The Legendary Baka Warriors
30 Bloodline Hunters Part 2
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The Legendary Baka Warriors
Author :Elyon
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30 Bloodline Hunters Part 2

"Interesting…," the woman with the staff said while looking at her crystal ball. "Titan Bloodline, we caught a big fish."

The man with the great axe moved closer to take a peek at her crystal ball. "We would be able to sell him for a good price."

"Indeed. The boss will be pleased with such a specimen."

"How about those two girls?"

"There's not much to tell. I didn't see them use any abilities during the fight," the woman said. "Perhaps, they still haven't awakened yet."

The two looked at the map in front of them and tried to pinpoint the location of the battle. It was faint, but the woman was able to tell the general direction where her summoned creatures perished.

The woman narrowed her eyes. "I see, it's very close to the town of Veritas."

"Oh? Then that will make things easier."

"Indeed. I'll send word to the boss."

The man walked towards the window. He saw his men tying the women and children with enchanted ropes to ensure that none of them would be able to escape. He turned his head to look at the woman.

"I want some of the Titan's blood."

"Greedy aren't yah?"

The man smiled and and headed to her direction. He gave her a hug and kissed her cheek. "I need it."

"Mmm, very well," the woman said while caressing his chest. "I'll see what I can do."


Kei, Little John and the twins were riding a carriage headed towards the town of Veritas. Little John and Tifa sat on the coachman seat while Kei and Milfa were on the passenger's seat.

"So you're meeting your Grandpa in the town of Veritas right?" Kei asked.

Milfa hesitated for a while before nodding her head. Kei didn't say anything and looked outside the carriage window. It was a bit cloudy and the wind was cold. Kei closed his eyes and felt the humidity in the air. 'A storm is approaching.'

He returned his gaze to the anxious girl in front of him. "Where do you plan to meet your Grandpa?"


"Do you know the reason why you're being chased?"


It was only a few hours since they left their camp and started their journey towards the town of Veritas. It will take them roughly six hours to reach their destination. Kei was trying to get as much information as he can from the sisters, but they only gave him vague answers.

He sighed and scratched his head. The only thing he was sure of was that the twins were being chased and their pursuers were not 'ordinary' people. The fact that they can use spirit hounds to track people makes them more dangerous.

"Can I ask a question?" Milfa asked while staring at him with an amused expression.


"Are you a human or a goblin? Perhaps a goblin half breed?"

"I'm human," Kei answered. 'Maybe.'

Milfa tilted her head. "You really look like a goblin, especially when you smile."

"Hmp! Don't you know that my smile can make babies cry from a hundred meters away?"

"Wow! Is that true?"

"Yes," Kei said and nodded his head firmly. "That is how amazing I am."

Kei chuckled and began to tell her about his adventures with Little John. Milfa listened to his story and forgot about their current plight. Six hours passed by and they finally arrived at the town of Veritas.

They entered the gate that was reserved for the nobles. The guards didn't stop them which surprised the twins. Little John maneuvered the carriage inside the city and headed to an inn called the 'Robin's Hood'.

It was the most popular inn in Veritas and Kei decided to stay there for a while.

"It would be best if the two of you stay with us until you meet with your Grandpa," Kei said. "I'll get three rooms. You and your sister can share a room."

"You really shouldn't bother," Tifa replied. "We can find an inn for ourselves."

Milfa nodded her head. "We have money."

Kei chuckled and raised his chin in arrogance. "I have more money than the two of you combined."

The two girls were at a loss on how to proceed with their conversation. They argued with Kei, but in the end he managed to convince the two of them. They grudgingly accepted his generosity and the four went inside the inn to book some rooms.

Unknown to them, a man was watching them from a parked carriage across the street.

"Oh the irony!" the man said. "For my targets to enter my base of operation on their own is truly an interesting twist of fate."

He took out a crystal ball from his storage ring and smirked. "Come to Veritas, our guests have arrived."

"Yes, My Lord."

"Did you find a suitable candidate?"

The woman on the crystal ball smiled. "Yes. We will be arriving before the sun sets My Lord."

"Very well. We will proceed with our plan as soon as you arrive." the man said. "Make haste."

"As you command."

The man returned the crystal ball to his storage ring and stepped down from the carriage. He leisurely entered the inn and walked towards the manager. The manager saw him and immediately bowed his head to pay his respect.

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The man gestured for the man to come closer and whispered something in his ear. At first the manager was surprised, but he nodded his head. The man climbed the stairs and headed to the VIP room of the inn.

He need to make the necessary preparations in order to welcome his guests with open arms.


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