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Venture into an Unknown World
Author :BlueDaysFlash
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2 Chapter 2

I stayed in the town for a few days.

Luckily, I did not have any problems understanding their language. Although I received some strange looks for my dark hair and dark eyes, there was no problem at all.

Was it because I was dressed as an adventurer? When I first entered through the town gates, I was immediately told where the Adventurer's Guild was. The gate guard didn't even try to charge me for the entrance fee.

Only later on that I found out about rumors or even legends about people with black hair and black eyes. They said that once every hundred years, there would be people who have strange racial characteristics that would appear in the world with all of them possessing tremendous powers enough to bring ruin to a kingdom in one night.

The most recent one is a figure called Dark Blaze Master, appearing thirty years ago, and is currently the Ancestral Magus of the West. And the most important thing for me is that, he has black hair and black eyes, youthful face, and pale complexion.

In other words, those characteristics fit exactly mine.

For the people of this world where it is rare to exceed eighty years old as a mortal, most of them probably grew up with the stories about the legends of the Dark Blaze Master.

Adding to that, he is still a powerful figure even now, so it is not strange if they would think and even fear to provoke me for the chance that I might be related to him.

So, within just a few days, I was able to gain enough information to blend in this world.

For some reason, my [Vigilance] skill was raised to Level 2, but that only probably means that I was decent enough in regarding guarding my secrets.

People were strangely kind to me to the point that they are sucking up to me, giving me gifts and the information that I needed.

I even got to score a night with a beautiful elf bard called Sylphia Laekshir Aelqiesh... elves of this world seems to have long names concerning their race, which forest they were born, whose daughters or son they are, which moon they are born, the current Elf King or Queen, what their tree of fates are called, etc.

Anyways, although what brought her to me was the elves' unique curiosity, founding how strange it was for everyone was treating me like I was their grandpa, when I first met her singing an epic in the town square.

One day, I met her in a pub, I tried my best to get her drunk, she seemed to have seen through me but still accompanied me to drink. She even advised me that next time I try something like that, I should at least buy Drunken Dragon's Wine that even makes dwarves drunk.

Turns out that she has a high alcohol immunity. I was only able to make her slightly drunk after drinking enough booze to raise my [Poison Immunity] skill to Level 2.

Honestly, I got attracted by her beauty and her soul-stirring voice, but what made me fall for her was her deep blue eyes. Her clever eyes show profoundness, but when she was shy, it was as if I was staring at a pure girl's soul. It simply captivated me.

I just could not help myself but wish her to be mine. And, I was able to succeed in convincing her to follow me to my room, after showing her the Ancient Rune that was inscribed on the back of my left hand. She seemed to be extremely curious about it, telling me that she had once seen it on their Elf Village's library.

I told her as a joke that my little junior has even more Ancient Runes, but she seemed to have taken it seriously, so could not help but to use almost all of the money I have to challenge her to a drinking contest.

I told her that I'd show my little junior's Ancient Runes if she won against me.

Only after drinking a few barrels, that I was able to "lose" to her. She was probably already drunk then.

We had a staring contest inside my room, but for some reason, she suddenly became very aggressive.

I did not think much of it since I was drunk myself.

Excitedly, I could not help myself but pounce onto her, embracing my first woman in this world.

In that particular experience, only then I realized how amazing the voices of elves are.

Her bashful eyes, they literally drowned me. It made me raise my [The Birds and The Bees] skill to Level 3.

Although they might be lacking compared to sirens, they could charm mortals all the same. Well, that's what she said.

Anyways, I am now ready to leave the first town I visited in this world. After all, there was not that much to see here.

Adding to that, the elf, Silvie, seems to plan on accompanying me. I thought that was great since I gained my first companion. With a bard like her around, I won't lack the BGM needed for every situation I face.

Well, honestly, I only planned on leaving after I found a way to find her again. This world really sucks when it comes to finding someone, even more, if that someone might be finding you as well. After all, I still owe her. She was unable to take a good look at my little junior to see if there are really Ancient Runes. Little junior would always charge into her castle immediately if he finds the chance to.

When I told her I was leaving the town, she kinda guessed that I lacked common sense. Not to mention how I looked very unprepared.

On the outside, I was only carrying a light pack with a liter of water and three meals, wearing a hooded cloak over my usual leather equipment, in addition to carrying a sword for self-defense.

Well, I could not blame her.

In her perspective, I was probably someone who is clearly looking down too much on the wilderness, not even carrying an Anti-Beast Ward or an Anti-Insect Ward. Although it rarely rains in the bountiful continent [Horizon], it is simply stupid to camp outside without a tent, not setting an alarming trap, and most of all, it is simply reckless to travel alone.

But I could not tell her I was carrying those things inside my Storage Ring.

I could only accompany her to buy the necessities.

Fortunately, a few days have passed since that passionate night.

I also got some compensation from those people who want me to leave the town quickly for some reason.

So, not to mention shopping in the afternoon, I even have enough money to buy a few horses.

[Anderi Virius Tsalrea] Level 3


[The Birds and the Bees Level 4]

[Poison Immunity Level 3]

[Vigilance Level 2]

[Contract Familiar Level 1]



[Elf's Lover]


[Summoner's Regalia]



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