The Strongest Beast Tamer
192 Matters to Address
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The Strongest Beast Tamer
Author :FlamingWolf0
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192 Matters to Address

So, I suppose I should've said this a while ago, but yes, I have dropped both novels.

As for the reasons, well, at the start of my writing early January 2019, I fully enjoyed the experience and interacting with readers, taking in feedback and criticism and improving. I liked letting my imagination go wild and coming up with new ideas.

However, at some point when I dropped, I started to lack the necessary motivation to write, I stopped enjoying writing and it felt like more of a chore than a hobby. But I persevered for a little while longer until I couldn't.

Exams were coming up, I needed to study and I couldn't keep writing, especially if I no longer enjoy it anymore.

And here's the thing, the main reason I started to stop enjoying it was probably the reason why I started. The goddamn Status Screens, I wanted a write a novel but clearly didn't know how exactly to portray the strengths and weaknesses of the monsters and other characters.

But while reading many other novels, I realised I could just use status screens. I enjoyed writing the status screens in the beginning, making up all sorts of stats for both my novels, each having a slightly different status screens.

But after a while, it began to feel tedious and rather repetitive. I tried to keep going but writing status screens day in and out made me feel like I was doing a Mathematics Investigation. I wasn't finding any pleasure or enjoyment out of it.

The only enjoyment I found was reading comments and reviews, interacting with a few of you and answering any doubts, but even then, that was only able to push me so far before I burnt out and couldn't continue.

So, as I'm sure the answer is obvious, no, I very likely won't be going back to continue either series, which I'm sure is quite a disappointment to a lot of you and I'm sorry for that.

On the other hand, my enjoyment for writing has sparked back up and I may write another series, quite different from the others that doesn't rely on status screens. I do hope you can read that when it comes out. Not gonna say when cause I don't want people to have any expectations.

But I just hope you all understand the situation I'm in, I also thank you all for being with me throughout my writing journey, it was certainly a blast.
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