The first tale
22 Land of Monsters: Grimlock
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The first tale
Author :PillGrandCreator
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22 Land of Monsters: Grimlock

Tian Li listened to it all but he didn't care, he wasn't hiding his qi flow to begin with, its just them who couldn't sense it and he wasn't going to entertain them with a silly act, that was bound to fall. He told them he was ordinary and he was, in the immortal world there was more cultivators than there was stars, they can understand what they want to, even what he told them about his sword skills was the truth. He did deceive them but he didn't lie to them, even tomorrow when he will guid them to their destination, he will take them to it was he said he would just that he would take them to where he sensed the wereboars come, although because he was not covering a large area with his divine sense, he still knew the general direction.

They all got up on first light, there was some light conversation at supper, then everyone but Tian Li sharpened their weapons with whetstones, Tian Li watched everything with a uninterested and lazy look. He sensed some of them paying him special attention but he didn't care to respond. The fog and light wind did nothing to dampen his good mood, he liked this feeling of discovering something unexpected, the thrill and excitement, this is what he loved in life!

While walking everyone was tense and the smallest of movements alerted them like nothing before, perhaps the battle of yesterday put them on edge too much. An idea came to Tian Li since they were going to continue to travel at the speed of a Gazola turtle he thought he might ask about some of the doubts he had.

"Hey, you guys seem like you came from good backgrounds, say, do you know what the sunset empress did to make the god star go off" asked Tian Li in a nonchalant tone.

"... she committed countless evil deeds and atrocities, she dared to change the location of the human capital, it is also said she laid with demons, devils and similar evil beings, she used evil and forbidden arts" explained Rolf of the spear.

"That's what everyone knows, it is also what the church teaches, meaning what the imperial family wants us to know. But somethings don't add up, according to my calculations the empire of that time should have been on the verge of civil war... moreover the evil arts and evil beings are never clarified! Like what evil things, they should have a name or description but everyone knows them only as evil beings or things? Are they like the monsters we fought yesterday? Are they not?" Insisted Tian Li.

"I don't see why you care so much... it happened thousands of years ago, whatever it is, it has nothing to do with us today even if we knew it wouldn't change anything of our present" replied Rolf again, with a frown. His left arm is still healing, even with the [heal minor wound] spell it would still take one more day to heal, still he could fight with one arm.

Tian Li just smiled and didn't ask anymore about the subject and instead asked about something else. He asked about their cultivation levels, it seems Alphonse and Ivo are both level 1 fighters while the rest were still peak apprentices. It seems the difference was not only in the general strength but that fighters possess the ability to release battle aura for short amounts of time, however if five peak apprentices gang up on one fighter they could still take him down. Which blew Tian Li's mind, in the immortal world it was literally impossible to go against someone if the difference was a huge realm even if you were half a step into that realm, it was not a matter if numbers, it was the difference in realm, in the level of existence.

For example if one thousand half a step core formation cultivators were to go against a single just advanced core formation cultivators it was still only one result. The core formation would kill all one thousand half core formation cultivators easily without dropping a sweat. It was not even a fight just mass suicide, But if there were a fight between two in the same realm but different stages it was then possible for a fight to occur. And even Tian Li was the same he never fought against someone who surpasses him by a whole realm. NEVER. And he hoped he would never have to.

Suddenly while they were walking they smelled a very foul smell, it was something disgusting and vile, it could even be classified as an attack, the moment they smelled it they couldn't breathe anymore. Even Tian Li furrowed his brows. The source was not close nor was it far.

Unbeknownst to them, the moment they crossed that region, they carried that smell with them and two kilometers away in a dark and damp cave, awoke an average sized thing, it probably looked like a human, once, but no more, it was obese and clade in animal fur, in place of its eyes the skin grew to cover it, it's nose so big, it pointed downwards. Its skin a mix between brown and purple. It stood up and it nose inhaled again and again. It took a bone club and thrashed and roars as if in anger of hunger.

Soon they were out of the forest as if all the tall trees and wild green, was another world they were now in a valley surrounded by huge rocks and ridges. The rays of the sun were comfortable and familiar, everyone breather a sigh of relief as they looked at the sun. As they walked suddenly Tian Li noticed at the three hundred meters limit of his divine sense, which he placed, a moving figure. It was sticking to the ridges and rocks in a weird way as if taking cover but also not.

Tian Li didn't understand what that creature was doing, it seems it wanted to hide but also charge at them in a very contradictory way. He decided to just watch the events unfold. Suddenly the creature stopped and bent over a big rock and just stopped moving. The party could now see it they were a hundred meters apart now, however curious, not one of them reacted in anyway they all seemed... focused and just ignored it. So Tian Li couldn't care anymore it was probably just a weak creature thats why even with its visible hostility everyone ignored it.

While they were walking the creature suddenly mover and swung its bone club at Athul's lower back! Athul didn't even react, properly didn't realize she was attacked until she fell back, her blood colored the ground red, everyone seemed shocked and bewildered. The monster will not wait for them to think it over, it jumped again intending to finish off the fallen Athul, however, a roar awoke everyone up. It was Rolf, with bulging veins his spear seemed to spin in his hand and no one saw when he threw the spear all they felt was how it moved the very air around them and what they heard was how the air howled like thunder, the spear pinned the jumping monster to the end of the ridge after destroying some stones.

Rolf fell to the ground and breathed heavily, he got up took the spear of the head of the monster and started displaying stances and flashy moves. Here Tian Li was a little speechless, your companion is severely injured and you're playing around! Tian Li seemed to have a newfound respect for Rolf, while everyone was tending to Athul they would look at Rolf with admiring looks.


Suddenly purple light seemed to come off Rolf's body! He was breaking through right now! Tian Li was happy, maybe he could learn something if he watched as someone here made a breakthrough. The light went off and everyone surrounded him even dragging Athul and congratulating him. While Tian Li's jaw fell open...

Thats it? THATS IT? How is that even a breakthrough??!

A breakthrough should be flashy and release dominating might of heaven, it should shock the area of several thousand kilometers, after a breakthrough one must be reborn but this...


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