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Venture into an Unknown World
Author :BlueDaysFlash
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1 Chapter 1

@@I woke up standing in the middle of a grassland. Far ahead, I could see a town, but felt strange how it was surrounded by stone walls with old carriages passing through a steel gate.

I looked at myself and found that I was wearing clothes I've never worn or even remember buying. I questioned myself "what is happening", but I could feel my thoughts being clouded. I quickly realized that I cannot even remember who I am.

I looked at the sheathed sword hanging by my waist. For some reason, it gave me a feeling of security, making me involuntarily hold it with my right hand.

Gripping the hilt of the sword, I noticed that I was wearing a ring. Not just a ring, but it was a [Storage Ring].

There were a few gold coins and tens of silver coins inside.

I looked again at the town and looked at the sun.

Although there is still a few hours before the sun sets, I decided that it is better to find a place to stay before I ponder on who and where I am.

I gave myself the name Anderi Virius Tsalrea, from an ancient rune language that means The Unknown, and entered the town.

[Anderi Virius Tsalrea] Level 1


[The Birds and the Bees Level 3]

[Poison Immunity Level 2]

[Vigilance Level 2]





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