The Legendary Baka Warriors
45 I“ll Make You Feel Good Too!
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The Legendary Baka Warriors
Author :Elyon
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45 I“ll Make You Feel Good Too!

Little John arrived at the inn they were staying at along with his sister Little Daisy. Tifa and Milfa were still handling the task that Kei gave them for the day and they would probably arrive before sunset.

They decided to check first if Kei had returned to his room. Little John was about to knock on the door when he heard Kei and Shino talking from inside.

"Ma-master, it won't fit!"

"Don't worry, I'll be gentle."

Little John's hand froze in mid-air. He glanced at his sister and the latter placed a hand on her own lips. The two stuck their ears on the door and listened.

"It's a bit tight, but if there is a will, there is a way!" Kei said with confidence. "Here I go. Brace yourself!"

"Ma-master, it hurts! Stop! Please pull it out!" Shino cried in pain.

"So-sorry, here let me rub it for you. Does it still hurt?"

"Master, it's starting to feel good."

"Relax, I'm an expert in making pain go away. You'll be begging me for more later."

The brother and sister outside the door glanced at each other in dismay. Both of them was unsure on how to proceed.

"Should we come back later?" Little John whispered.

Little daisy pursed her lips together. "It would be best if we don't disturb the two of them." There was a hint of annoyance in her voice and she stomped towards her own room. His brother, Little John, scratched his head and followed behind her.

Meanwhile inside the room…

"Master, although this shoe is very pretty it's too small for me." Shino said with regret. This was a shoe that she found on the marketplace and bought it because it was pretty.

Kei was massaging her foot in order to make up for hurting her earlier. "Mmm, next time we buy shoes I'll make you wear them first. There were too many people at the plaza leering at you, and I got a bit overprotective."

"Hehehe." Shino giggled.

The two spent some happy time together unaware that the brother and sister next door misunderstood the situation. The two thought that Kei and Shino were doing something inappropriate and let them be. Little John cursed Kei for being shameless, and was worried about her sister.

Little Daisy on the other hand was sharpening her kitchen knife. The grating sound of steel being sharpened made Little John sweat buckets. Kei and Little Daisy grew up together and the two of them were very close. Even so, he still don't understand what kind of relationship they were in.

Kei had always treated her as a little sister, and her sister treated Kei like family. There was a time when Little John asked his father, Cronus, whether he approved of Kei as his sister's future husband and his reply baffled him.


"Pops, do you think Daisy and Kei will get married in the future?"

Cronus laughed out loud. "Little Daisy and Kei? No. Child that's impossible. Even if pigs grew wings and fly those two will never be in a romantic relationship."

"Why can't they be in a romantic relationship?" Little John asked.

"Your sister already had someone she likes." Cronus replied. His lips curled up into a smile. "And she has a love rival to boot. I don't understand kids these days, back then things were so simple."

Little John was shocked at the revelation and tried to ask more from his father. "How come I was not aware of this? Who is that person? Do I know him?"

Cronus started tinkering with his inventions. He ignored Little John's questions and busied himself with work.

Little John knew that he wouldn't be getting any answers from his father, so he decided to confront Little Daisy and get the answers straight from her. He easily found her in the kitchen. She was busy preparing their dinner. Not wanting to disturb her, he decided to wait until she finished her cooking.

Little Daisy noticed her brother staring at her and it gave her goosebumps. At first she wanted to ignore him, but his stare was creeping her out. With no other alternative she raised her head and stared at him in the eye.

"Brother, do you need something from me?" Little Daisy asked.

"Sister, do you like someone?"

Little Daisy gave his brother a weird look. "Why are you asking me this question?"

"I'm just curious. Is the person you like Kei?"



Little Daisy sighed. He looked at his brother in annoyance. "I like someone, but it's not Kei."

Little John didn't expect her sister to give him an immediate answer. He could tell that she wasn't lying.

"Who is he?" Little John asked in an agitated manner. "How dare he make his move on my sister without getting my permission?! I'll break his bones!"

