The Legendary Baka Warriors
34 Awakening Part 3
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The Legendary Baka Warriors
Author :Elyon
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34 Awakening Part 3

"What do you think, My Lord, Svein?" Mia asked as she stood respectfully by his side.

Svein Arnar, is a [Bronze Rank] member of the Bloodline Hunters. His father holds a prestigious position within the organization and with his help, Svein managed to climb the ranks with ease to the chagrin of his older brothers.

He joined the organization when he was only eighteen years old and chose the Kingdom of Edelweiss as his base of operation. That was fifteen years ago. Now, he holds the position and the power to back it up making him one of the rising stars within the Bloodline Hunters.

"Excellent!" Svein clapped his hands in satisfaction. He smiled when he saw the number of captives in their warehouse and confirmed all of them possess rare bloodlines. 'With this I will be able to raise my rank when I return to the Central Empire of Sparta.'

"You managed to handle the operation perfectly Mia," Svein said. "What do you want as a reward?"

Mia smiled and bowed her head. "Thank you for your praises, My Lord. All I ask is for you to give us the child with the Titan's Bloodline."

Svein chuckled. "Didn't I say that he already belongs to you as a reward? What I want to know is if you want something else?"

"For now, I am content with what I have, My Lord."

"Very well. If you want something in the future just tell me."

"Ah before I forget," Svein said while glancing at her direction. "The requirement to awaken the bloodline of those girls…"

Mia raised her head. "My Lord, the requirement to awaken the bloodline of the Vanari is Love. They are a mythical race that wields the element of water and air. I believe that you, My Lord, can easily make those two girls fall in love in less than a half a year."

"The race that was born from the love of two deities, or so the legend foretold." Svein's eyes glowed with excitement. "I'll make sure that the two of them would be begging for my love soon enough."

Sounds of hurried footstep approached the two of them and a man wearing black clothing bowed his head to give a report.

"Sir, we have intruders!"

"What?!" Mia exclaimed in surprise. "How many?!"

"We counted around twenty, but there could be more! All of them are experts and our men might not be able to hold them back for long!"

Mia and Svein looked at each other. They both knew that this was not a coincidence. It was not easy to find their headquarters and there's no way for someone to find them without alerting the sentries. Mia didn't say anything and Svein frowned in contemplation.

'Was I followed?' Svein narrowed his eyes. 'Impossible! The route I took was a secret path of the organization. Who could possibly find this place by accident?'

"Mia, intercept the intruders!" Svein said with a serious expression. "If you can't handle them, make sure to escape using the hidden pathways. Let's meet up in the town of Veritas."

"By your command! My Lord, please escape as soon as you can!"

Mia didn't look back and ran towards the exit to deal with the intruders. Svein, on the other hand immediately went to the hidden passage located at the back of the warehouse. It was a secret tunnel that branches out to the town of Veritas.

'Damn! Why now of all time?!' Svein cursed in his head as he made his way through the darkness. His eyes glowed bloody red which allowed him to use night vision. He was lucky enough to awaken the bloodline of the Lycanthrope during his coming of age ceremony and he put it to good use.

This was also the reason why his father supported him using his influence. He had high hopes for Svein's abilities and regarded him as his future successor.
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Svein traversed the passage quickly and he estimated that he would be back in Veritas in an hour if he continued his pace.


Amar ran towards the direction of their cabin where Little John was located. When he heard about the intruders, the first thing he did was to go back and make sure that his captive was still tied up.

Little John was more important to him than their organization and he ran like his life depended on it. He smashed the door open and a quick glance made him howl in rage. He waved his axe in frustration and was about to leave when he heard a voice coming from the ceiling.

"Don't worry, I'm right here!"

A giant foot broke through the roof and stomped down on him. Amar was barely able to roll to the side when a second foot slammed down on him. He raised his guard, clenched his teeth, activated his defensive talisman and braced for the impact.

His body was pinned down to the floor like a nail being hit by a hammer. The only reason why he didn't turn into meat paste was because it was a higher grade talisman. Amar knew that this was the point of no return and the only thing he could do to preserve his life was to use as a last resort.

Little John raised his foot to deliver the final blow.

"Curse you!" Amar grabbed the pendant on his neck and activated the spell that was inside it. This was an ultimate spell that would drain half the user's lifespan in exchange for forcefully awakening the bloodline in his body. "I'll take you to hell with me!"

Little John didn't pay any heed to his words and stomped his foot in fury. He hated the bloodline hunters because this was not the first time that he was held captive by them. A few yeas ago, he and his sister Little Daisy also fell to their clutches when they were only six years old.

His foot was about to smash the hunter into oblivion when a hand grabbed his foot. Amar roared and pushed the foot away causing Little John to fall down on the ground smashing the cabin along his path.

Little John was surprised, but immediately stood up and raised his guard. Amar's body turned dark blue and he grew in size. A serious expression on Little John's head appeared as he saw Amar towered over him.

A giant standing thirty meters tall looked down on him. It only had one eye, but the madness in them could not be denied. The twenty meter tall Little John stared at his opponent without fear. He took a battle pose and waited for his adversary to move.

"I'll make you pay you brat!" Amar in his Cyclops form bellowed. "I'll drink your blood to the last drop!"

Little John scoffed. "You want a piece of me? Come and get me!"


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