist!"

Kei was at a loss of words. He could see the sincerity in Milfa's eyes so he decided to just talk about something else.

"How did you and your sister end up falling in the waterfall?"

"Th-That was…"

Milfa wanted to tell the truth, but she doesn't know if it would be appropriate to drag other people into their problem. While she was pondering on what to do next, the flap of the tent opened and she saw a familiar face.

Milfa jumped off the bed and hugged her sister. "Sister, I'm glad you're safe!"

Tifa hugged her back and patted her head. Kei quietly left the tent. He knew that the two girls needs some catching up to do and he was tactful enough to give them space.

A handsome young man was busy tending the fire and preparing their dinner. He was none other than Little John who returned to his normal form. He was only ten years old, just like him, and yet he was already six feet tall.

The reason was because, Little John had the Titan Bloodline running through his veins.


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