21 Arrangemen
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Author :LittleLadyRebel
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21 Arrangemen

I left her sleeping in her bed, she looked so peaceful.


I wanted her to stay that way.

When I returned home I found my brother spread out on a couch, lounging lazily in the hallway.

"Out all night hmm.. That's a first for you little brother." His tone was condescending.

"Where is our father?" I replied.

I had no time for his games. I needed to speak to Victor.

"So serious, Is this about that delicious little human I saw last night? I noticed you two leaving in a hurry." He said waltzing over to me, meeting my gaze.

Leaning in he whispered into my ear, "Remember to share her this time." He smirked, seeming pleased with himself he calmly left the room.

I wanted nothing more than to grab him and throw him across the room, But that is exactly the response he was looking for and I wouldn't give him the satisfaction. I had more important matters to deal with.

Hurridly I walked up the stairs towards my father's study, I found him in the dimly lit room, seated behind his large table, brooding over paperwork.

"Hello, Father." I entered the room slowly, bowing as I greeted him.

"Caleb, I was beginning to wonder when I would see you. Did you have fun on your little outing with Zenobia." He looked up at me from his papers, his expression cold.

So he also noticed us leaving together, I had to make this right. I need him to let her live.

"Actually, I am here to talk about that. She knows what we are, I told her," standing up straighter now I wanted to assert my confidence in the situation.

"I suppose you have come here to ask that I spare her life," he answered bluntly.

My father wasn't the type to sympathize over human life.

"She will keep our secret father, I know she will. I have explained it all to her, what she saw last night. what we are. But she remained calm about it. I know that if I ask it, she won't tell a soul."

"hmmm yes, it is clear that she is in love with you, I found her searching the ballroom for you last night like some lost little puppy." He went silent for a moment, lost in thought.

I seemed to fluster at the thought of her loving me.

"I know she will stay silent for you, But I warn you now. Whatever this is that is going on between the two of you, I expect it to come to an end eventually, Have your fun with her, but know that she would never be accepted by the council members, after all. You are a prince and she is a mere human." his tone towards me was abrasive and his eyes cold.

"I will allow her to live for now, only because she is of use to me. but if she poses any threat to my plans I won't hesitate to kill her."

I knew he would never approve of her, But sparing her life was enough for now.

In time I could make him see that this is more than he would like to believe it is.


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