Wu Dong Qian Kun - fanfic
1 1 Meeting God and 10 Year skip??
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Wu Dong Qian Kun - fanfic
Author :Heavlysaintcosmo
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1 1 Meeting God and 10 Year skip??

Fuck today just isn't my day first I jet beat up at school and wind up getting punished for it because the one of the students who beat me if the principles son and now I am getting robbed by a beggar.

" Bastard I said hand over all your items" a man dressed in rags rags said as he held a rusty dagger

"just take it and go cause thats all I have the only thing left is my clothes"I said as I tossed my wallet

" mhhh now scram"

As he said I started walking away when *swoosh* Li fei fell on his knees clutching his neck where a rusty dagger lays showing an shocked face with unwilling to die

"Damn brat think I didn't see you stash away that ring now go see Yama for your stupidity"

In a dark empty space li fei stood before a computer

(Congratulations on winning the special prize of the God's)

"Hoho what prey tell is the prize"

(The prize is to reincarnate in any world the user with unlimited wishes)

"All right I want to be reborn as Lin Dong in Wu Dong Qian Kun but make me more handsome than Lin Longtian.For my first wish I want to have the Ultimate subspace .i.e mixture of all heavenly treasures advantages such as stone talisman, martial god space, Violet immortal realm etc, for my second wish I wish to have unlimited talent in everything I do, my third wish will be for the ultimate technique that will not only train my body but also my mind and spirit, my fourth wish shall be a fountain for each cultivation stage in my subspace that produces endless resources for cultivation, a system that will allow me to measure my strength and allow me to measure other people's strength and potential,Perfect foundation to ensure my cultivation is strong and steady to ensure easier breakthroughs in later cultivation stages, a helper for my subspace that will grow all required herbs I need, a library that contains all martial arts,cooking arts, wine brewing arts, puppet making techniques,etc ever created and all of them after entering the library will be modified to perfection and finally I want a map in my system that will show me the way to anything I desire similar to jack sparrows compass."li fei smiled as he imagined at how op he will become

(Wishes being granted body being remade to fit the host criteria..... Good luck in your next life.)


""Hmm where am I system you there""

(Yes, host is in his mothers womb for 7 months now)

"Hoho system is it alright if I start cultivating my heavenly sun and moon technique"

(Host is advised to not cultivate the body until 10 years old in order to let the body grow without restraint however host can cultivate the mind power and spirit this will allow host to also clear and expand meridians even further)

"Hmm might as well do it to pass the time ok system tell me when I'm about to be born"as he finished talking he started cultivating his mind powers

Two months later

(Host you are about to be born)

"Hoho in these two months I was able to reach 2nd Seal Symbol Master hehe and now I face my greatest challenge being a baby "Lin Dong thought as he felt a great force pulling on him

"I can see him keep pushing" an old woman said as she continued to help support the child who just been born

Waaah waaah waaaaah Lin Dong cried as he did not want to get slapped on the ass like a bitch. Unknown to him as his family witnessed a strange phenomenon as he cried

"Congratulations third master and miss on delivering a healthy boy"

"Hahaha father did you see that my son is definetly gonna be a genius that will rock the world"

"Hahahahaha of course he is after all my grandson hmm I shall ensure he has all training resources he will need"

"Hmmm the two of you should stop making noise otherwise get out as I don't want either of you to make Donger cry again" Liu Yan said in a angry voice as she held her child while glaring at her husband and father-in-law

"Hehehe sorry dear let me hold our child as you get some rest"Lin Xiao said as he was worried about his wife

""Hahahaha let me all show you what this young master is capable of doing""


10 years later

"Young master please come back if you don't go to the clan meeting old master and third master will surely punish me" a young female servant no alder than 15 said as she chased a 10 year old child

"Hahaha why should I care every time I go there it's always boring meetings and second uncle constant nagging about me and how I should be more serious Its too stuffy there I would rather start my cultivation instead"

"You brat come over here we are going to the meeting your grandfather is the one who personally wants you there as he has a gift for you and today we will be discussing about serious matters of the clan and he wants you there because he sees you as the next leader of our Lin family and wants to nurture you so you best behave"Lin xiao said as he berated his son

"Hoho is it another martial arts technique grandfather wants me to improve" Lin Dong said as he eyed his father with suspicion

"Haha of course it is however your grandfather also has the materials you asked for, for all the hard work you have done" Lin xiao said not even feeling the slightest bit guilty or shameless

"Fine I'll go"Lin dong said showing a wry smile at how his father and grandfather are making him attend the meeting

In these ten years Lin dong showed part of his talent off when he was one year old he could walk and talk fluently at three he could read and write even better than most adults at five he had improved all rank 1 and 2 martial arts at six he created many formulas that helped heal many martial artist injuries at eight he created a number of rank 1-3 martial arts and when his father got crippled created a spirit wine that not only healed him back to his peak it also lead him to clear his meridians and lead him reach late stage of Heavenly Yuan stage at 9 he created wine recipe and pills that lead his grandfather and father reach Yuan dan stage and currently he created an array formation to help increase the progression of people at Body tempering stage spirit wine and pills for easier break through for Earthly Yuan and Heavenly Yuan so the lowest level practioner was at late stage Earthly Yuan stage whilst the highest his grandfather and father reached Advanced Yuan dan stage about to enter perfect stage

After a short walk they entered a large hall filled with his grandfather and uncles

"Dong'er glad you can make it today we will be discussing how we should eradicate the lei and xie families."

"Grandpa should we even bother with planning all elders have already reached Heavenly Yuan and you and father are almost nearing perfect stage of Yuan Dan" Lin Dong said in a relaxed tone

"That maybe however we want to ensure that none of the lei and xie family members survive to avoid any future threats to our Lin family" Lin Zhengtian said as he showed a smile of happiness to this grandson who had done greatly for the Lin family "well enough of that hehehe your grandpa has gotten a rank 6 technique here through great efforts can you see if it can be further improved I also found the metals you asked for it cost our clan a pretty penny might I ask what you need these metals for"

"Hehehe the metals can be used to create a high rank soul weapon whilst this technique although rank 6 can be improved to rank 7 maybe 8" Lin Dong said as he pocketed all the materials and rank 6 Celestial God's Fist art "Grandpa can I be excused I want to start my training"

"Hehe alright alright this old man won't stop you you can use the array in the backyard this way me and your father can monitor your progress so that no accidents don't occur "

"Thank grandpa goodbye uncles and father I shall go begin my cultivation"as Lin dong finished his speaking he rushed out of the room at top speed


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