The Legendary Baka Warriors
42 Auction of the Stars
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The Legendary Baka Warriors
Author :Elyon
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42 Auction of the Stars

The Auction of the Stars was a special auction that was held randomly in the Eastern Federation. The founder of the auction house was an eccentric person and was lucky enough to acquire a unique treasure that allowed him to store an item that will not surpass two square kilometers in length, width, and height.

His name was Shin Seiji. One of the few survivors that managed to enter the forbidden areas and survived to tell the tale. The treasure was the prize he obtained from his adventure. Ironically, he was also a very wealthy man. He hired the best artisans and engineers to build an auction house with multiple levels that was able to accommodate up to a five hundred thousand people.

It was the most ambitious project he ever made in his career and thus the greatest auction house in the Eastern Federation was born.

Only rare and valuable treasures could be auctioned in the Auction of the Stars which makes it an event that the rich, powerful, and influential individuals couldn't afford to miss.

Kei received the news from Nicholas before he left the City of Amaranth. The fat merchant held a position within the Roge Merchant Guild that allowed him to get valuable information as soon as it became available.

Shin Seiji always make an announcement twelve days in advance before the auction takes place. He finds pleasure in making people travel great distances in order to attend his event.

How does he disseminate the news in such a short time? The answer was simple. He gives the news to the merchant guilds first and let them spread the news in his stead. Kei was hoping that the his Grandpa's old friend will reconsider and travel towards Freyport city in order to participate in the Auction of the Stars.

His only concern was whether the Emperium would be included in the items for auction. A merchant always aims to get the best deal in every transaction. There were no mountains high enough nor sea wide enough to stop them as long as they will be making a fortune in the process. Results always justify the means, even if the means used were something underhanded.

"Worst comes to worst the Emperium might be auctioned," Kei said. "If that happens, we can't do anything about it."

Little John snorted in disdain. "Greedy merchants."

"In the case the Emperium gets auctioned, will you bid for it?" Little Daisy asked. "Do you have enough funds to bid for it?"

Kei sighed and shook his head. He might be an Overlord, but that doesn't mean that he was very wealthy. He was someone who donates to charities especially to the orphanages that were scattered in their Earldom.

Although he had some funds, it would not be enough to fight in a bidding war against the truly rich and powerful.

"Let's meet him first when he arrives," Kei said. "We will make our move depending on the outcome of the negotiations."

The group talked about a few more things before Kei decided to adjourn their meeting. Little John, Little Daisy, and Tifa left the room in order to handle some important matters for him.

Kei lay down on the bed and allowed the two girls to give him a body massage. It was a special massage that Grandma Sophie taught Shino. This massage could help ease the sporadic pains that plagued Kei ever since he released the final seal of the Exceed Break.

He never bothered to tell anyone about it and endured it alone. However, Grandma Sophie was well aware of his hardship because this was the second time Kei undid the last seal.
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Shino in turn taught Milfa the technique and the two of them worked together to alleviate his suffering. Kei groaned in both pain and pleasure as the two soft hands caressed his body.

"Master, does this feel good?"

"Mmm, it feels good."

"Handsome young master, does it hurt somewhere else?"

"My legs are hurting a bit." Kei sighed in bliss. "I never thought that a massage could feel this good."

Shino giggled and whispered seductively in his ear. "Master, is Little Master hurting? Maybe we need to give him a massage too."

Kei shivered when he heard Shino's seductive voice. He knew that she was only teasing him. However, the thought of her soft hands giving Little Kei a massage made him shudder. He was very tempted to agree to her suggestion, but he knew that the moment he say yes there would be no turning back for the three of them.

He used all of his willpower to resist the temptation and patted her head. "All in good time. Fret not, that time will come soon."

"Mmn." Shino kissed his cheek and returned her attention in giving him a massage.

Shino and Milfa knew that Kei wanted to meet his fiance, Fiona, and have a good talk with her. Until then, Kei refrained from taking their relationship to the next level. The most he did was give them hugs and kisses.

The two girls were in cahoots with each other and teased him from time to time. They even made plans to tie him up and have their way with him. Still, they held back and respected his decision.

A colorful bird of prey flew inside the room from the window and landed at the side of the bed.

{Young Master, we surveyed the city and the surrounding area and didn't see any signs of the man you described to us.}

'I guess it's still too early for him to appear.' Kei mused.

"Where is Lily?" Kei asked.

{Lily is currently mapping the underground sewers of the city. As per your orders, Young Master.}

"Mmm, Good job." Kei said. "For now, stay close to the inn and alert me if you see anyone suspicious."

{As you command, Young Master.}

Luke gave a brief bow before taking flight to leave the room. The two girls continued to give him a massage while Kei was deep in thought. He knew that the Auction of the Stars would attract all sorts of troublemakers. There had never been a time when the Auction ended in peace. This time would not be different from the rest.


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