The Legendary Baka Warriors
37 Clash of Titans Part 3
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The Legendary Baka Warriors
Author :Elyon
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37 Clash of Titans Part 3

The two children fell from the sky and Grandma Sophie was powerless to help them. She's only a spirit and she used most of her power to block the desperate attack of the Cyclops using a barrier.

Kei saw the ground getting nearer and nearer. He was still thinking of ways on how to survive their predicament. After running out of options, he decided to throw caution to the wind and ask for help.

"I'm too young and too handsome to die!" Kei shouted with all his might. "Someone save us!"

A gust of wind answered his desperate cry for help. The two children landed softly on the ground and Kei almost wet his pants in relief. The moment Little John's feet was firmly planted on the ground all his weight fell on Kei.

Kei tried his best to support his best friend, but the two of them still collapsed unto the ground. He took in deep breaths and thanked the Gods for showing their mercy. When he opened his eyes, he saw a burly man with above average features standing beside the two of them.

"I don't know if you actively seek trouble, or trouble actively seeks you, Kei." The man said with an amused expression.

"Pa, what took you so long to arrive?" Kei pouted and stood up from the ground.

The man bent down to check Little John's injury and immediately applied some high quality healing potion to the severe wounds in his body. He applied pressure on the boy's broken arm and returned it to its rightful place.

His lips moved to call words of power and a cast made of highly compressed mana encased the injury. Aenarion Frieden, the current Earl of Ravencourt stood up and patted his son's head affectionately.

"Kei, after this incident you will be grounded for three months," Aenarion said. "You better behave or I'll tell your mother everything that happened today."

Kei nodded like a hen pecking rice. He knew if his mother found out about this incident forget about three months, she might ground him for a year! Aenarion had a serious expression, but deep down inside he was feeling proud.

"I'll deal with that Cyclops. The two of you stay here." Aenarion took a step forward and disappeared instantly. He reappeared a hundred meters away from the Cyclops who was writhing in agony. The effect of the forced awakening was over and Amar slowly returned to his original form.

Mia, was standing guard beside her companion. She was fighting Ishkar just a few minutes ago, but immediately withdrew when she sensed that Amar was in danger.

"It would be best for you surrender, bloodline hunter." Ishkar slowly descended from the sky. Her hair fluttered in the wind and her scythe was dyed red with blood.

Amar groaned and collapsed unto the ground. His body was aching all over and he no longer had the strength to move his body.

"Escape Mia. Leave me behind." Amar said while gritting his teeth. "Protect the boss!"

Mia no longer hesitated and tapped the necklace on her chest. Her body turned into particles of light and scattered.

"A long distance teleport spell." Ishtar sneered. "Smart move, but it's futile."

She lowered her gaze and fired an air bullet at Amar knocking him unconscious. She then turned her head to look at Aenarion. "Uncle, can I personally interrogate this person?"

Aenarion nodded his head and disappeared from where he stood. The battle was far from over and he had no intention to let any of the bloodline hunters escape. He was annoyed that such an organization were able to build a base in his Earldom. He knew that the officials of Veritas were in cahoots with these criminals and he intends to deal with them after he caught the mastermind of this operation.


Svein was able to reach the town of Veritas earlier than he expected. 'It's a good thing that the passageway was shorter than I thought it was.'

He immediately returned to the inn to take the two girls that were sound asleep.

"Wake up and follow me!" Svein ordered.

Tifa and Milfa opened their eyes and stood from the bed. Svein took some of the important treasures in his collection and headed to the backdoor of the inn. The twins were following behind his back and kept up with his pace.

They rode an ordinary looking carriage and headed to the western gate of the city. The guards allowed them to pass without any questions. Svein took out a crystal ball from his storage ring and tried to communicate with Mia. There was no answer on the other side and he knew that things were more dire than he initially expected.

He glanced at the two girls who were sitting opposite him. Their lifeless eyes stared back at him and they sat properly in place. They were still wearing their nightgowns since Svein was in a hurry to escape.

Just an hour ago he was very happy because of his accomplishment. He was also looking forward in training the twins to become his women and awaken their mythical bloodlines. The promotion he envisioned was within his reach, and yet...

'Why did things turn out this way?! WHY?!' Svein cursed and raged within the carriage.

The two girls watched him in silence. When he finally regained his calm, the carriage was already a kilometer away from Veritas. They were headed to one of their secret bunkers in the Earldom of Ravencourt, and it would take them at least three more hours to reach their destination.

Svein closed his eyes and planned his next move. He would leave the Earldom for a while and converge with one of the heads of the organization that was stationed in Edelweiss. The carriage stopped abruptly and the shout of the coachman alerted him.

Svein peeked at the carriage window and saw a young boy blocking their path. He had bruises all over his body, but his chin was raised in an arrogant manner. The leader of the Bloodline Hunters observed the boy and felt that he looked familiar.
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"It was you!" Sven disembarked from the carriage and pointed his hand at the boy. "Everything that happened was because of you! Who are you?!"

"Me?" Kei said with ridicule. "I am your Father."


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