The Legendary Baka Warriors
44 The Most Carefree and Magnanimous Overlord
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The Legendary Baka Warriors
Author :Elyon
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44 The Most Carefree and Magnanimous Overlord

"My woman is not for sale. You can keep the Emperium and your gold. Now get out of my sight!"

Sirius was surprised at Kei's aggressive reply. He knew that he was in the wrong and decided to take a step back. Leaving a bad impression to the young lady was the last thing he wanted to do.

He needed to make sure that he doesn't appear as the villain in this scene, so he signaled the guard captain to return to his side.

"My apologies. Was my compensation not enough? How about I give you twent- no, fifty thousand gold coins," Sirius said. "If you still think this amount is inadequate I am open for negotiations."

Kei patted Shino's head and the two of them walked away ignoring the merchant's offer. Sirius looked at Shino's back with longing and his heart felt like it was being pricked by needles. He could tell that she had only eyes for Kei, but he was unwilling to give up.

'What's so good about him? He's just an overlord!' Sirius agonized and dark thoughts started to form in his head. 'He doesn't deserve her! She deserves someone like me!'

The guard captain saw the change in his young master's expression. He laughed in his mind because he understood that his employer would not let the young lady get away from his grasp. He walked a bit closer and advised his young master in hushed tones.

"Young master, I saw some of my old friends here in the city. They are very skilled mercenaries and you only need to offer a good price in order to make them do something like… abduct a young lady."

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Sirius glanced at the guard captain. Right now he was not able to think properly because of the infatuation he was feeling towards Shino. He was about to give his answer when a red lightning bolt came out of nowhere and blasted the guard captain off the ground.

He spun for a few seconds in the air before he fell like a broken doll on the pavement; his body still emitting smoke.

The poor man was heavily injured and his chest had been charred. The smell of burning flesh spread through the surroundings and it caused some of the merchants to make the sign of the Goddesses to protect them from harm.

Sirius snapped out of his daze and ordered his men to help his guard captain. He gazed at the direction where Kei and Shino was headed. He could no longer see them, yet he was certain that this was a warning that came from Kei.

He closed his eyes to help him remember the words that his Grandfather, Libertus Gwyn, told him before he left their merchant guild to participate in The Auction of the Stars.

"Listen to me Sirius, and listen well. If you meet Kei Frieden, do not get on his bad side," Libertus said with a grave expression. "He will not be shameless enough to force you to hand over the Emperium to him because the Overlords have their pride and dignity."

Libertus sighed, "You're still young and you haven't witnessed how terrifying they can be when provoked. Among the Five Overlords of the Federation, Kei Frieden is the most carefree and magnanimous."

"He is not as dangerous as the Overlord of the East, nor as annoying as that elf from the North. He doesn't hide in the shadows like the Overlord of the South, and not as wild as that crazy child in the Academy."

"Still, he is an Overlord. An existence that even the rulers of the Federation had to acknowledged as someone that was far above them." Libertus looked at his successor with a seriousness that he only showed during the most dangerous battles of his life. "Never, ever, stand against him. If you couldn't befriend him then make sure that you don't become his enemy."

"Without a doubt you will meet him in the City of Freyport. How you handle the Emperium is up to you. This is your final trial as my successor." Libertus gave him a pat on the shoulder and walked away.

Sirius opened his eyes and mounted his horse. The guard captain was given first aid, but he needed to be brought back to their lodging and let their healers attend to him. His entourage followed behind him and kept silent. They were afraid that a "stray lightning bolt" might come down from the heavens and smite them.


{Master, you should have ordered me to kill that man,} Luke said in annoyance. He was tempted to turn the guard captain into a lump of charcoal, but Kei forbid him from doing so. He was angry that someone dared to make a move against his mistress right under his watch.

The only one he acknowledged as her mistress's partner was Kei, and he would not allow anyone to have evil intentions towards her.

{Luke is right Master,} Lily hissed from Shino's shoulder. {That would teach them a lesson especially that man called Sirius.}

Kei smiled and firmly held Shino's hand. {He is still the grandson of the companion of Grandpa from his days of adventuring. I need to give him some face. However, if he still wouldn't back down after this…}

Kei curled his lips into a wicked grin. {I'll make Libertus Gwyn regret his decision for canceling our agreement.}

He laughed out loud in a creepy way causing the people in his surroundings to give him a look of disgust.


A baby girl cried in the distance and her mother did her best to comfort her while glaring at Kei.

Kei, on the other hand, stopped his laughter and coughed lightly. He increased his pace almost half dragging Shino behind him. The latter had a hand over her lips and her body shivered from time to time. She was doing her best to prevent herself from laughing out loud at the funny scene that transpired.

"Hmp! You dare to laugh at your Master?" Kei said using a mischievous tone. "I'll make sure you don't get any sleep tonight!"

"Mmn! I'll look forward to that, Master," Shino replied, cheerfully. "Please punish me for being a bad girl."

Her words were heard by the men who were secretly following her from behind, and all of them cursed Kei in their mind out of jealousy. Sirius wasn't the only one who was charmed by Shino. Some of the powerful individuals that arrived in the city also sent some men to investigate her.

There were even some high ranking nobles who ordered their men to capture her if an opportunity presents itself. Kei knew what they were planning, but he doesn't care.

Even without his powers, he was confident that he would still come out on top. After all, Luke and Lily were by his side and the two of them combined were more than enough to fight an army of thousands.

He still have some hidden cards under his sleeve and he was not afraid to use them if push comes to shove.


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