The Legendary Baka Warriors
35 Clash of Titans Part 1
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The Legendary Baka Warriors
Author :Elyon
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35 Clash of Titans Part 1

"Stay here little goblin." Ishtar had a crazed look on her face as she saw one his men snap the neck of a bloodline hunter. "I don't have time to baby sit you right now."

She didn't even bother to hear his reply and joined the onslaught. She flew in the sky hurling fireballs to deal with the mages that were trying to defend the hunter's stronghold. Kei watched in amazement on how beautiful her elder cousin was on the battlefield.

He saw the moment her hair color changed to a scarlet red. Like a fire burning in the darkness that was out for blood and destruction. Her face held a sneer and her eyes showed no mercy.

Ishtar was holding a scythe in her hand and her maddened laughter was enough to bring chills to anyone that heard it.

"What a psychopath," Kei said. "I better not get on my Auntie's bad side…"

Kei observed the battlefield from afar. He knew that he would only get in the way if he joined the battle. However, he was worried about Little John and kept a lookout from the his vantage point on top of a tall tree.

The smell of burning flesh permeated the air. He realized that it was the smell of human bodies burning, and he bit his lip in order not to vomit. He was still young, but he understood that bloodshed was inevitable.

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The moment he asked for reinforcements he knew that this would be the outcome. Even so, it was the first time that Kei saw humans fought against each other and it unnerved him.

He observed the bloodline hunter's headquarters using a telescope. He was trying to find where Little John might be hiding. He accidentally saw a bloodline hunter's head separate from his body with a swing of her elder cousin's scythe.

Kei almost fell from the tree when he saw that gruesome scene. He wasn't able to stop himself from vomiting. Tears and snot were running down his face as he tried to regain his calm.

"As expected, killing people is different from killing monsters." Kei wiped his mouth with the back of his hand. He was still feeling nauseous and if he were given a choice, he'd rather just close his eyes and wait for everything to end.

{Just stay here Kei,} Grandma Sophie's voice has a tinged of pity in them. {This is too early for you. Let your Aunt find Little John in your stead.}

{My Aunt is out for blood and she would only focus on killing people, not saving them.} Kei replied and shook his head. He was trying to chase away the scene he just witnessed from his mind. {I'm worried that she might accidentally identify Little John as her enemy.}

{Now that you mention it, I think it's possible for that to happen.}

{My Aunt, she's a bit crazy.}

Grandma Sophie didn't reply. She almost said the words "Your mother is scarier", instead she used her ability to try to pinpoint Little John's location.

{I found Little John,} Grandma Sophie said. {He's alone in a cabin to the North East of the stronghold.}

{Grandma, can you help me navigate through the fortress without anyone seeing me?}

Grandma Sophie chuckled from within the ring. {Just who do you think I am? Back in my days they called me the "The Empress of the Battlefield." I brought fear to my foes and…}

{My Empress Grandma can we talk about this some other time?}

{Hmp! Kids these days don't appreciate the glory of the past. Ai~ this generation is hopeless.}

Kei didn't want to argue with her so he coaxed her using sweet words and praised her for her greatness until Grandma Sophie was satisfied.

{Let's go Kei. Remember, do as I say without questioning me understand?}


Kei sneaked into the fortress like a mouse. He had to stop from time to time, but his pacing was good. The Stronghold was rather large and he was amazed on how such a base had been built right under his father's nose.

There were hidden traps scattered everywhere, but they were not a match for Grandma Sophie's detection. He listened to Grandma Sophie's instruction perfectly. He almost scratched his head when she told him to steal a few treasures along the way.

{Oh! That crystal necklace looks amazing! Ah! Are my eyes deceiving me? Is that Adamantium?! We've hit the jackpot!} Grandma Sophie's excited laughter echoed within the ring.

The Exceed Break glowed and sucked up all the treasures that they found within the Stronghold.

{Grandma, are we looking for Little John or are we looking for treasures?} Kei asked.

{Kei, Little John is safe for the moment,} Grandma Sophie said with certainty. {Since he is safe, why not take all the treasures as compensation for the trouble that these hunters had brought him and the girls?}

Kei slapped his forehead. {You're right Grandma! We need to make them pay for messing with us.}

{That's the spirit!}

{Let's go grandma! We need to loot everything before Auntie and her men arrive.}

The two laughed like rotten bandits and proceeded to raid all the treasures inside the fortress. They took everything of value. Even a single copper coin was not able to escape their clutches!

Grandma Sophie was paying attention to the surroundings when she noticed a surge of energy in the direction where Little John was located.

{Kei, something happened,} Grandma Sophie said. {Little John changed to [Titan Form] and it seems that he's fighting with someone.}

{Let's head there right now!}

Grandma Sophie guided Kei and the two were only three hundred meters away from Little John's location when the ground shook. Kei lost his balance and fell on his butt. He stood up immediately ignoring the pain and quickened his pace.

He stumbled from time to time because the tremors were getting stronger. With Grandma Sophie's urging, he finally arrived at his destination. His mouth went agape as he saw the scene in front of him.

A giant with dark blue skin and a single eye on his head was fighting hand to hand combat with Little John. He could clearly see that his best friend was at a disadvantage and there was already blood running down the side of Little John's mouth.


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