Little Daisy froze for a second before bursting into laughter. She held her belly and covered her mouth with a hand. Her suppressed laughter made Little John angrier.

"Do you think I'm joking? Who is that person?" Little John demanded an answer. "I'll beat him up in front of you!"

"Hmp! You can't even touch a strand of that person's hair let alone beat her up."

"I can, and I will make sure that…" Little John stiffened. "Her? Did you just say her?"

"Yes. I did."

"You like a girl?"

"I do." Little Daisy nodded.

"Do I know her?"

"You do."

Little John scratched his head. He was confused right now because her sister admitted that she likes a girl. A girl liking a girl was not unheard of. There was a famous dragon girl in the capital who have a harem of girls at her beck and call. Still, to think that her sister swings that way…

"Is the person you like Tifa? Or is it Milfa?" Little John asked. Disbelief written all over his face. "Wait, don't tell me you're in love with Chloee?"

"No to all the names you mentioned." Little Daisy replied. "Also, I won't tell you her name. Stupid brother!"


To this day, Little John didn't know the name of the girl her sister liked. Also, he was still hoping that Kei would still become his future brother-in-law. He searched his memories for possible candidates, but he came up with a blank. He was deep in thought when a familiar voice was heard from outside the door.

"Little John, Little Daisy are you there?" Kei's said as he knocked on their door.

Little Daisy immediately ceased her activities and returned her knife to her storage bag. She opened the door and looked at the grinning Kei in front of her.

"Shino and I will be having lunch. If you haven't eaten yet, why don't the two of you join us?"

"Heh, you're still not satisfied after eating her up? You want more?" Little Daisy's voice has a slight hint of contempt. "It must be nice being popular."

"Eating her up?" Kei frowned. "Who did I eat?"

Little Daisy placed her hands on her hips and snapped at him. "We heard you earlier. Hmp! Did it feel good forcing a little girl? Were you that desperate?"

Little John watched from the side. Her sister was like a wife who had found her husband cheating on her. This was the reason why he always thought that her sister liked Kei; despite the fact that she insist that she likes a girl.

"Ah! You're talking about what happened earlier with Shino? Yes, I felt bad about forcing her earlier." Kei nodded his head in agreement. "But, I made sure to make it up to her and made her feel good. She enjoyed it and even asked me to do it again tonight. Isn't that right Shino?"

"It hurt at first, but then Master made me fell reaaaaaaaaally good afterward. Please do me again tonight, Master." Shino replied with a smile. There was still a slight blush on her face due to the massage session she had earlier.

Kei had a smug look on his face and added a few more words. "Oh, I better let Milfa experience it too. I can't play favorites. I must treat everyone equally."

Little Daisy glowered at him and Kei shrank back from her stare.

"Fi-Fine. I guess I can make an exception. I'll do it to you too." Kei patted his chest with confidence. "I'm confident in my skills. I will make you feel so good that you would be begging me for more. If I get serious, I can even do it with the three of you at the same time!"

Little Daisy smiled and move closer to Kei. Her hand rested on his waist. "You're going to make me feel good? You're going to make me beg for more?"

Kei arrogantly raised his chin. "Of course! I'll even add Tifa to the mix. Four people won't be a problem! I could do it even with my eyes closed!"

Little Daisy sneered and pinched his waist. She then twisted it in a 180 degree angle.

That day, a loud scream broke the peace of the City of Freyport. It lasted for half a minute. The scream was like a pig being slaughtered and it caused some of the citizens to panic.
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The misunderstanding was cleared up later that afternoon, and Little Daisy locked herself in her room because of the shame and embarrassment. She came out around dinner time and apologized profusely to Kei.

Kei in turn accepted her apology and even teased her that she should compensate him with her body. Little Daisy agreed without batting an eye. Shino and Milfa exchanged a glance.

That night a blood curling scream shook the City of Freyport as Kei suffered the punishment of the two jealous girls beside him.

Little John just shook his head from the side. 'You said, you don't like him and you act this way. Daisy, just who is that girl that you love?'

Little did he know that the answer to his question will be answered in the not so distant future.


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