The Legendary Baka Warriors
29 Bloodline Hunters Part 1
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The Legendary Baka Warriors
Author :Elyon
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29 Bloodline Hunters Part 1

"Oh, you're finally awake Kei," Little John said with a smile.

Kei sat beside him with a pout. "That pig sister pushed me out of the bed."

Little John chuckled and handed him a stick of freshly grilled fish. "Careful, it's hot."

"Thank you."

Kei blew and made sure that the fish was not too hot before taking a bite. A crisp sound followed as he chewed his food with gusto. "The food you make is really delicious! Is this really just grilled fish?"

"It is."

"Then why is it so delicious?"

Little John took out a bottle from his storage bag and showed it to Kei. "I used the seasoning that my little sister gave me before we left on our trip."

He beamed with pride as he mentioned his sister. Kei nodded his head in acknowledgement. Little John's sister, Little Daisy, was an amazing cook. She was only nine years old, but her skill when it comes to cooking food would not lose to the master chefs of the kingdom.

"Ai~ His future husband is going to be lucky," Kei said while eating his grilled fish with relish.

"Huh? Are you saying that you're not going to marry my sister?"

Kei choked while eating his food and he thumped his chest in panic. Little John hurriedly gave him a waterskin and Kei drank in big gulps in order to push the food down his throat.

"Pwah!" Kei massaged his chest and looked at Little John with a face that was suffering from injustice.

Little John coughed and averted his gaze. "I'm serious you know."

Kei didn't pay attention to him and the two of them ate their dinner in silence. Little John was about to take his second helping of grilled fish when the sound of footsteps from behind caught their attention.

The twins walked hand in hand in their direction. Little John gestured for the two of them to take a seat. The two girls sat properly and they were rewarded by two freshly grilled fish from the campfire.

They gave their thanks and ate. The moment they sank their teeth on the fish they were awed by how delicious it was. The two ate with fervor because they were really hungry.

Little John handed them a second helping and they happily accepted. When they were done, they stared at the campfire in silence.

Kei lightly coughed to catch their attention. "Now, can you tell us what happened? Did the two of you fell on the waterfall by accident?"

The twins glanced at each other before looking back at Kei.

"We were being chased and had no other choice but to jump unto the river," Tifa said. "Can we stay with you for tonight? I promise that we will leave when morning comes."

"Leave? Where will the two of you go?" Little John asked.

Milfa tugged her sister's clothes and Tifa nodded her head. She looked at Little John with a smile.

"We will head to the town of Veritas," Milfa answered. "Our Grandpa will meet us there."

"Oh? What a coincidence! We are also headed to the town of Veritas," Kei said. "Why don't we all go together?"

The twins trembled when they heard Kei's suggestion. They didn't know how to react to his good intentions. The two were worried that their pursuers might still be hot on their trail and they don't want to involve their saviors to their problem.

Little John sighed and took out a piece of wood. He then used a small knife and started to carve. "Are there perhaps bad guys after the two of you?"

The twins didn't reply, but their silence gave Kei and Little John the answer they were looking for. Suddenly, the silence of the night was broken by barking sounds from the distance.

Tifa and Milfa immediately stood up. The two of them wanted to run away, but they couldn't leave their saviors behind. They would never forgive themselves if anything bad happened to the two of them.

The two unsheathed the daggers on their waist and waited. Little John glanced at Kei and the latter gave him a thumbs up.

"Spirit Hounds," Kei said in amusement. "The ones after the two of you are quite persistent."

Tifa stood beside Little John. "Don't worry, we won't let anything happen to the two of you."

Milfa positioned herself near Kei and looked anxiously at the darkness. The barking sounds were getting nearer. Little John stood from his seat and patted Tifa's head.

"I'll handle this."

"No! There's too many of them."

"You don't have to worry," Kei said while taking another grilled fish from the campfire. "Even if there's a hundred of them, they won't stand a chance against Little John."

Little John walked a few meters away from them. With every step he grew taller and the twins stared with mouths agape at his transformation. The six foot tall Little John was now over twenty meters tall.

He casually grabbed a tree and uprooted it with ease. A few moments later, the spirit hounds appeared. Their eyes eerily glowed in the darkness and they growled fearlessly at Little John.

"Need some help?" Kei asked.

"No need, I can handle these small fries."

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"Alright. Go get them, Little John."

With a deafening roar, Little John charged at the pack of spirit hounds and brandished the tree in his hands. With each swipe, tens of spirit hounds turned into particles of light.

The ground shook as Little John went into a frenzy. Sounds of destruction echoed in the forest and everything that stood in his path were smashed to pieces. Kei cheered from the side while the twins have looks of disbelief on their faces.

In just a span of three minutes all the spirit hounds have been eliminated. Little John casually walked back to their camp while the effect of his Titan form slowly faded. A handsome man standing six foot tall smiled at the two girls.

"We will accompany the two of you to the town of Veritas tomorrow." Little John said. "Any complaints?"

The twins shook their heads in unison. There was a slight blush on Tifa's cheeks as she stared starry eyed at Little John. Milfa, on the other hand, looked at Kei and understood why he looked so calm.

Kei noticed her staring at him and gave her a wink in return. "I know that I am good looking, but you don't have to stare at me like that sister Milfa."

Milfa stuck out her tongue for a few seconds before rolling her eyes at him. 'You look like a goblin and you still dare to call yourself handsome?'

She sneakily glanced at Kei one more time. 'I guess, you are kinda cute for a goblin.'

She was not aware that a tinge of red was creeping on her face. She was lucky that it was dark and Kei was not able to see her expression. Otherwise, he would have teased her again.


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